• Network: CBS
  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 27, 2012
Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
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Universal acclaim- based on 73 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 61 out of 73
  2. Negative: 6 out of 73

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User Reviews

  1. qev
    Aug 17, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Elementary is an exceptional piece of work. J Lee M is bang on his character. that's his character, not the one written by Conan Doyle. of course, shows with such weighty subjects as The Most Famous Fictional Detective Television Has Ever Seen will attract its detractors who stand tip-toe in the wings for any sign of proof they were right all along in saying "No, no, i knew it would never work, didn't i tell you? no? are you sure? well, i told someone!" will ALWAYS find fault, no matter how obscure, in their insatiable need to exercise their well-honed righteous indignation, which is why they do it, and which is why good actors rarely if ever heed the bluff and guffaws of the critic. you know when you're in a pile of tosh, i certainly have in my lengthy career, and if you know what you're doing and how the show stands up to your own critical professional values and those of your trusted and equally committed colleagues you can walk any length of carpet, red or otherwise, with your head held high, and with no fear of facing either a damning personal review OR, worst of all, that nemesis of many a once sure-fire winner, a jumping shark. my only criticism is very slight, and one that has been addressed to the point that now i simply don't care, my mind has been changed, and for the greater good and even deeper depth of my enjoyment. i speak of the dreaded D-word. having read the entire opera of Sherlock Holmes novelettes a number of times over the years i understand his predilection for infrequent forays into varied mind-bending intoxicants, and it's not difficult to see a/ why, and b/ why not, it doing neither him nor his trusted companion and closest friend (which the uber-talented Miss Liu performs effortlessly, top marks) John Watson any noticeable harm at all. indeed, Holmes is vocally pro the D-word, noting astutely and correctly the enormous benefits to his sociopathic character after having imbibed such nefarious narcotics. no, Mr Miller pulls off HIS characters various and chronic (in the way Holmes is NOT addicted, chronic nor otherwise) addictions with absolute believability, as indeed he does with his personal, rarely private, yet invariably rather painful path to achieving freedom from them. in all, a truly masterful piece of drama, littered with countless equally masterful classes on the craft of acting. from the top two to pretty much everyone else. it brims with vignettes, nuances, and the moments delicate. beautifully and consummately crafted. a real joy. hence a ten. unlike 'Sherlock' to which, even in fairness for the work and effort clearly gone into it, there is no comparison. i mean, nicotine patches? don't be daft! Expand
  2. Jul 26, 2014
    As I said for the previous season, it is so dramatic and very funny with its quotes! Sherlock has changed -he is getting even closer to Watson-, Watson has been even better in solving cases, but the best -and only good one- is the episode with Irene! MI6 was a very good-directed "in-season episode series" too, but not that interesting for me.

    Cant wait for season's 3 episodes!
  3. Jun 12, 2014
    This is the most interesting version of the Sherlock character I have seen to date. This Holmes character is just fun to watch with all his peculiarities. Jonny Lee Miller is brilliant in the role. He delivers the arrogance, and condescension of his character in a matter of fact fashion, yet makes him likable. I love offbeat characters, and this Holmes is as offbeat as it gets.
  4. Jun 2, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The second season of Elementary proves that you can blend a crime drama with a Holmesian world and do it in an interesting way.

    If you've checked my other reviews, you'll know I'm not a big fan of the BBC opposing series about the worlds Greatest Detective, so before I go on, I'll state it right here. I do not judge one series on the other, I base their pro's and cons on what they are rather than what they could be.

    There isn't a major overarching plot in this season to really talk about, each episode is self contained and mostly standalone, there is a little bleeding of aspects as characters get personal stories going from episode to episode and I expect that from a procedural drama, but I really don't have a problem with that, it's the characters that I watch this show for and in that it's been done brilliantly.

    Season 2 expands on every character seen in season 1, I love the interplay between Johnny Lee Miller's Holmes with everyone throughout this, from Lucy Liu's Watson-I'll get to her later-to Rhys Ifans Mycroft, you can see the multi-layered person that a Holmes would be. And I love the way that the addiction aspect of Holmes is being given more and more air time, I said it before that as a narrative aid, drug addiction isn't something to just throw away when you're done with it, if you've had ANY addiction, you'll know the constant temptation to fall back on it and seeing that in Miller this season was wonderful.

    My honestly favourite character in this season turned out to be Jon Michael Hill's Marcus Bell, the aspects of seeing his struggle in the latter half of this season was brilliant and Hill brought a realism to a potentially debilitating injury.

    Lucy Liu's Watson has had a good character improvement during season 2, I like her development from just being an aid for Holmes to showing her own deductive skills and willingness to strike out on her own somewhat, what I don't like is her aspect with Mycroft and the implications of what it means. I'm all for seeing the sexiness of Lucy Liu, I just don't like the idea that it detracts from her character somewhat.

    This is definitely a good looking continuation to series and with season 3 already green lit, I'm anxiously awaiting the Autumn.
  5. Jan 6, 2014
    Nothing like the tired old attempts at re hashing the same old style thank god. Its about time a new perspective was put on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle character and this is it. Sherlock has arrived in the present day. Jonny Lee Miller I.M.L.T.H.O has relegated all those before him to pretenders to the throne the same can be said of Lucy Liu`s Watson. No doubt there`s loads of sticksNothing like the tired old attempts at re hashing the same old style thank god. Its about time a new perspective was put on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle character and this is it. Sherlock has arrived in the present day. Jonny Lee Miller I.M.L.T.H.O has relegated all those before him to pretenders to the throne the same can be said of Lucy Liu`s Watson. No doubt there`s loads of sticks stuck in the mud denigrating it with banal statements like "its Americanised" but who cares. Its better and is a refreshing slant on something that has been getting tired. Excellent Expand
  6. Nov 28, 2013
    Again, with the lady and male side kick or vice versa? Again?

    Now these guys really pulled it off with this one. Being a big fan of Monk, Black List, Mentalist and Perception the one thing that really set this one apart for me was the dark side to Sherlock. Jonny Lee Miller performs award winning acting with every episode. Absolutely love the series!
  7. Nov 22, 2013
    A great show that will disappoint traditionalists but will certainly entertain most. It is a smart show, that brings a freshness to the crime procedural genre. Miller is a phenomenal actor and Liu seems to get increasingly comfortable in her role and starts to become a satisfying partner in the second season.
  8. Oct 1, 2013
    The premier episode is again fantastic and I can't wait for the rest of the season 2. Love the dinamic between Sherlock and Watson. again a perfect 10 :D

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