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  1. Sep 26, 2010
    Sym-Bionic Titan is really awful. Don't waste your time watching this trash. I know it is only a cartoon but the way the military (especially the US Army ) is depicted is still the same in every cartoon. For example, a general would never go out fighting with troops in the front lines (Unless a general has super human powers like the Jedi in Clone Wars, who are generals). Teams of troops with tanks take a long time to deploy. They can't show up like they've been teleported. There are types of military units that can't do this but not what looks like M1 Abrams tanks. When the Army magically appears in the city to fight the fire monster, they just shoot without regards to the civillians' safety. The military is a lot more surgical. And another thing, the General's tank has lots of room inside to sit himself and two others comfortably. It is not clear if the General is a one star or 4 star General. His helmet has one star but the rest of his uniform has too many stars! At least get the rank correct! There is no way. Come on! Why do cartoons keep doing this? Another problem I have is the amount of casual destruction. I estimate a million deaths and wounded from the fire monster attack in the city alone. This is worse than a terror attack. The alien monster leveled at least 20 city blocks around him in one blast alone. We can accept this destruction watching the city of Townsville get destroyed every show in the "Power Puff Girls". There were people living and working in those blocks. The nearby neighborhood that the 3 protagonists live in would cease to exist as it would become a place for treating the injured and the displaced. The entire world would be affected. If the human emotions of Lance and Ilana (and maybe the robot Octus) are going to be realistic, the world around them should also have some elements of realism. I've had it with this show. I expected to see a great show but after watching two episodes, I've had enough. I think I watch some Avatar: The Last Airbender shows to remind myself that there are still great cartoons out there. Expand

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