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  • Summary: Pac-Man's world has been unhinged in Pac-Man Tilt. Take control of Pac-Man in twisting 2D platforming levels filled with perilous obstacles, power pellets and wandering ghosts. Using the accelerometer capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS system, players will be able to literally tilt Pac-Man's world from side to side in order to solve devious environmental puzzles and sneak past roaming enemies. Pac-Man can also use pinball flippers, spring boards and other objects placed throughout each level to help him reach each level's goal. Tilting the screen when Pac-Man has a running start will cause him to roll into a ball, giving him an extra boost of speed and access to narrow tunnels. Strategically using all of Pac-Man's abilities will be the only way to complete this all-new and exciting adventure.

    Galaga 3D Impact immerses players into the role of a gunner on a space ship against an all-out war with the dreaded Galaga aliens. Using the Nintendo 3DS system's gyroscopic and 3D technology, players are able to maneuver their perspective within the seat of the turret to aim and shoot enemies as they try to lay siege against the human race. The player’s real-life movements correspond to the action represented on-screen in an impressive mash-up of arcade shooter and virtual reality.
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  1. Pac-Man Tilt is almost good enough to recommend alone. An ace collection. [Sept 2011, p.88]
  2. 75
    This title would make a fine addition to the collection of any 3DS owner who loves classic arcade games.
  3. Aug 3, 2011
    At the end of the day, Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions feels like little more than a halfhearted attempt to cash in on a couple of long-running franchises. The new games included in the mix are decent, but nothing special, and the other available titles have seen better versions on other consoles. The total package is a passable way to waste some time, but there's no compelling reason to buy it.
  4. Jul 26, 2011
    While none of the games in Dimensions are outright bad, and six is always better than two, they're not entirely thrilling. You can get some good fun out of Pac-Man Tilt, but Galaga 3D Impact wears thin, and there are roughly a bajillion other ways to play Pac-Man and Galaga on the go.
  5. Aug 17, 2011
    While the four re-released games are all good in their own right, there's really no need to play them again. On top of that, the two new games aren't enough to warrant a purchase on their own, with Pac-Man Tilt being the only one worth at least some of your time.
  6. Aug 25, 2011
    Cheaply shovelled ports of four classic games, plus two awful new exclusives that do both their franchises and the 3DS an enormous disservice.
  7. Sep 29, 2011
    This compilation combines two historic titles from Namco on the 3DS, and offers six games in total. Two of them date back to 80 and 81, and are displayed on such tiny screen that they become unplayable, two others are available in far superior versions (Pac-Man Championship Edition and Galaga Legions in DX versions on the XBLA and PSN), and the final two use the features of the 3DS (gyro for Pac-Man Tilt, a poor platformer, and Augmented Reality for Galaga 3D Impact, a shameful shooter), but both are incredibly lame.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Jul 29, 2011
    It's very cool compilation!
    Three PACMAN and three GALAGA are packaged, I can enjoy it enough.
    New exclusive 2game PacmanTILT and Galaga3D are
    very nice!
    PacmanTILT is the coolest in even six.
    I am fresh as never before, and a sense TILT control is very comfortable.
    You should try this PacmanTILT once.
  2. Aug 25, 2011
    In this new game Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions 3D you get to see what new video games are like these days. remember back in those days when Pac-Man was original and ate all the dots? Well this is a Brand New adventure like the more modern games out right now in 2011. if you want a game look for Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions 3D to experience an all new adventure - JJ :-) Thanks Expand
  3. Dec 30, 2011
    This is great mix of game's and is a high score chasers treat!!! xp the game has online leader boards for all games and trying beat that last score to move up ranks is very addictive! Expand
  4. Jan 23, 2014
    Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions is a Namco compilation headlining the companies two iconic arcade series, Pac-Man and Galaga by adding there classic games, XBLA editions, and two new games that take advantage of the 3DS gyroscope features. Other than those 6 games theres also an online scoreboard, as well as a Pac-Man cartoon. Now lets get down to the basics and review the games themselves.

    Arcade Classics Pac-Man & Galaga

    These are the games that started it all, there gameplay is classic and simple and great for children to play. Pac-Man is a maze style game where you have to eat all the pellets while avoiding 4 ghosts who each have there own way of trying trap you so they can take away your life. There AI isnt that apparent but it still brings some depth to the simple game. Chomp on a big power pellet and you'll be able to eat the ghost and send them back to the center where they'll respond, the more you eat the more points you get. Occasionally fruit will also cross the maze and can also score bonus points.This game goes on forever so its purely based on score. Galaga is my personal favorite, it involves you piloting the ship Galaxian to stop the Galaga Armada which are aliens who pilot insect like ships.While it appears to be a rip off of Space Invaders, it differs with its colors and the enemies attempting to kamikaze your ship as well as others that try and take your ship and use it against you, which you can take back for double the fire power. You can only move left and right to avoid ship missles and kamikaze ships. Every third level theres a bonus stage where you can only shoot ships that fly in a specific pattern but dont attack you. The presentation of the games tries to be a throwback of the arcade originals, having the the sides of the arcade cabinets as well as the original tables pop out at you bring back the old style while sprucing up the games a little bit to be 3D themselves. When you have the sides on, it just makes the 3D in the game blurry but you do get the option of taking the sides off which helps out the effect. Unfortunately the games are really small compared to the wide screen of the 3DS which is disappointing. There still the great games they always were. They even have achievements now that range from being as easy as eating a cherry in Pac-Man, to as hard as reaching level 50 in Galaga

    Pac-Man Championship Edition & Galaga Legions

    When both these games debuted on XBLA they were both instant hits. Namco pretty much modernized the game play of both these games adding new concepts, neon colors, and online scoreboards. These games are killer apps in this compilation which I'd recommend you should play in some form. Pac-Man CE tweaks the old gameplay of Pac-Man while adding the classic feel. Rather than going through the same maze over and over again, theres two mazes attached to each other and theres a time limit. There is also a limited number of pellets but as soon as you eat them all that maze will darken and a fruit will appear on the other side and if you eat it the maze will light up with more pellets than before. The game speeds up as time goes down so it gets really hectic and those ghosts will make you paranoid. Theres ranked mode which is 5 minutes and will put your high score online, and than theres multiple stages. This game gets really addicting. Galaga Legions completely takes away the concept of the original game for a new concept thats original itself. This game is loosely inspired by the originals bonus levels. Rather than only moving left or right you can move in all directions and you have to satellites that you can put down in any direction since you can only shoot up which can be set to auto fire or manual. You can put down the satellite in any direction by pressing the corresponding letter buttons on the 3DS, A,B,X, and Y. The enemies appear as a line on screen telling you what movements there going to make and you have to put your satellite accordingly. Sometimes they come form all directions and you have to know which spot is safe and when you have to move. If you see a black hole on the screen and destroy it, it sucks up all enemy Galaga around you and forms "Legions" which will shoot for you and you can place them with your satellites. Theres ranked adventure mode, where you'll faces bosses, and championship mode where you'll go through wave after wave of enemies. The only thing wrong with this game is the enemies losing there unique insect looks. These both games make the collection worth buying the only complaints I have are the 3D effect not being as deep as it should be but goes great with the neon effects. These games have achievements to them as well.

    Pac-Man Tilt & Galaga 3D Impact

    The two stars of the collection arent as good as was first perceived. While both promising in the nature of gameplay, they both took away what made the original games fun yet are still entertaining nonetheless. Pac-Man Tilt strives to be a full side-scrolling game itself including over 25 main levels and a handful of bonus ones. The game uses the gyroscope to tilt the world around Pac-Man to do various things like rolling down a hill, moving platforms, or bouncing off pinball flippers. While this seems interesting at first you have to tilt the 3DS uncomfortably to the side making it hard to play the game when tilted at full force.The levels are easy but quickly get tedious. There are 3 medals based on your score, these medals open up the bonus levels. Whats really disappointing about the game is the 3D being turned off whenever you play the levels. The design of this game screams 3D yet we get none despite the fact that you can tilt the system while the 3D is on and still see it, granted you dont move the 3DS in any other direction. The game also gives Pac-Man a new modern design which gives him real sneakers and blue eyes as well as giving the 4 ghosts new shapes and faces and even adding 5th green ghost who looks like the classic ones. Galaga 3D Impact is a promising game that actually uses the 3D and the gyroscope efficiently. It plays out like Face Raiders where you use the 3DS itself to shoot enemies. You also have the option of sucking them up and absorbing there power in order to upgrade your ship and all of its weapons. Its really fun except for the fact that the game only has 4 levels and 1 life. I'd love to see a game like this in retail as a full game but its just too short and if you die you have to start all over. In the end its just another arcade title but is still of the best games on this compilation. They really should have looked into making these games a bit like there predecessors or at least twice as long, even achievements would have made them both a more satisfying experience.


    Only one high score per game can be recorded. A big disappointment since I cant see a list of my all times highs. At least they put your one high score online and compare it to everyone else, you can even do that weekly or just in general. Its always nice seeing if I made the top 200 in Galaga this week. Unfortunately it leads me to wonder if I have to beat my high score every week in order to be in that weeks scoreboard. Its kinda confusing they should have left a personal scoreboard.

    Thats all there is too this game, other than that silly Pac-Man 25th anniversary cartoon. Despite all the set backs its worth getting or your a fan of these games. If your looking for a full game experience I'd recommend something different. I give this game a 7/10
  5. Jul 27, 2011
    This games gets you exactly what you pay for - The original arcade classics, Pac-Man: Championship Edition, Galaga Legions, and 2 new 3DS exclusive games. Is it worth $40 though? Watch my review to entirely know what you're getting into.
  6. Aug 3, 2011
    This isn't worth $40. I just want to point that out. Galaga, Pac Man, their remix versions, and their new games don't feel like their complete, but that's not to say that they aren't fun. Galaga Legions is a blast, and so are Pac Man Championship Edition and their originals. If you haven't played neither of those you will have a blast, it just won't last long. Pac Man Tilt is a good game, and Galaga's Panzer Dragoon wannabe are good fun. The issue is just that they don't feel completely worth a full price tag since they're souless minigames. If you have played all or most of the games that are re-issued, then all you get is a 3D version of them. Legions is great in 3D and the arcade cabinet simulations for the originals looks great, but that's it. Trade in some games to offset the price or wait until it's about $30, then you can say it's a good investment. But for me, who never played Galaga Legions and PMCE, I didn't mind. Also Pac Man and Galaga are required handheld games. Expand