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  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 24, 2007
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9
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  • Summary: While Howard and Bernadette continue plans for a wedding, Leonard and Priya try to have a long-distance relationship, and Penny and Raj find things awkward after having drunkenly slept together.
  • Genre(s): Comedy
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  1. Reviewed by: Tom Gliatto
    Dec 2, 2011
    It's bright and obvious as a cartoon yet written with a clean, precise patter of jokes. It's also very well cast. [12 Dec 2011, p.45]
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  1. Mar 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. great season, sheldon well sheldon is can what only bee described as sheldon, all of the sceince may not be factual but it is television and it contains enough facts to make it worth it.
    i reviewed the wrong season :(
  2. Feb 4, 2012
    The funniest show on TV, I really would like to see Sheldon have a fling (as much as can be called a fling) with Penny they already have a odd connection (soft kitty) and others. Amy can go with Raj. Pria can go back to India Expand
  3. Nov 12, 2011
    Really great as ever sheldon and his friends is more cool and funny than ever i really like it. Leonard Penny Raj ,Howard,sheldon,amy,bernaddet,miss cooper Expand
  4. Sep 22, 2011
    From the creator of TWO AND A HALF MEN (among other sitcoms), THE BIG BANG THEORY, an intelligent show about four geeks and a blonde (and her geeky "bestie"), returns for a fifth time since its debut in fall of 2007. Still filled with hysterical quips--many of which have been compiled on various websites as "Sheldon Cooper quotes": those being humorous simply because no one understands what on Earth he is talking about--this show is just as funny as it was in the previous season. There's nothing you can't love here, and there's little to dislike. Expand
  5. scl
    Feb 28, 2012
    I've been following this show since the beggining, now isn't great as ever, but Sheldon, Leonard and Penny always makes me smile, the fact is that now the others characters are so irrelevant (Howard, Raj) and I think they could do better Expand
  6. Feb 23, 2012
    One of the two most "aaaawesome' shows (read the hint) is getting a de-rection. The writing is horrible. i mean why force amy on penny like that!!!! its not fun anymore, its kinda lame. plus, the one or two dialogues that raj does get are so ............ i mean we get it. he is dorky , he is a guy whose behaviour can be kinda homosexual..... enough already, i mean stop with the gay dialogue if you don' t want him gay. dont force tickle to induce laugh!! Seriously, lameeeee alert. Expand
  7. Feb 5, 2012
    This season genuinely sucks. Sheldon has gone from hilarious to annoying. Raj is one of the worst characters on television. Some of the storylines have become downright creepy. What happened to this show? Amy (Mayim Bialik) is quite possibly the only thing this show has left before it becomes a travesty. Expand

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