• Network: WOWOW
  • Series Premiere Date: Feb 25, 2006
  • Season #: 1
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  1. Dec 14, 2011
    Ergo Proxy is one of the rare projects where every facet of production seems worthy of note and praise, unavoidable nit-picks here and there aside. The animation is gorgeous in all departments down to (and including) the background paintings; the setting shifts between utopian civilizations (or at least they appear to be) and a dystopian landscape seamlessly, realizing the potential of both atmospheres; the plot lays out a nice ratio of questions to answers, aware of what mysteries need explanations and which are more interesting without; and the music is intricate - shifting between only a few moods, yet resisting the common trend of making that a bad thing by recycling the melodies. The characters are just as well-crafted as the artwork - though in the beginning they act uniformly, controlled, and bland (as one would expect in a systematic utopian society), as the story progresses and characters gain and lose control of various situations, their true nature slowly seeps to the surface until they become blinding representations of the philosophies that drive them. These differing philosophies (and subtle references to them) are cleverly inlaid directly into the story arc, dialogue, and even scenery. Whether you initially give it a chance for the cyberpunk theme, the dark art, or the deep story, there's a good chance you'll end up appreciating it all as a whole. Expand
  2. Dec 30, 2011
    Ergo Proxy is a drama science-fiction anime series that contains as its main theme philosophical reflection. Situated in a distant future dystopic civilization characterized by the cyberpunk principles of low level of life and high level of technology, we are introduced to a very well thought setting were all circumstances are given for imminent collapse. This is the very trama of the series, that is composed by numerous narrations and situations that describe different philosophical questions wrapped around the psychological evolution of the principal characters. The main idea of the series is simply excellent, yet it is not for everyone. Many of those who watch series or movies are looking for action or romance, which we can find inside these episodes but that do not constitute their central dynamic. With very deep themes that are the nucleus of the brilliant reflections seen in this series, we can also appreciate a very interesting development throughout this anime that is constructed by several expositions of existential discourses expressed by each of the character from their own point of view manifested through their behavior and way of thinking. Along with the ideological postures given by the characters, the central pedestal of this production are the ideas and questions brought up by the dysfunctional and dehumanizing environment they find themselves in and are forced to live with. For those who are thirsty of reality-questioning and the meaning of life discussions, this is the perfect way of exploring very different ideas over these topics. The plot, on the other hand, is also admirable. The blind society, the corrupt government, among other factors are evidence that the saying ignorance is bliss is clearly one of the guiding principles this world was built upon. This, combined with the skeptical and remarkably intelligent Lil Mayer have as a result an overwhelming search for the truth and the discovery of the unseen madness that hides behind this disguised paradise city. A very intriguing storyline that will take all of your emotions to the verge of insanity with an extremely interesting and disturbed sequence of events, going through mind blowing revelations that will leave you breathless. An absolutely altering series, Ergo Proxy will challenge your mind to the furthest extreme with a dark and mysterious story that you will never forget. Expand
  3. Jun 29, 2013
    First off, this is a somewhat slow to start anime. But in no way does this mean it is bad. The story mainly centers first around Re-l Meyer and her obsession to the creatures known as Proxies. Another main character, Vincent Law, is gradually introduced in the first few episodes as an immigrant from another city trying to earn his citizenship in his new city. Without giving away all of the plot, both characters live in the dome city of Romdeau, one of the last vestiges of human survival on post-apocalyptic earth. This is great for people who enjoyed Ghost in the Shell and darker anime shows. Expand

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