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Average review score: 58
Highest review score: 100 Room 237
Lowest review score: 10 Killers
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 89
  2. Negative: 12 out of 89
89 movie reviews
    • 88 Metascore
    • 100 Rob Nelson
    Charles Ferguson's sophomore film Inside Job is the definitive screen investigation of the global economic crisis, providing hard evidence of flagrant amorality -- and of a new nonfiction master at work.
    • 82 Metascore
    • 90 Rob Nelson
    Skillfully adapted from Tim Tharp's novel, evocatively lensed in the working-class neighborhoods of Athens, Ga., and tenderly acted by Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley, this bittersweet ode to the moment of childhood's end builds quietly to a pitch-perfect finale.
    • 82 Metascore
    • 100 Rob Nelson
    A handsomely mounted adaptation of the like-titled Portuguese novel, Ruiz's 4 1/2-hour epic establishes the essential ambiguity of its chameleonic characters from the get-go and proceeds thereby, with riveting results and revelations that continue right to the end.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 100 Rob Nelson
    Handsomely produced and never less than hugely entertaining, Ascher's film is catnip for Kubrickians and critics both professional and otherwise.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 90 Rob Nelson
    Focusing on the absurdly ultraviolent tit-for-tat tussles among a trio of Tokyo crime families, the film is a beautifully staged marvel that confidently reasserts Kitano's considerable cinematic gifts.