• Network: CBS
  • Series Premiere Date: Oct 1, 1959
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6
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Summary: The series was a collection of various tales that range from the tragic to the comedic. They may be scary or just thought-provoking. Most episodes have unexpected endings and a moral lesson. But, no matter what, it's "a journey into a wondrous land, whose boundaries are that of the imagination." Rod Serling, creator and host of the series, won two Emmys for outstanding writing (1960 & '61), and the Golden Globe in 1962 for best TV director/producer. Reruns of the original Twilight Zone can be seen on the US Sci Fi channel. This is the Original 1959 series, not the CBS The Twilight Zone (1985) version nor the UPN The Twilight Zone (2002) version. CBS Programming History October 1959-September 1962 ..... Friday 10:00 January 1963-September 1963 ..... Thursday 9:00 September 1961-September 1964 ..... Friday 9:30 May 1965-September 1965 ..... Sunday 9:00 Note: Seasons 1-3 & 5 have a running time of 30 minutes. All of the episodes in Season 4 have a running time of one hour.
Network: CBS
Genre(s): Drama, Horror, Suspense, Science Fiction
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Cast Credit
Patricia Smith Sylvia Bayles
William D. Gordon Doctor
Wayne Heffley Second Officer Wyatt
John Larch Sheriff Koch
Dick York Hector B. Poole
Agnes Moorehead Woman
Shelley Berman Archibald Beechcroft
William Shatner Don Carter
Dennis Weaver Adam Grant
Rod Serling Narrator/Host
Patricia Breslin Pat Carter
Sandy Kenyon Navigator Hatch
John Anderson (I) Captain Farver
Cliff Robertson Christian Horn
Russell Johnson Peter Corrigan
Oscar Beregi Farwell
Burgess Meredith Romney Wordsworth
Carmen Mathews Vinnie Broun
George Chandler The Old Man
Jennifer Howard Janet's Nurse
Buddy Ebsen Jimbo Cobb
Fred Clark Chester Diedrich
Jonathan Harris George Alfred
Art Carney Henry Corwin
Simon Oakland DeCruz
Bob Cummings Captain James Embry
H.M. Wynant David Ellington
Harry Townes Henry Ritchie
Robert Cummings Captain James Embry
Luther Adler Arthur Castle
Joe Mantell Jackie Rhoades
Richard Haydn Bartlett Finchley
John Carradine Brother Jerome
Maxine Stuart Janet Tyler
Inger Stevens Jana
Brian Aherne Booth Templeton
Jean Carson Paula Diedrich
Adam Williams Woodward
Thomas Gomez Sykes
Vladimir Sokoloff Gallegos
Jack Carson Harvey Hunnicut
Loring Smith Honest Luther Grimbley
Barbara Nichols Liz Powell
Paul Comi 1st Officer Craig
Harp McGuire Flight Engineer Purcell
Dean Jagger Ed Lindsay
Dane Clark Ace Larsen
Lili Darvas Grandma Bayles
Philip Abbott Chris Bayles
Franchot Tone Col. Archie Taylor
Liam Sullivan Jamie Tennyson
Fredd Wayne Barney