The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 5 - No Going Back The Golf Club inFamous: First Light
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 5 - No Going Back
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 5 - No Going Back on PC
The Golf Club
The Golf Club on Xbox One
inFamous: First Light
inFamous: First Light on PlayStation 4
Best of July 2014: Top Albums, Games, Movies & TV Image
Our quick guide to the best entertainment of the past month features the highest-scoring video games, TV shows, albums, and films released during July.
    • Release Date: Jul 29, 2014
    • User Score: 8.8
    • Platform: PlayStation 4
    The Last of Us Remastered Image
    The Last of Us has been rebuilt for the PlayStation4 system. Now featuring full 1080p, higher resolution character models, improved shadows and...More »
    • Release Date: Jun 12, 2014
    • User Score: 7.1
    • Platform: iPhone/iPad
    VVVVVV Image
    There's something terrible wrong in an alternate dimension! Help Captain Viridian flip to find five crew members, 20 hard-to-reach Trinkets and...More »
    • Release Date: Jul 23, 2014
    • User Score: tbd
    • Platform: iPhone/iPad
    Traps n' Gemstones Image
    Precious relics have suddenly started to disappear from a well-hid pyramid that has been guarded by Bedouins for generations, who claim to have...More »
    • Release Date: Jun 26, 2014
    • User Score: 9.0
    • Platform: 3DS
    Shovel Knight Image
    Shovel Knight is a sweeping classic action adventure game with memorable characters and an 8-bit retro aesthetic created by Yacht Club Games. You...More »
    • Release Date: Jul 2, 2014
    • User Score: 7.0
    • Platform: Wii U
    Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Image
    Guacamelee! is a Metroid-vania style action-platformer set in a magical Mexican inspired world. The game draws its inspiration from traditional...More »
    • Release Date: Aug 19, 2014
    • User Score: 7.8
    • Platform: PlayStation 4
    Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Image
    PlayStation 4 players can now experience the full adventure of Blizzard’s epic action RPG, Diablo III, and the upcoming expansion, Reaper of Souls...More »
    • Release Date: Jul 31, 2014
    • User Score: 7.6
    • Platform: iPhone/iPad
    80 Days (2014) Image
    1872, with a steampunk twist. Phileas Fogg has wagered he can circumnavigate the world in just eighty days. Choose your own route around a 3D...More »
    • Release Date: Jun 26, 2014
    • User Score: 7.3
    • Platform: iPhone/iPad
    Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake Image
    Warning: This game is crammed full of monsters, cake, amazing powers, puzzly bits, epic adventure, witty repartee, secret paths, unlockable...More »
    • Release Date: Aug 6, 2014
    • User Score: 6.0
    • Platform: iPhone/iPad
    Rules! Image
    RULES! is a puzzle game that promises challenge and fun. More »
  1. Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen Image
    As the legend of Erdrick slips into the past, it's time to begin anew. Ragnar, the King's General. Alena, the Princess. Taloon, the Merchant. Nara...More »

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