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  • Summary: AR card based match-three puzzle game. Bubble Pop World is a 3D match-three game in which you pop bubbles with the same colors. It is based on Augmented Reality technology, so the Nintendo 3DS AR Card is required. There are 120 puzzle and arcade levels to enjoy, or you can edit more of your own levels and share them with friends via QR Codes. In Arcade Mode you also travel around the world to discover undersea minigames.

    Game features:
    -AR card based match-three puzzle game
    -120 Puzzle and Arcade levels
    -Edit up to 128 of your own levels and share with friends
    -Discover the world in 8 underwater minigames
    -Unlockable trophies
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  1. Mar 23, 2014
    The fact that Cypronia took the opportunity to create a 100% AR-based game is laudable in itself, and it works well enough that those who are heavily into the technology or big into building and sharing levels might want to consider laying down $4.99 to fish in this pond. Unfortunately, a few of the choices made in the game modes take some of the fun out of the overall experience and leaves it rather flat in some areas.
  2. May 3, 2014
    It's refreshing and even praiseworthy that there's a game for the 3DS built entirely around its Augmented Reality capabilities. Sadly, there's very little substance to support this effort and Bubble Pop World ends up being a failed attempt to follow the legacy of Bust-a-Move. Overall, this is an uninteresting title, which does not motivate the player to discover the potential of AR technology.