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User Reviews

  1. May 22, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Its a short BBC series centers around Dr. Jackman, the a descendant of the Infamous Dr. Jekyll. Dr. Jackman is plauged by his family curse it seems and shares his mind with another, Mr. Hyde. Honestly the first time I saw this show I was just really sort of confused. The ending left me hanging in a way that I just didn't know what to think. The special effects are pretty bad, very subpar and kind of uneccesary. The writing though, is quite good and I really enjoy the actors, escpecially the main, James Nesbitt whom has all the fun playing both Dr. Jackman, Uncle 'Billy' Hyde. The emotions between the characters felt real which is probably why I like it so much. The dynamic between Dr. Jackman and his wife is wonderful, they have awesome chemistry. The mixed review, and why this show doesn't have a higher rating is the rushed nature of it (and the kind of crappy special effects). The show wrapped up in about six episodes which was by far too short, yet somehow they managed to cram it all in. There simply was no break, virtually everyscene is important in some way or another and it is really very easy to get confused if you missed just a bit. Not to mention the questionable ending, I'm just not sure if its over my head brilliant or retarded. Probably a mix of both actually. The plot anyhow has some holes and they sort of give you a run around about Dr. Jackmans origins which is just plain annoying by the end, but oddly satisfying when you have the answer.
    They also just sort of Spring Mrs. Jackman on you more than halfway through the series, you really like her when they do, but still suddenly at the end she's had 'dreams' about the cellars of Utterson's creepy mansion? And the Twins! Argh, thats the most annoying part. The winking part at the end is retarded and unnesessary, there was just no leading up to the whole them having weird abilities or anything. The show I think would have been much better on an american sort of season, shorter episode times, longer seasons where they could have covered all the bases instead of cramming it all together and making the watcher skip over all the holes and have to pause just to reach for the chips so they don't miss anything.

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