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  • Summary: Put a friendly face right into the action with the built-in Face Raiders game. Using the camera, you can take a photo of yourself, a friend or family member, which is then placed right onto a range of shooting targets. To play, you'll need to move with your Nintendo 3DS system, physically leaning and turning to search all around and aim high and low, taking out your targets. 3D gameplay combined with the gyro sensor feature makes Face Raiders a fun surprise for any type of gamer. Expand
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  1. Mar 20, 2011
    Making great use of the internal and external cameras, as well as containing some extremely clever use of the real world for the game's enjoyable missions, Face Raiders is a massive success on every front.
  2. 90
    One of the best experiences on the system at launch.
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  1. Mar 27, 2011
    This had me grinning like a loon! There's not much to it, but it's use of your face, and the way that it alters your expression in-game makes it worth looking like an idiot whilst playing it! Expand
  2. Apr 8, 2011
    It's the built-in software that justifies the 3ds' steep price for me. This is one of the 2 games available right out of the box (there are more, but they are just small sections of other apps). Being able to take a picture of you or your friends to use as targets to shoot at is an amusing concept. What really surprised me though is how deep this game really is. You won't find hours and hours worth of content, but this game changes it up every level, keeping you on your toes the entire time. I've only got though a couple of levels, and still find it pretty difficult (it could just be I'm a noob). Even though it says so in the manuals and in the game, I'll stress this point because it really does affect the game. Be sure you play in a well-lit environment or the frames per second will suffer. Otherwise your experience should be smooth. For a pack in game it's got some great depth, and is a great way to convince others to hop on the 3ds bandwagon! Collapse
  3. Dec 25, 2011
    Very fun built in 3DS software. Take a picture of a face and now it's a boss you fight within the game. The 3DS camera allows you to fight these faces in a real world environment. Possibly another franchise of downloadable software here, it certainly has potential. Expand