• Network: NBC
  • Series Premiere Date: Jun 8, 2006
  • Season #: 1

Mixed or average reviews - based on 19 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 19
  2. Negative: 8 out of 19
  1. Fans of the Pretty Woman shopping-montage scene... will be pleased with Windfall for sprinkling in splurges both decadent and dutiful... But... Windfall is smart enough to tighten the screws immediately.
  2. "Windfall" proves you don't need to be marooned on a remote South Sea island to be lost.
  3. It's an enjoyable, intriguing look at what can happen to a group of ordinary, cash-strapped people who wake up one day as multimillionaires.
  4. Reviewed by: John Maynard
    An addictive frolic for summertime.
  5. 63
    "Windfall" is not the greatest show to hit the summer circuit, but not the worst either.
  6. 50
    Seldom has a set of characters worn out their welcome more quickly.
  7. 50
    It's a gauge of how much reality programming has changed TV that I kept thinking that Mark Burnett could come in, push some situational hot buttons and produce a better show. [12 Jun 2006, p.39]
  8. It's a decent enough show, a soap opera essentially, playing around with heavy themes and life-changing events but lightweight enough not to make you think too hard or keep you glued to the television when you decide you want something from the refrigerator — the TV equivalent of a beach book.
  9. 50
    A breezy summertime soap opera.
  10. 40
    I hope future episodes don’t feel as if somebody took three hours of material and reduced it to one.
  11. Reviewed by: Brian Lowry
    Most of the beats suffer from a been-there quality, and there's a glut of interlocking storylines that might be less of an issue, admittedly, if two or three really merited attention.
  12. For every story line that intrigues, and every character that sparks some interest, there are several others that don't.
  13. 30
    "Windfall's" interlocking plots are mostly predictable and bland.
  14. Reviewed by: Troy Patterson
    A shrewdly silly show offering something lovingly hackneyed for everyone.
  15. "Windfall's" concept becomes increasingly muddled. Is it a bad soap opera, or a sluggish thriller?
  16. The characters have the depth of a dollar bill, and their predicaments produce few surprises. It's not that the stories lack potential -- well, some maybe. Mostly it's that the level of drama rarely goes beyond daytime fare.
  17. 20
    There's an attempt at darkness here that the writers don't pull off; instead each negative turn of events just feels depressing.
  18. Reviewed by: Matt Roush
    An unsatisfying and predictable jumble.

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