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  1. May 21, 2013
    Yet another boring show about gold mining. BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGG.
  2. Oct 26, 2012
    I live in Ghana part time, and I am mortified that the Discovery Channel has allowed this garbage to air on television. It is neck-deep in xenophobia and outright lies about Ghana. These two jerks should be thrown out of Ghana on their ears. It's appalling.
  3. Oct 27, 2012
    A glorification of neo-colonial land grabs this show perpetuates the myth of Africa as a wild place rich in corruption, minerals, danger, and adventure. The show is like a non-fiction modern-day Heart of Darkness; the protagonists lose their humanity and become ever more lost in the jungle in an effort to complete a mission that will nullify their failures at home. The program raises absolutely no objection the unsustainable and environmentally destructive practices of strip mining, mining's population displacement, or the lack of fair compensation paid to local communities. The show's only redeeming quality is an unintentional commentary on the depths that some people will stoop to for their own financial aggrandizement at the expense of their fellow human beings. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in East Africa and spent a semester abroad in Senegal when I was in college. Shame on you Discovery Channel. Expand
  4. Oct 28, 2012
    I hate this show it shows these people have no respect they are whining that the cannot make it when thete are homeless hungry people and their stealing another country's gold to pay their debts....everyone should have opportunity at that and I hope their greed gets the best of them so they can really face their real debt just like everyone else!!!!
  5. Oct 31, 2012
    It's a show about 2 greedy Americans going to apoor country to destroy their envvoirment and seek gold to pay for their own mess that they got themselves into and we are supposed to feel sorry for them while they appear to get ripped off by the locals . They left a digging machine from their last trip to Ghana on the side of the road to just rust into the envvoirment but were surprised that it had not been ransacked. They are mad at the even greedier Chinese who beat them to the jungle. This practice should not be tolerated by the US to allow our citizens to destroy another country because of greed. Expand
  6. Nov 2, 2012
    a story of two American (I am embarrassed to say) meat heads with a combined IQ of perhaps 6.2 going in to Ghana to rape the land and prove to the world there is no hope, while betraying their children's legacy of Earth...for a few ounces of gold. They are so stupid that it appears to be a comedy, a very dark comedy about the worst in humanity. Hey, Discovery folks, you are just as stupid for showing these idiots. Expand
  7. Nov 2, 2012
    This show is totally disgraceful and the Discovery Channel executives who gave it the green light should be ashamed of themselves. The people making the show and staring in it should be ashamed as well. Pathetic.

    If this becomes the newest form of colonial exploitation endorsed by large corporations with media assets in poverty stricken areas, it will be a new low for Western culture.
    I'm just totally disgusted by it. Expand
  8. Nov 3, 2012
    I am super disappoints in the pity Discovery Channel is portraying we should have for these two guys. I have compassion for the locals, they are taking usable land from in the name of greed. These locals grow cocoa and probably make $1000 year or less compared to your $300,000 last year and millions in real estate. Real estate has crashed before and this won't be the last time it crashes. It's not their fault or anyone else's you blew through your millions. We all here have seen better times, those people have not seen better times. Instead of asking the man who is living off the land and providing for his family to be your friend, GIVE HIM A JOB and apologize! You could have made a bridge or barge to get your machine for 1/20th the amount you paid for new gold sorting machine. Town down your rich boys looks, your attitudes, your whining and have some compassion for the women, men and children your living with then i think you would make mor headway, I am referring to Scott and George. Your family is no more important then those families. They have it 100 times harder day and day out then anyone here in your shoes. Discovery I think it's time to check yourself. Expand
  9. Nov 4, 2012
    Scott & George are couple douches. Waa Waa Waa. They claim they made MILLIONS of dollars but all I see is DEBT. Why haven't they down size their homes or their surroundings. They seem to have only made enough money for down payments for all the **** they bought on credit.

    I hear them say " I need to send money home" , but you cut back to Utah, at home and the wife is **** that she needs
    $ 200. But is still wearing a diamond ring. GO pawn your ring !! I think she should go down to 2nd South and "Flat Back" for some cash.

    This show makes me hate "Mormons" more than I already do........This show is a ZERO, just like Scott and George.
  10. Nov 9, 2012
    Discovery Channel Must Be Ashamed and Desperate. I have travelled to Ghana and the mere sight of people exploiting the land of Ghana, which has limited resources to check on pollution, arsenic chemicals that is in itself a hazard to the citizens saddens me. Nothing glorious about this than PURE GREED. Yet Discovery Chanel condones this. Africa being exploited, rivers being polluted "Blood Gold" not Jungle Gold with armed Chinese taking over and destroying the Eco System and Gross Pollution of the underground acquifer systems. Big Shame on the Greedy Prospectors!!! No citizen of Ghana can come to the USA or China and engage in these Acts of Treason and Atrocity!! Boycott Discovery Channel!!! Expand
  11. Nov 9, 2012
    Yawn! I find nothing interesting about greedy d-bags. What I do find interesting is the amount of Chinese mining for gold in Africa. I hope the rest of the world is paying attention to the Chinese government and their questionable endeavors of the acquisition of precious metals around the world. This is another strategic move towards global economic dominance. Spread the word, quit buying "Made in China" because as over-consumers we are financing these exploitations. Expand
  12. Nov 16, 2012
    After watching this show I must speak out. This show is an absolutely ridiculous portrayal of African and Chinese people (and Americans for that matter). I mean whats with all of the anti-Chinese sentiment here? Creating drama is one thing, but this show goes way out of bounds with the negative stereotyping. Most Chinese and Africans are NOT at all "bad" people. And anyway, are Americans somehow more entitled to African gold than Chinese people? Do you think that just maybe these workers are there working and living on an hourly wage simply trying to provide for and feed their families too? Hilarious. The idea that these guys are sneaking across Chinese land to deliver supplies to their claim and then sticking out their chest, flexing muscles and yelling at the Chinese workers as they walk accross theirs is absurd. First of all, these Chinese companies and workers are there legally, have contracts to claims and visa's to work there...they are not, as this show suggest, gangs of smugglers, strong arming bullies etc. that is not reality. It is VERY difficult and a lengthy process for Chinese people to obtain visa's to leave the mainland, much less work in another country and return home with gold in their pockets. I'm American, have travelled around the world including Africa and China and I'm embarrassed by the actions of these guys. Repulsive. And seriously, how does a realtor become over a million dollars in debt and why would you go to Africa for gold when your claim supposedly only has 1.5 million dollars in value, factor in all of the expenses involved with gold mining, split the profits and what are you left with? The whole premise of this show is a complete joke. It just doesnt make any sense. Now add in all of the "economy is bad", pro-USA!! USA!! banter, anti-Chinese/African crap, mock violence and repetitious, annoying and redundant commentating = a horrible TV show and a complete waste of time. Expand
  13. Nov 30, 2012
    the first show was Ok. But the more you watch, the more you realize these guys guys are creeps. They don't care about the investors at all. They owe the IRS and the banks and instead doing real work themselves they seek out criminals
    And want you to feel sorry for them. They are disgusting people, I am sure they will file bankruptcy for the over million debt they have, and we ALL will
    paying for their greedy bloated lifestyle. My score is zero but, having a problem posting it. Collapse
  14. KB1
    Dec 1, 2012
    Wow this world has become bitter and cynical. The guys may be in a lot of debt but at least they are working to find a way out. Look at how this world is, so many people who lost their shirt in the recession are sitting around and living off handouts. These guys are working, the show is a little cheesy at times which makes me laugh because you know these guys are actors. But its fun, a nice break from so much of the garbage that is on TV.
    And if these two jerks should be thrown out of Ghana DennisH, what about the Chinese who are squatting on other peoples properties? These guys seem to hire local people and sounds like they pay them, last I checked that is helping some of the industry in Ghana, what do you do living there "part time"?

    What I find particularly disgusting about several of these reviews is that they do not talk about the show they merely attack the actors in the show and speak of their alleged greed and misuse of their money. I would ask how do you know where they came from? Do you know what their circumstances were prior to this show? I sure don't but I know enough people who were fleeced during the the real estate boom that it comes as no shock that these two guys are in the hole, deep. The difference I see is that they are doing something different to get out of it. That is why I find this show fun!
    If i lost a grip of money in the housing market I would probably go back to school and get another degree like so many are right now, not these guys, they're mining gold in Ghana. That's thinking outside the box if I have ever heard of it. At least they are doing something to try to provide for their families and pay off debts. If you have time on Friday night and want to watch an entertaining albeit cheesy show at times, Jungle Gold is fun, occasionally intense and realistic depiction of the frustrations of trying to start a business in the middle of nowhere. If you don't like it, change the channel, that is the beauty of television. We have enough negativity in this world without everyone trying to tear down the work of others. I hope they hit the mother load and the show continues on for 18 seasons just to spite the negativity.
  15. Dec 1, 2012
    I am not bitter, in reference to an earlier comment made but I am realistic. It is people like these two men who had a part in the collapse of the housing market. In truth, I do not grudge them for this, but after such a severe recession, the "get rich quick schemes" have got to stop. They most likely wouldn't be in the position they are in if this was not what they chose to practice. I do not mean that in a bad way towards the standard people who were and are devastated by our economic decline, most are just honest victims of life. I just don't understand their way of thinking. My first and common thought is why don't these two men try a more honest route at life. File bankruptcy and start over; simple as that. Rejoin the real world with battle scars intact and move on. Instead, their reaction to the disruption of their lives, is to...mine gold in Africa? Really? Why? Africa, a third world country/continent is known world wide for their poverty. If these guys paid even the most basic attention in History class, they would know gold rushes are seldom successful. So their answer to their crisis, is to leave their wives and children at home to handle the every day life of bill collectors and poverty, borrow even more money and instead of investing it in to something reasonable in the United States economy, instead to invest into another poorer economy where the only money they are likely to return with, is the money they receive from another bad investment who called their "get rich scheme" entertainment. I really am not bitter, I just can't see the logic but what I can see is how the United States is no longer the super power it was and should be. We have become in general a lazy and ignorant country, filled with greedy people who have become the face of our country instead of the ones who helped build and continue to build this country. Expand
  16. Dec 3, 2012
    Show is extremely exploitative of the people of Ghana. Cocoa farms, the livlihood of the locals being destroyed, underground water systems, rivers being polluted, locals being used all in the name of selling ratings for Discovery Channel. The world needs to become aware of this form of exploitation of innocent locals beieng exploited and ban the sale of gold from these "blood leaches". The Chinese, Indians, Europeans, Americans are all involved in this exploitaion as the program indicates, and no one is crying out against this. Been to Ghana numerous times, not to exploit but to build schools and clinics in the villages and know first hand the plight of the locals. Turning the farm lands into massive heaps of mud, and the rivers these locals drink from into "the dead sea" filled with dangerous chemicals, and void of fish is really pathetic. Cannot see how Discovery Channel can condone this. Anything for ratings and a buck at the expense of an "impoverished people". Who is replacing the cocoa farms and substinance farms being destroyed for "30 pieces of silver? Judas, seems to be the Discovery Channel, Wright and Lomu, The corrupt chiefs, Indian and American partner, Europeans, corrupt chiefs as well as the Chinese. Save our Rain Forests!!! Stop this madness in developing countries. Expand
  17. Dec 9, 2012
    Well, after reading other reviews, I am now inclined to write again as I am sure most people commenting have no idea what they are talking about. GO HERE AND EDUCATE YOURSELF . The Africans themselves have been causing their own problems to the environment and barely police it themselves. For most foreign investors, especially the company I am a part of, we are in the process of building a school with actual walls/roofs/and furnishings and providing medical/dental coverage with doctors from North America going into the villages and giving the care while educating them about it. We also gave 60 soccer balls to these kids as well. Although most probably don't do this, we have a social conscience that exceeds most other locally owned operations. When the land is finished mining people replant and replenish the land for farming again. The locals are paid well for the use of their land as well. Also, since these guys have legal claims they are obligated to pay percentages of their profits to the locals and the government as well. Most local operations run by uneducated Africans result in tremendous loss of life with little taken as forms of precaution for safety and the environment. By employing these people they give them a good life compared to most standards on the continent, some even learn mechanical trades and other useful skills they can apply elsewhere in their lives. If it wasn't for some mining, many can not do much else except walk around with bowls on their head and hawking/selling items to people for very little money. As for the water, since it is sub-tropical, it is not recommended to even drink the water due to parasites that can cause severe sickness. All drinking water is supplied through small sandwich type baggies, or very deep wells drilled on hill sides. As for the Chinese, they are some of the worst people to deal with. Not all of them, but many in Ghana are. They don't care about legislation or legality, more than 75% are illegal workers. As a matter of fact, not too long ago the Ghanaian government suspended visas between the two nations because of the actions made by the Chinese on the African soil. Also, with the oil that was discovered in Ghana, I am pretty sure they sold ALL the rights to the Chinese. And for the most part, with all the workers I talked to at our operation they didn't mind the Chinese as INDIVIDUALS, but they couldn't stand their PRACTICES and methods of achieving goals. Some of the workers from the mainland are actually prisoners who were sent to Ghana to work in order to finish of serving their time behind bars. It is as closed to indentured servitude as it gets in the world today. The show in general portrays their actions and exposes how they pillage other countries in order to sustain their growth and development back home. This is NOT UNIQUE to Ghana, you can probably find examples of this in any country that has worthwhile resources and not a strong, first-world government or living standard. As much as I don't agree with certain practices, the rest of the world doesn't care. It is them or us.. And it has been that way since the dawn of time. Expand
  18. Dec 28, 2012
    In response to GhanaMiner and ajota1966:

    Enough is enough already. Judging by the amount of reviews you've written, you're only reason for being here is to talk smack. Clearly YOU are clueless when it comes to Chinese people, society, business, Govt. and their practices. Your statement is not reality, it is fiction created by you to do nothing more than spread hatred and racism towards
    our Asian brothers and sisters on this planet. Your comments are so far off, its laughable. Have you ever even been to China? Guangzhou perhaps? Go there and then talk to us about how Chinese "PRACTICES and methods of achieving goals" are so horrible. FACT, Chinese people work hard for little money and a low standard of life. The majority of Chinese people are peaceful and simply trying to live their lives as such. All of this media crap saying China this, China that, rule the world etc. GET REAL!! AND GET OVER IT!! They arent doing anything that America hasnt already tried or is currently doing. Haters such as yourself seem to be nothing more than jealous that America's ideal (circa 1950's) society is no longer "#1" (whatever that means) and due to our own greed and corporate criminal activities we are now in debt to the Chinese for bailing our asses out. We should be VERY thankful. FACT, hundreds of thousands of Africans have/are travelling to China (on tourist visa's with fake IDs) looking for a better life, living and thriving illegally, spreading aids, drugs and violence. Walk down a street, any street at any time in Guangzhou and as a foreigner you will be approached to buy drugs or otherwise illegal items. They target white foreign youth. Africans are known for this all around China and I personally have experienced it while there on business. The majority work as English teachers and/or entertainers (because they can do it without contracts or visa's and get cash), pretending to be American. It is a huge problem for China right now. These are not opinions, these are facts. Now, not all Africans are like this of course, dont get me wrong here... I'm merely showing the otherside of the story here. In FACT, I have a very close friend who is from Cameroon that (legally) moved to China to study traditional medicine and much of what I am saying (aside from personal experiences in Guangzhou) is coming from his mouth - HE IS AFRICAN AND EVEN HE IS ASHAMED OF WHAT IS GOING ON IN CHINA. So, if anything, if some Chinese workers have bad attitudes towards Africans, just maybe this could be the reason why. The FACT of the matter is that they are rightfully mining in Africa. And no way are prisoners being taken there to work as slaves. Get real. Anyway, if Africans don't want them there, then they can refuse their money and move on. Personally, I believe that you are just jealous that the Chinese work ethic is one that we can not compete with and will never see here again in America. Typical of todays lazy entitled society "give me something for nothing, because I'm American and I deserve it" attitude. Embarrassing to say the least. There are always two sides to a coin and you should really consider that before making derogatory statements about Chinese people.

    As for the TV show.. yeah, it sucks. Has the same British producers as Gold Rush Alaska. MATE, stick with Alaska, this African venture is a complete failure and we yanks don't feel any sort of sympathy or camaraderie towards these new greedy ass American characters you've created.
  19. Feb 24, 2013
    I know that most "reality" shows on television are staged BUT Jungle Gold really is a poorly made show. It may be one of the worst shows I've ever seen. Horrible acting, corny unbelievable Guido actors.. I can't believe that such a fake and poorly made show would be up on the Discovery Channel. Apparently they no longer care about actual intelligent shows but would rather appeal to idiots with an IQ below 50. Between this and Amish Mafia I'm in shock. Expand
  20. Apr 11, 2013
    Jungle Gold.....painful to in the very same game in another part of Africa.I have exactly the same scenario regarding Chinese poachers and errant farmers.The Chinese are very pleasant people and always willing to chat and plead ignorance.They are not hostile to anyone but do pay poorly and break every environmental law they can.The locals are jealous greedy bunch led by "illegal gold dealers" who return nothing to the community or environment.The hardships and disappointments faced by the two Americans in procuring gold are not fiction It's tough as they show it.The thieves ,the rain,the corruption,the disappointing results etc etc.I recon the bit about the Chinese being dangerous and aggressive is total crap but the armed robbery threats are real.The on site director is totally useless and his attempts at dramatisation of certain events are real cheap budget movie stuff.Im surprised the Ghanaian govt allow this show to be shot as it does bring the country down in more ways than one.The goldrush Alaska series is more like a real deal but it to is littered with over dramatised issues. Expand
  21. Aug 11, 2013
    Honestly, I have never wanted two humans to fail more than these two idiots. Without a doubt, these guys are mired in denial, lies, deception and foolishness. Discovery Channel ths one is an embarassment.
  22. Dec 1, 2013
    They are afraid of "getting robbed" again. Who exactly are the thieves? How would these guys react if someone from Ghana found some gold in the woods behind their house in Utah? They are literally taking gold from the ground right under the feet of people that have a total annual income of less than a thousand dollars. And then if thats not enough plundering, they steal some poor guys boat, and rake over the land with large machines with no consideration of how they will leave it when they take "their fortunes". Appalling!!! Expand
  23. Feb 4, 2014
    I have registered to this website, just to leave a review of this series...This show should be banned! I am outraged at how discovery is propagating the very destruction of our planet! Exploitation of the planet as well as the local people. These two boys destroy many acres of land and up until then still are in DEBT. You destroy and destroy and destroy to make profit. There's this one scene when the blond guy goes up to his new land when a village blocks their road and demand $100 to pass through. The whole scene makes the poor american outraged because they try to "cash in" on him. And the poor guy does not want to pay. The land was supposed to be worth 1.5 million dollars in gold and yet the poor american was not even man enough to pay the whole village $100, yet he stole from THEIR land 1.5 million $.

    You think only you two have families to feed??? Because of your destruction you're CREATING hunger and tensions amongst locals. And you try to justify what you do to feed your family? Do you think that the people of Ghana are worth any less than your family?

    How can you play this on DISCOVERY CHANNEL? Total degradation of any moral values towards people and land! Stop propagating this on TV!!!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 4 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 4
  2. Negative: 0 out of 4
  1. Reviewed by: Mark A. Perigard
    Oct 26, 2012
    The show's repetitive voice-overs are annoying. But you'll be sucked into this dangerous venture.
  2. Reviewed by: David Hinckley
    Oct 26, 2012
    It feels somehow as if there's a backstory here we don't fully know about. Still, their adventures are instructive and the dangers seem genuine.
  3. Reviewed by: Linda Stasi
    Oct 26, 2012
    Somehow, like the alchemists of old, Jungle Gold ends up making gold from lead.