The Ex List : Season 1

  • Network: CBS
  • Series Premiere Date: Oct 3, 2008

Generally favorable reviews - based on 24 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 24
  2. Negative: 1 out of 24

Critic Reviews

  1. Despite a poor job of establishing its characters and their relationships (wait, those two aren't a couple?), The Ex-List begins with a strong, romantic premise.
  2. Bella, played by Elizabeth Reaser of "Grey's Anatomy," is pleasant, and viewers will appreciate how she works to keep urgency from devolving into desperation. But she's stuck in this guy-of-the-week plot that leaves little room to do anything but hope each guy has enough unique quirks so the jokes can change.
  3. Reviewed by: Verne Gay
    The Ex List--based on an Israeli hit ("Mythological Ex"), with whiffs of "How I Met Your Mother" and "My Name Is Earl" - is a flat-out great idea for a TV series. But Ruggiero (who's since left the show) needed a strong partner to reign in her worst impulses, like a running gag about shaved genitalia.
  4. 40
    There's probably a good, breezy romantic comedy somewhere inside The Ex List. But the premiere just made me cranky.
  5. 50
    Unfortunately, when the show wanders off to the personality-deprived supporting characters, it collapses.
  6. 50
    It’s more unfortunate when good actors are stranded in shows that don’t quite work, as is the case in The Ex List.
  7. 40
    It has a promotable gimmick that could help it find a few fans--literally. If only the premise or the show were as bright as the light in the heroine's eyes.
  8. 60
    This slight but charming comedy, which debuts at 9 p.m. Friday, offers a good cast along with questionable dialogue and a dicey premise.
  9. Reviewed by: Troy Patterson
    We bailed after the first of these dudes entered the frame, jolted by his frankly cheesy display of torso--"infomercial abs" was the damning phrase. But, until that moment, The Ex List had commanded our full attention in a way that the previous shows hadn't.
  10. 40
    The Ex List tries to pull off an impossible balancing act: We're supposed to believe that Bella is at once pathetic and admirable, hapless and perkily resilient. As a result, this scrounging-single fable is an unrealistic, clumsy, cringe-inducing mess.
User Score

Universal acclaim- based on 13 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 4
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  1. RaeK.
    Oct 25, 2008
    Cute show, especially the about the surfer dude. My son is an extra, sits at their table, has a wonderful smile and cute dimples. The stars Cute show, especially the about the surfer dude. My son is an extra, sits at their table, has a wonderful smile and cute dimples. The stars are cute too. But what can a momma say! I liked all the episodes so far, not bad for an older woman to watch! Reminds me of my youth! Full Review »
  2. Tom
    Oct 4, 2008
    The show kind of...well it's not that good but i would watch elizabeth reaser read the phone book for an hour.
  3. SuzieS.
    Oct 4, 2008
    The show was very funny and interesting when the psychic came on. She's what made the show!