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  • Series Premiere Date: Nov 22, 2010
  • Season #: 1
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  • Summary: Britain's Vernon Kay hosts the latest reality import which includes All My Children's Rebecca Budig, The Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Getting Married's Bethenny Frankel, Olympic gold-medal skier Jonny Moseley, Moltey Crue's Vince Neil, Sonny With a Chance's Brandon Mychal Smith, and actress Sean Young as they compete on the ice with professional partners. The judging panel includes US champion skater Johnny Weir, choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson, and Olympic gold medalist and ice skating television analyst Dick Button. Expand
  • Genre(s): Sports
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  1. Jan 16, 2011
    This show although the already bad reviews will take a different side to DWTS except with skates & an ice rink. just ignore the bits that you hate & you'll get through a really good program Collapse
  2. Dec 23, 2010
    This show is just not good. I watched the entire "season" (hoping for more) and was embarrassed the whole way through. Host Vernon Kaye is an annoying sock puppet of a fellow and Tannith Belbin has a screechy way about her that grates on the nerves. Some of her critiques seemed to have nothing to do with reality. I have skated all my life and it takes years of training to achieve some of the moves these people were expected to learn in a few weeks. Consequently the edge went to the women who could be lifted into pretty poses by their professional male partners and with the exception of the winner, had to do very little else of consequence except stay on their feet.
    The judges are a weird trio of folks, of whom Johnny Weir makes the most sense, and he is way too nice. The female judge has no business on a skating show and Dick Button perpetually looks like he doesn't know how he ended up there.
    For a true fan of figure skating this was just painful to watch. From people getting hurt to Vince Neil lumbering around while his partner did all the work, to Sean Young tortuously paired with a shorter smaller partner, all amid covers of tunes coming from nowhere....was there an orchestra somewhere?
    There is, of course, the inevitable comparison to Dancing With The Stars and this show is just a whisper of a shadow of it's more mature sister.
    The drama is just as manufactured and choreographed but DWTS has a lot more class and you do come to care about the contestants (love them or hate them).
    Skating With The Stars produced a feeling of indifference in me and I can only equate my continued viewing to slowing down at a bad traffic accident. You shouldn't want to look but you end up staring to see just how bad it is. Also there is nothing else to watch on Monday nights.
    I am hoping it does not return but, producers....if you must? A few tips.
    The theme music is cheesy.
    Trying to look and sound like DWTS is probably a mistake...find another formula. Your whole "vibe" is DWTS Junior.
    Find a different host. Get a lower key Brit or American. Someone with class.
    Tone down Tannith's voice, SOMEHOW.
    Have three skating judges. That dancing judge was clueless, too fond of her own voice and opinions and made watching the judging a chore. Also many times what the judges said had nothing to do with how they scored.
    The ice size is just too small. If you can't build a bigger rink then maybe you should not be doing this show.
    The only good thing that happened is that the correct person won. No other skater came close to what she achieved.
    Oh and PLEASE....that trophy.....also awful...not even kitschy...just sort of big and ugly and weird.