The Adventures of Superboy : Season 2

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  1. Mar 7, 2017
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. After waiting roughly 20 years for this series to be freed from its seemingly endless string of legal issues, I was both astounded and overjoyed to see it now available! However, while some of these nostalgic childhood shows look pretty stupid by adult standards, the Second Season of "Superboy" is one of those rare experiences that not only produces said nostalgia, but also still manages to be a quality-written, quality-acted (for the most part) series.

    For those of you who may have watched the First Season (somehow getting a release back in 2006) of this show, you'll probably wondering why you would ever continue on with the series, considering how terrible that initial campaign was. However, as Season Two dawns, only Stacey Haiduk (Lana) remains in terms of casting. All the other spots are shaken up (and all for the better)...

    -Gerard Christopher is now Clark/Superboy. While delivering the corniest of all Clark Kent's, Christopher shines as Superboy as his predecessor (John Haymes-Newton) never could.

    -TJ White is discard in favor of Andy McCallister (Ilan Mitchell-Smith). While Andy is really only involved in the show for two reasons (1. Superboy needs someone else to save besides Lana every episode; and 2. Comic relief), the part is well-acted and provides some punch to Christopher's less-than-stellar Clark Kent scenes.

    -The young, college Lex Luthor of Season One is transformed into a more traditional scheming Lex (played by Sherman Howard) in a critical move, as Howard instantly provides a desperately-needed recurring Superboy foe.

    If you are watching this show out of nostalgia for your childhood, your enjoyment will go through the roof! Hearing that old theme song and seeing those cheesy (yet endearing) special effects--not to mention the overacting--will bring you right back to those Saturday mornings or afternoons in front of the television.

    Remarkably, though, "Superboy" is a well-written enough show that it does have some value in the Superman canon beyond nostalgia. For example, the Superboy/Lana romance is quite unique, and the character of Bizarro was practically created in its proper and best form from this show. Simply put, there is enough "meat" here to keep watching even after the nostalgia wears off a bit.

    The only reason I dock a star from this review is that some episodes of Season Two are just plain stinkers. It was clear that the writers, now equipped with almost an entirely new cast, struggled a bit throughout the season in trying to utilize all the players in the correct roles. Thus, while some episodes are gripping, others fall flat on their face.

    Watching this series was a joy to me both nostalgically and as a fan of all things Superman. I sincerely hope that Seasons 3 & 4 are subsequently released, as the show only continues to improve upon this "building block" of a season.
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