• Network: The CW
  • Series Premiere Date: Oct 5, 2008

Generally favorable reviews - based on 14 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 14
  2. Negative: 1 out of 14

Critic Reviews

  1. 80
    The creators of this comedically-flavored drama clearly know what they’re doing and this season, it’s certainly worth taking a gamble on Easy Money.
  2. Although the premiere could be more energetic, there's enough going on to coax you to revisit the Buffkins. Hephner shows genuine star potential with his portrayal of brooding Morgan, the moral center of the show. His performance is reason enough to keep watching, though others also stand out.
  3. Reviewed by: Laura Fries
    This world is inhabited by every type of get-rich schemer, social pariah and general loser, but is given enough depth and emotion to draw viewers in.
  4. Easy Money (9 p.m. Sunday on the CW) is easily the most intriguing new show of the season, if only because it relies on neither the great wealth, modern science or female bonding for its narrative thrust.
  5. You ain't seen this stuff on TV before, my friends, and if you're smart, you'll search it out and enjoy.
  6. 80
    Original in concept, intelligent in execution, it's a scruffily Steinbeckian chronicle of life at the social and economic margins.
  7. Money burns through a lot of TV clichés, from "My Name Is Earl" redneckiness to "Saving Grace"-ish action scenes, but there's an undercurrent of true emotion in Metcalf's tough-sweet demeanor.
  8. 63
    There's no denying the timeliness of a show about strapped-for-cash customers and predatory lenders, but Money doesn't seem to know what or where it wants to be, landing in some netherworld between a broadcast comedy and an edgier cable drama.
  9. Easy Money was created by Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, who wrote for "The Sopranos," and the show in many ways feels like a low-budget HBO (or FX) series.
  10. This is the world of “Weeds” a few tax brackets lower, and the sense of emptiness is as aggressively conveyed.
  11. 60
    The pace is languid and the ambiance laconic. Easy Money isn't the kind of show likely to clean up at Emmy time. But it has the same sort of eccentric, addled charm that marks an increasing number of current television shows.
  12. Easy Money has some promise. But it won't be an easy sell.
  13. 40
    The premiere is sloppily made, as it careens loosely among plotlines and characters, but Morgan is a worthy character played by a promising young actor.
  14. The Easy Money production values are low all-around but they wouldn't be as noticeable if the characters and tedious story sparked to life. They don't, and it doesn't.

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