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  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 29, 1987
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4
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  • Starring: Timothy Busfield, Melanie Mayron, Ken Olin
  • Summary: When thirtysomething debuted in 1987 it was attacked by some critics as being a self-indulgent examination of the minutiae of yuppie life. Before the first season was over, some of those same critics were covering their tracks by calling it "the most improved show on television." Producers Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz had teamed up before on Family and would go on to create My So-Called Life, Relativity and Once and Again. Often using feature-film techniques, their brand of what could be called "reality" television tackled not only the small subjects, but the big ones too, all the way from life to death, as they followed their characters on the road from the idealism of youth to the search for security and responsiblity as they glided toward middle age. And it was even funny sometimes.
    After its network run came to an end in 1991, thirtysomething became a staple rerun on the Lifetime network for quite some time. Then in July 2001 the Bravo Channel began airing the series. As of February 2002, though, thirtysometing finds itself without a regular home on US television.

    thirtysomething around the world
    thirtysomething may be absent from the US airwaves, but some spots around the globe are lucky enough to be receiving it. A TV Tome user from Scotland has told us that as of early 2003, thirtysomething is being shown in the UK weeknights at 8 on the Ftn channel. And another viewer in Germany has let us know that as of May 2004, the show can be seen on Channel 1 ARD German TV in that country at 2:40AM Thursday evening (or Friday morning). It's dubbed in German. As of September 2004, thirtysomething has been seen at 11:00 Monday through Thursday on the Women's Television network, and we've also been informed that the cable channel Sic Muhler is broadcasting the show in Portugal on Fridays at 9PM with repeats on Sunday 8PM and Monday 3PM. It's called Os Trintoes over there!

    thirtysomething on DVD--more disappointment
    TV Guide reported in their Q&A column in January 2005 to "look for" the first season of thirtysomething to be released on DVD by September 2005. No specific details were given, but that would normally be a reliable source. Well, even normally reliable sources make mistakes, it seems. The news was followed almost immediately by retractions. So once again the depressing answer to the oft-asked question "When will thirtysomething be released on DVD?" is "We don't know." Once again fans of the the show are left disappointed and empty-handed. And once again it would seem that someone is missing out on a sure thing by refusing to commercially release this show that there appears to be a great demand for.
  • Genre(s): Drama
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