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The People's Score

Firefall according to xsweetcheeksx
Their leveling system sucks for a shooter. The PvP is terrible. The quests are boring and repetitive fetch, kill, and escort. The high level crafting takes AGES to unlock, and forever to gather the materials to make high quality high level gear. The graphics are pretty amazing. Travel (once you pay for it) is pretty cool; you get gliders and motorcycles to ride around the open zones with.

Level system sucks: It's hard to play with your friends (especially if you're the lower leveled one) because they're off grinding away at higher level content that your just unable to participate in, and even if you did you don't get rewarded for it because it's too high level. Typical MMO "grind to max level so you can start playing the game" crap; typical Free 2 Play "We're going to make this take way longer than it should and prevent you from using your actual shooter skill to skip content so we can sell you xp boosters."

The PvP is TERRIBLE! I went in as a level 30 to the PvP zone and met up with another player (lvl 40) that was on my "team". There weren't very many people in the PvP zone and we wanted to see how much damage the "bike with guns" would do to him, so we dueled. The game kicked me off the bike and wouldn't let me back on... fine no bikes in duels. The other player wanted to know how much damage I could do to him so he stood still while I shot him in the head. Nothing but straight headshots and he could out regenerate all my damage. Level and gear completely outweigh skill; which is horrible for a shooter. Your skill will only come into play if you are the same level and close to the same gear rating.

The crafting is designed to sell you resource boosters and you can pay to skip the long wait time (days in some cases) between clicking craft and getting your item.

The player to player economy is doomed for failure as there are infinite resources, your gear never needs to be replaced, and there is a finite player base. It doesn't take an economical genius to figure out that the market will be saturated in short order.

The graphics are great! After you pay to get an LGV (motorcycle thingy) and a glider pad, traveling around the zones is some of the most fun I've had getting from boring kill quest to boring fetch quest in a video game. The storyline instances are pretty fun, but they're gated by forcing you to hit certain levels to play them.

Overall, the game is too much of a grind fest, the quests are too repetitive, and FPS skill means very little. It doesn't feel rewarding, it just feels tedious.

I'm giving it 2 for the world travel and graphics and 2 for the storyline instances.
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12 users found this review helpful.
Average User Score for this Game: 6.2

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