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  1. Oct 12, 2013
    I made an account just so I can express how brilliant this game is, everyone I know bought a 3ds for this game and they wee not disappointed. This game tweaks every single nit-pick that the previous entries in the series had. Character customization? Check. Diagonal walking? Check. Ability to run from start? Check. Incredibly sped up gameplay? Check. Brilliant graphics? Check. Ability to challenge anyone anywhere? Check. this game is truly one of the greatest RPGs of all time, it introduces new elements while improving on past elements, and fulfills every wish I had for it. Get this game now. Expand
  2. Oct 16, 2013
    I'm writing this AFTER I beat the game so for those who have not beat it please vote after you finish E4 and see if you agree.
    I will save my compliments as I know it's a great game but the major flaw is that it lacks replay value, after you beat E4, there's literally nothing to do that's sparks people as OOOO this is fun.

    Let's take a look at Soul Silver and Heart Gold, after you
    beat the game, you get to explore Kanto, the game opens up a whole new world, all the gym now offers toughened up rematchs, all the variety of legendary you can catch from previous generations. X and Y has nothing

    Another flaw is that the Kalos Pokemon doesn't stand out, the game throws in pokemon from previous generation from the beginning and natually people will capture ones the recognize, take a look at black and white, they give you pokemon from previous gen at a much later time this forces players to use and familiarize pokemon from this generation, I have found myself a party full of pokemon from previous generations because why risk it when I know what pokemon works?

    and then there's the starters, if you count the Torchic giving to you by gift, they give you 4 starters, that's ABSURD, it completely devalues your starter pokemon.

    There are flaws that keep me from spending more than 20 hours on it when each game previously would take me 100 hours each, great game, but needs work
  3. Oct 12, 2013
    This game is pretty amazing. First off, it is in 3d. This means that the game looks wonderful. I,ve been a fan of pokemon for a long time now and this game is what i've always wanted.
  4. Oct 12, 2013
    Pokemon X and y are brilliant games. They are the closest realization to Satoshi Tajiri's 15 year dream. If you want to get a game, the best one out now is probably pokemon x and y.
  5. Oct 12, 2013
    Incredibly fun game, trailers don't do the graphics justice this is an improvement in every way visually without sacrificing any of that pokemon feel. Think Ni No Kuni and you'll have some idea of how great it looks. Slight frame rate drop and lack of features (No hardmode etc) are an annoyance but pale in terms of the weight of content added. Probably the most enjoyable game to come out of the pokemon series yet. Expand
  6. Oct 12, 2013
    Playing this game brings my inner 8-9 year old out its a very innovative story with awesome mechanics I love the graphics and the features are beyond amazing. 10/10 by far one of the best 3DS games I've played.
  7. Oct 12, 2013
    Pokemon X and Y is an improvement over the DS Pokemon games while maintaining its roots. Granted longtime players will want to see more change but given that Nintendo and GameFreak targets a younger audience then you have to grin and bear it or move on. Pokemon X and Y wisely had the player being able to run in the beginning to speed up the game. The one thing they could improve on is having the ability to control your Pokemon so you can dodge attacks. Expand
  8. Oct 13, 2013
    i bought a 3DS just to buy this game and it is amazing so far. got to laugh at people who say its the same game as the last. there is so many new things in x and y. and it seems to have a nice online thing. just a shame we cant actually send messages to anyone we meet though
  9. Oct 12, 2013
    As a huge Pokemon fan this game is a dream come true. Sure, not everything is 3D, but the graphics and overall feel of the game are such improvements from last gen. that it barely matters. The new 3D models and animations are amazing. It looks great, and I love the new soundtrack, especially the battle themes. Some people may not like that they brought back so many old creatures, but I personally love seeing the ones I grew up playing with 15 years ago come alive with color and personality in this new game. I can't imagine what next gen. games will look like! Expand
  10. Oct 12, 2013
    The game is a great improvement for the series, the graphic style is great and the gameplay is amazing, the only thing that i noticed is that the game seems easier than before.
  11. Oct 13, 2013
    The game feels fresh, re-innovated and new while still keeping that Pokemon flare. It is definitely a huge leap in the franchise, even though it was already fairly successful. The enchanting music, beautiful graphics and vast region all contribute to the charm of the 6th Gen of Pokemon. On top of all of that, character customization and pokemon-amie, really make the player feel much more immersed in the world of Pokemon. Expand
  12. Oct 14, 2013
    Having played (and owning) every other cartridge in the series, I feel that I'm fairly qualified to make judgement on this game. This is the ONLY time that I have only purchased one of the released pair, mainly because I only have 1x 3DS console (the kids have one each, but I normally have 2 for trades and breeding etc). Anyway, I've logged about 10 hours of gameplay into this Pokemon X game, and i must say I'm very impressed with the graphic and sound upgrades. The musical tunes seem a lot more dynamic than the last two offerings, using more sound 'voices' to bring the music to a more refined tone. This game is one of very few that I actually play the game with the sound on, and last night, I even had my headphones in so I could enjoy it louder. That said, I wish they were able to merge the sound effects into the main track when leveling up etc, as that mutes the music to take focus.

    The graphics: I quite like the larger view from the older 'sprite' styles used since 1998. Don't get me wrong, that little character was instantly recognizable to any fan, but this is much better on my eyes. Since I'm probably the oldest Pokemon gamer (39), I feel that gamefreak/Nintendo are trying to branch out in to a more mature gaming body. It looks almost Zelda OoT style during the normal walking around. The 3D feature is only active during battles, not that I care as I have my 3DS-XL's slider all the way down in 2D mode anyway. I did take a look at the 3D just for kicks though.

    The gameplay: The tried and proven turn based RPG. The reading is not that difficult and nowhere near as over the top as previous games either. It's nice to hear some Pokemon having their own voices, and not the weird white noise generated. Pikachu is a standout for that!

    Anyway, enough of this rambling!!! I'm heading back to catch a few more of the little beggars!!!
  13. Oct 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's like every fan's dream come true. 3D graphics, a lot of Pokémon available, you can play with Pokémon, and convenient and quick multiplayer features. Sadly the execution is flawed at many parts, so it's best to just rush the game through and only play the multiplayer.

    There's no shortage of Pokémon to use in the massive Pokédex of Kalos. Despite only around 70 being new, X and Y do a great job distributing Pokémon across areas, before the first gym you already have dozens to choose from. The new Pokémon have designs that are pretty good on average.
    It's another problem that plagues this generation's Pokémon; the fairy type. When I first heard of it, I was incredibly excited about the game getting a new element to mix things up, and fairies are a fascinating and diverse type of creatures in folklore, but the implementation is horrible:

    Chansey-line might be understandable for balance, but when the most obvious candidates, many based on beauty/emotion, actual fairies (Mismagius) and various youkai-inspired Pokémon don't get fairy type, while Marill and Jigglypuff get it, the aftertaste is rather bad. Retyping more Pokémon would have made the fairy type more impactful and made up for some types of the new Pokémon (perfume could be poison as dual, the dryad could be grass and many should have evolved).

    The story is dreadful. The dialogue is cheesy and unnatural, most characters lack credibility, and the few that actually have it have weak presence. The friends are a good idea but incredibly one-dimensional, incompetent and annoying. The worst thing about singleplayer is the constant obstacles to make the game more restrictedly linear than it has ever been and no optional areas until the end.

    The soundtrack is good, but pretty typical. Pleasant to listen to, but doesn't stand out like generations 1 and 5 did, for example. The graphical upgrade is a great, everything looks great in general. The presentation has some inconsistencies that show lack of polish. While it's mostly not supported, there are scenes in stereoscopic 3D randomly. A similar inconsistency is battle models. Some important characters have no model yet flare grunts get it. Why don't the highlight moments of the game get the glory?

    Actually, the highlight moments are neglected in general. Gym challenges barely can be called that. The teams are small and poorly diversified. Bigger teams and better move sets, dual types and berries that lessen damage from certain types should be used to fix this issue. Same with team flare and E4. The teams are pathetic, the champion is the only one whose team is full. It feels like you conquered a region where only two competent trainers exist. Pokémon are also really easy to catch so gone are the amazing feelings of accomplishment after catching a snorlax or a legendary.

    Singleplayer is a dull cakewalk. All problems are just inconvenience. For example, the HMs still exist. What does forcing us to use fly and cut accomplish other than destroying move sets? Why can't HM be replaced without move deleter? There are multiple ways to do it in a way that doesn't screw up our preferred way to play. It does nothing to protect you since you can surf into a desolate island and trade your entire team for bunnelbies.

    On the positive side, movement is great. Bicycle and roller skates make movement quick and unrestricted compared to all previous games. Roller skates could use the option to be disabled, but it's not the end of the world. Exp. All is handed out early and it saves a lot of time from grinding. Amie is fun to use and well executed, playing with the Pokémon is addictive and makes them feel closer than ever. Super training is a more fun way to train EVs. A bit slower than the classic method but less tedious. Reset bags are a useful for those who stick to the classic way. Keep in mind you shouldn't use these features before the end if you want challenge in singleplayer. Min-maxed EVs and the Amie bonuses make the easiest Pokémon game even easier. The offline postgame is short. Collecting clothes is fun and there's berry growing and battle facility for BP. The search for mega evolutions is fun but easy and short.

    But that doesn't matter since the multiplayer is amazing. There are a lot of features to make it easily accessible and fun to use. The connectivity and different options and modes are awesome. Combined with endless customization of your own avatar, profile and team, the multiplayer has pretty much unlimited potential for playing value in communication, collecting, trading and battling.

    The online battling is very easily accessible. They also overcame a previously terrible problem that the game had by giving automatic full IVs to all Pokémon that are battling, all in order to let us play without fear of hackers getting too much of an unfair advantage. Wonder trade could use some tweaking but it's still a fun and addictive feature.

    2 for singleplayer 8.5 for multiplayer (x2) 6
  14. Jan 10, 2014
    When I started the game, I thought it was great. A very refreshing installation to the series I love so much. After playing about 30 hours of it I noticed that I hadn't once been impressed or entertained as much as older instalments have. Sort of a disappointment if you ask me. But maybe I'll change my mind once I restart and play again without using the EXP share, which I think kind of broke the game, since you only need to use one Pokemon and everyone get's trained enough to beat gym after gym easily. Expand
  15. Oct 13, 2013
    This is the same old Pokemon you've been playing for the last 17 years, so don't come into it expecting some sort of dramatic revolution. You will be disappointed. It is, however, very refreshing to see the game break away from the cardboard cut-outs sliding across the screen. It also does a nice job of trying to give you a mix of both new and old Pokemon, so even the old Genwunners like me (that's right, 1st generation is best!) can feel comfortable in the game.

    The multiplayer has also improved dramatically, allowing you to interact with people at the same place in the game as you from anywhere else in the world. Trading and battling has become A LOT more relevant for people that don't have a ton of pokemon-playing friends or don't live in Japan. It's a boost us widespread American folk have needed for a LONG time.

    Now if only they could revamp the battle system to be less rock-paper-scissory.
  16. Oct 12, 2013
    The best pokemon game--hands down. Gone is the archaic frame of trading and battling friends/strangers in the upstairs of a Pokemon Center. Now everything is accessible wherever, whenever, with whomever from the bottom screen of the 3DS. Friends are shown online/offline and others on the same map as you re listed on the bottom of the screen itself, and trading/battling with them is just an invitation away. The game itself is a beautifully rendered 3D world with a fantastic, robust soundtrack. Pokemon have 3D sprites in battle and everything looks better than ever. My main level of being impressed still remains in the fluidity of the modern trading and battle system. You hit this one right on the head, Game Freak. Way to go. Expand
  17. Oct 15, 2013
    The best handheld Pokemon game of all time, hands down. The graphics are breath taking, the gameplay is fantastic (as always) and everything about the game is just amazing. If you don't have this game, I highly recommend getting it. A must have for any 3DS user.
  18. Oct 12, 2013
    XY are absolutely amazing games. The visuals look wonderful (they are really, really stunning!), the music is topnotch, the pokemon selection is fantastic, and the step into trainer customization (everything from hair style and colour to your skin tone to all of your clothes and accessories) and the really fun online social features really make XY a joy to play alone or with your friends. This last point in particular is great users can send O-Powers (little features that can increase the prize money received or increase your pokemon's stats in-battle) to their friends whenever you'd (or they'd!) like, send presents, chat, instant-battle, and display when you reached an achievement (i.e. "Second badge! :D") and then respond ("Nice!") The online and offline features are intertwoven seamlessly. Also, they fixed the childish dialogue from BW2! There are also quite a few little jokes that made me smile. The world is also very immersive, and while a few features from BW and BW2 didn't make it in (custom gym music, for one), XY added PLENTY, from the small such as being able to ride pokemon and more pokemon in the overworld to the large, such as Mega Evos. XY is definitely worth your money and time. Downside is that the 3D (as in pop-out-of-screen) is sparsely used and isn't worth using at all when it is implemented (there is little depth anyway, and the framerate divebombs). No stereoscopic 3D doesn't hurt the experience at all, though, even for someone like me who loves when it is used. Expand
  19. Oct 13, 2013
    Last time I was super excited for a pokemon game was Ruby/Sapphire. Diamond/Pearl and Black/White were okay in my opinion but they didn't really excite me. When I saw the trailer for X and Y I was like......OMG!!! I bought Pokemon X yesterday, so far I put atleast 4-5 hours into the game..just taking a little break lol. The graphics and animation: absolutely beautiful. Every city you go to, just gorgeous. Pokemon animation are fantastic in this game, no more 2d pixels haha. The battles remind me of Pokemon Colossuem and XD because of the 3d graphics which is cool. Sorry, can't really talk much about the story since I only played about 4-5 hours...will continue playing tonight. With the awesome new graphic/animation and solid gameplay. Easily give this game a 9/10. Also about the new pokemons...some of them look weird in my opinion and some look really cool. Expand
  20. Jan 6, 2014
    All i can say is wow. This pokemon game has it all! Fun battling against trainers and rivals and team flare, character customization, more proportional looking characters (head to body size-ratio), character is no longer locked into a grid when biking or rollerskating, great cool new pokemon, new moves, new fairy type, and much more. The totally updated graphics, 3D models of pokemon and 3D battlefields look absolutely gorgeous! That combined with the 3D option of the 3DS makes you feel like you are literally right there next to your pokemon battling it out to be the champion of the new region. The 3D option is limited to single battles and some caves though, which is disappointing but understandable. The new moves look stunning, especially with the 3D on, and it is amazing to see the pokemon actually move around and react to using and taking damage from moves. One slight downside though is that sometimes the game lags just a little when the 3D is on. As for music and sound effects? Say good-bye to all those crappy MIDI files, the new music and sound effects for moves are amazing, I love the soundtrack! This game was the reason why I bought the 3DS and it did not disappoint. I have played almost all of the main pokemon franchise games, and Pokémon X/Y is truly an amazing game and my downright favorite in the series so far! Expand
  21. Oct 12, 2013
    Simply a goddamn masterpiece. Everything is different, and lively as hell, and the game is long as the pokemon look awesome, probably the best one to date.
  22. Oct 30, 2013
    It's a good game that's obviously reaching towards younger audiences than previous entries to the series. This is the very first pokemon game I've ever feel like would be a better rental than an owned game.

    Gameplay: It's generally the same pokemon formula. You get a starter (more than one eventually) you fight gyms, you train your pokemon, etc. It's fun, it's what has made the
    franchise, however I feel like this game gets very easy very quickly. Throughout the game, I lost maybe 2 or 3 battles, and those were only because I didn't have the proper supplies to battle. As for money, you win far too much of it from trainers. Before I fought the Elite 4, I was able to stock up on 99 revives, 50 hyper potions, and about 30 super repels for victory road. There are also places throughout the game that allow you to randomly heal your pokemon. Sure, this has happened in previous pokemon games, but it happens more often in this game than any other. This game just simply throws the player a bone too often.

    Story: What story? You just moved into a town, the local kids try to include you in an activity and bam, you have your starter. Nobody plays pokemon games for the story, I get that, but there were a few moments where the story was just flat out bad. It's unprecedented how tacked on the story feels to this game.

    Replay value: Minimal. There is a side quest that you can do to burn another hour or two, but there's nothing to keep the ds in your hands once you've beaten the game.

    Overall: It's probably the worst pokemon game to date. It looks nice, it has pokemon in it, but that's all it has going for it. That being said, I did have fun in the 27 hours it took me to get to the Elite 4 and beat them. It's a good game to rent, but not a game to buy and certainly not a game to buy a 2ds or 3ds for.
  23. Oct 12, 2013
    This is an example of a series where each new generation comes along with something that breaks the mould of the previous titles in the Pokemon Franchise. This time we see Mega Evolutions, amazing 3D battle scenes.

    One thing which I'm delighted that Game Freak has done to really combat the "imperfections" with the 3DS Hardware itself is switch between 2D Top-Down World Exploration and
    3D Battle Scenes, something which won't make your battery run out as quickly as you'd want it to! The voice chat actually works, and works very well, I'm able to hold a voice chat uninterrupted for a good 10 minutes the 3 times I've tried it which links to the PSS system that integrates your Friends, Acquaintances and Passers By semlessly. Yes, the minigames are there and make a joyous return to the series which also helps boost your stats along the way but the way the game is set around France is magnificent.

    Having played for 6 hours already, it's safe to say that the gameplay is long, I've only got 1 gamebadge though that could probably be down to the fact I'm more of a "Gotta Catch Em' All" trainer rather than the speedrunning type!
  24. Oct 14, 2013
    A change in graphics is just one good thing, but the fact that this game opens its arms to new-comers, with a massive encyclopaedia of pokemon and their descriptions, but also veterans who get a feel of nostalgia when then are gifted the starters they used over 16 years ago. The fact that pokemon get to evolve in battle is also a new feature that will most definitely change the game from here on. Hopefully the next game does some improvements in terms of player navigation etc, but in all honestly the game is a MASSIVE step for GAME FREAK and proves to their pokemon fans that they can really pull out an astonishingly good game. 10/10 For sure. Expand
  25. Mar 16, 2014
    I will not lie - this game was the reason I got myself a 3DS. When you think about it, it doesn't sound that weird, even when taking into account that I'm a grown man. A Pokemon game, to me and to many others, is that special place where we want to go to experience the pure and carefree times of childhood once more. This time change has started, a few years late, and hasn't come all the way. I'd like to start off with a little research did. Since I can't proclaim it as legitimate because I can't be 100% certain, from what I gathered, around 35%+ of people who purchase Pokemon games are adults. Just throwing it out there so you can take it in while I do my thing.
    Starting off with graphics - I can't start with anything else with "the first fully 3D Pokemon game" - I must say I'm rather disappointed. For a 3D game that doesnt look all that well, it puts some weird strain on the 3DS hardware. There is loads of lag, plus the fact that most of the time you simply can't use the 3D effects of the system, which kind of beats the point of the game being on the system. And even if you can and do - FPS goes down. The Pokemon style is still some type of weird noseless anime, and I find it more and more repulsive. The male and female body shapes almost look identical, some pokemon that need separate male and female models don't have them: In other words - this game lacks graphical polish. At times it looks like a fan-game.
    I was most surprised from the Soundtrack of this game - it's quite nice. I'm even thinking of buying it. It was a nice surprise. I haven't looked up composers, but I'm pretty sure it's not the same guy who did the previous games. One disappointing thing about the sound in this game is that they didnt bother to add new FX for Pokemon - Gen 1 Pokemon still have their 8-bit cries and they sound really outdated on a 3DS. Also, what gives with the lack of voice acting? It's the 21 century!
    Storywise, this game is absurd. The story is stupid. It wasnt even funny this time around - it's been recycled too many times now. Dialogue is really awkward and out of place sometimes. They took out the whole "Rival" aspect absolutely in this one. You do have some sort of "Rival", but it's not Garry MF Oak. Old players will get what I mean.
    Gameplay, ofcourse, is where this game shines. I have to be honest, this game I had the most fun with out of all the Pokemon games. I still love SoulSilver more than any other, but this one is pretty awesome too, and I still do recommend it solely for this reason. At times it has a lot of fan service, paced well, that will make a lot of people happy. Though, be cautious - it really is more casual than usual. But, truth be told, you can make the game harder for yourself. I did and it was loads of fun.
    In conclusion... this game was a insanely large disappointment. And I will tell you what I gathered from it. The developers of this game are not good devs. They simply aren't. The only reason The Pokemon Company still exists is because Pokemon is Pokemon and it WILL sell no matter what. This is by all means not a good game and it is blatantly obvious - it is programmed badly, it lacks essential things that every pokemon player wants - things that are not that hard to program (I'd know), the game is not at all optimised for the system and the worst - with every next game they get more and more casual and childish, because that is what Nintendo is now. Remember my opening statement? Even if it is wrong, still a large percent of pokemon players are adults. I'm not saying this to say that all pokemon games should be more hardcore (though a more-mature Pokemon game would be awesome) I still prefer a 20 hour journey into my childhood. But I'm smart enough to know when a game is not well constructed and is being released almost unfinished just because it can get away with it - because it's Pokemon and people WILL buy it, like I did. And that most certainly doesn't mean that I should stop playing Pokemon games. It means that The Pokemon Company isn't innovative. Remember the first Pokemon game? That was innovative for the time - the whole concept. Later on, Gold/Silver - you had Pokemon following you and friendships and what not - still a step up. Even Black/White had some story progression and 3D camera play. This one is the first fully 3D pokemon game, but it's an incomplete package. Somehow, with that statement, I expect it also to be voice acted, to be optimised and to have new FX. I'd much rather have that than a new Pokemon generation consisting of even more uninspired pokemon with OP stats, like the previous 2 generations. And I'm sure most players will agree. My 6YO nephew got recently into Pokemon, without having played or watched anything Pokemon related before. Guess what - his faves are Charisard and Blastoise. Hardly a coincidence.
    To sum it up: Pokemon X/Y is outdated by itself, it's an incomplete package and should not be praised for what the Genesis did 30 years ago.
  26. Mar 18, 2014
    Pokemon is one of the most popular video game series' ever created, and this has brought a new aspect to the series; multiplayer. Being able to battle other people online is incredibly entertaining... for a while. Pokemon X is easily the best in the series because of the content, new pokemon, and online multiplayer. However, it suffers from the same problem found in every previous pokemon game, the lack of replay value. Once you beat the Elite Four, there's nothing to do, unless you find countlessly losing online battles or breeding pokemon entertaining. Once you beat the game, it doesn't give you anything to do that's actually satisfying. Even worse, you only get one profile, so if you want to play it again, you have to lose all you pokemon. Still, the game is great while it lasts, and the online aspects can keep you busy for a while.
    Pros; - Content (There's tons of pokemon to catch, and tons of npc's to battle)
    - Online (Trading with other players, or battling them, is quite entertaining)
    Cons; - Replay Value (Once you beat the game, there's not much to keep you going, and even online gets bland and irritating)
    Overall, the game is okay. It's not great, due to the lack of replay value, but it's not bad, because there's tons of fun to be had while the main story line lasts. If you're a pokemon fan, you'll love this, but everyone else should spend their $40 elsewhere.
  27. Oct 15, 2013
    With these games you can leave your intellectual side on a lower level and just expect fun. The game is just that. Strategy is there but you can absorb yourself into the beautiful graphics and fun thumb smashing elements as well as cuteness of the characters. PLAYS IT!11
  28. Jul 29, 2014
    If you like the previous games (which I did) then it kind of goes without saying that you'll like this one. The formula is exactly the same it's just been spit shined. Catch Pokemon, beat gym leaders, stop the latest version of team rocket, find the legendary on the box art and complete the elite four all for the appeasement of a wise professor. Game Freak seem to have decided it ain't broke so they ain't gonna fix it. There's a few fun extra features thrown in and it looks a lot prettier but for the most part it's the same 50-60 hours of quality gaming that we expect to be re-released every year or two so while they're not getting massive points for innovation I can't deny they have made something that just never seems to get old. The online is also really cool. I've spent upwards of 20 hours trading and battling over the internet.
    If I'm completely honest the only thing I don't like about it is the new Fairy type. With the exception of the legendary Xerneas the Fairy types all look like one of the developers let their 4 year old daughter design them. Also none of them are particularly useful in battles either.
  29. Jan 16, 2014
    wow, a lot of fun and tons of content!

    i haven't played pokemon since the original on gameboy. so when i got a 3ds i had to give this game a shot, and i was interested in playing against some friends online.

    this game has tons of content. i've spent 10 hours and feel like i have a lot left to do. have read the main story is about 30 hours. pretty good value i think. NEGATIVES:
    for something so polished there are design choices that make you really scratch your head. #1 thing i hate about this game, no audio mixing??? seriously? the music is ok at best. after an hour or two you just want to turn it off. i'd really like to listen to the sounds of monsters and listen to my own music. tears. Expand
  30. May 9, 2014
    Game: Pokemon X Genre: RPG Developer: GameFreak/Nintendo System: 3DS Total Score: 94/100 Value Score: 9.4/10 • Story: 7/10 • Characters: 8/10 • GamePlay: 10/10 • Graphics: 10/10 • Sound: 9/10 • Music: 10/10 • Length: 10/10 • Replay Value: 10/10 • Player Value: 10/10 Pros +A very lengthy storyline +Although not many changes with the storyline, the antagonist team story has a unique twist not seen in previous games.
    +A lot of old pokemon have re-emerged unlike the past two gens where it was mainly new pokemon with a few old pokemon
    +Battle system is the same formula but is fresh thanks to new changes and new additions
    +Characters can have their appearances be customized
    +Unique change to previous games when it comes to getting starter pokemon
    +Many new options were made thanks to the evolution of the internet infrastructure for the series - new modes include Wonder Trade, a improved GTS system and other new modes.
    +Thanks to the new online capabilities, Pokemon feels more like a social game as players can be connected through the internet, challenge or trade each other at any given time throughout with each other in the whole world.
    +Mega Evolutions have brought forth a evolution in the battle mechanics in the series.
    +Fairy Type is the new pokemon type that adds flavor to the competitive scene and the mechanics as many pokemon have been re-arranged with the typing.
    +Saving feature is practically instant compared to previous games where you had to wait a few seconds.
    +Pokemon's Design has officially changed from the 2D perspective to the 3D perspective thus revolutionizing the series just like the third gen did with its own visual design changes from its previous gens.
    +The OST is one of the best made in the series.
    +There are a lot of easter eggs and many odes to the first, second and third gens through Pokemon appearances, certain dungeon/areas, etc.
    +Additional features which help you breed/groom pokemon and the combination with the new online capabilities make Pokemon X/Y a game that will be played for a long time with endless hours.

    -No major changes to the storyline, same formula
    -Rival and Antagonist Team are still weak compared to previous games in the series
    -Seasons feature from Gen 5 did not carry over
    -Some of the older pokemon still have their midi voices recycled rather than improving them with new sound files
    -Post game content is quite weak compared to previous games.
    -Elite Four do not get stronger in post game
    -Safari Zone in the game is more like a Safari backyard.
  31. Oct 13, 2013
    This is the Pokemon we have all been waiting for, excellent graphics, amazing game play and beautiful words and creatures. The pace of the game is faster compare to the older versions, which make the game less boring when it comes to beating the 8 leaders. Somehow the game feels like the first one.hands down Gamefreak.
  32. Oct 16, 2013
    Played all of them since the originals like Pokemon Yellow... all I can say is Game Freak are heading in the right direction with the series! This game is actually so incredible, sales of 3DS units have sky rocketed, and it's hard to believe that this will be the first Pokemon game for some people. It's got great online features like Wonder Trade (which I love getting bidoofs) and Battle Spot (battle random people online). They also have the usual GTS and normal trade/ battle. One feature it could use is the pokemon following you thing like in HGSS, but it's not that big of a deal. Great game and a true masterpiece, especially the graphics and music. Expand
  33. Feb 8, 2014
    that game is pure perfection... and don't know what else to say ... i was never that thrilled to play a pokemon game since gold and silver! a MUST have
  34. Dec 27, 2013
    I'm loving it so far. There is a strange beautiful mix of old and new. All the past Pokemon from the whole series is in this game and it is brilliant. It's everything I wanted Pokemon blue to be and more. It is perfect.
  35. Oct 14, 2013
    Pokémon X&Y is one of the best pokémon games, many upgrades have been put into this game, which made it really fresh. The gameplay is as great as always, the only thing that I felt, is that it's much easier than any other pokémon game, this might be good or bad depending on what kind of gamer you are. If you are a hardcore fan, you might feel disappointed, but if you are new to this franchise, you will be pleased for this changes. The graphics are just amazing and it is the best-looking pokémon game EVER made, the 3D models are much better than 2D sprites and it makes the game look fresh. The only problem I had with the graphics is that the framerate fails sereiously when you are playing on 3D and specially when you are playing in a wheather area (rain, sandstorm, etc.), but other than that, it's flawless. The music is just as good as always, great and catchy songs that will stay in your head for a long time. The environments look great and the cities are just amazing, I am impressed about how well they look. The pokémon designs are... good. They are not amazing, but they are NOT horrible as many people would say. The mega-evolutions are a great addition to the game, and they might change the course of a battle completely, these mega-evolutions are fun to use and look great.
    My final veredict is that this is the biggest evolution for pokémon since Gold & Silver, I just loved it and I must say I am a huge fan of this franchise since the very first game, so I don't really understand why many fans are disappointed.
    Graphics: 9/10
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Sound 10/10
  36. Oct 13, 2013
    I am still in middle of game so obviously rating might still change but after I have played like 30 hours I must say I have really enjoyed game extremely much. There is crazy many pokemons to catch and time flies when you play, what more can you ask really, I am quite sure I will play this game more than anything for years so if that is not worth 10/10 What is then? Yet still this game is nowhere near prefect, I have two complaints that hopefully will be done better in future generations: Firstly, difficulty level isn't quite hard enough, at least gym leaders could have higher level pokemons so that you wouldn't so easily over train your pokes before reaching them and though beating them too easily. Secondly there is some issues with framerate in battles, specially when you use 3D. Expand
  37. Oct 13, 2013
    Colorful, cute and pretty successful transition to 3D turned off series.
    Of course the game is not solved cons (Easy battles with NPCs), but overall it keeps the bar series.
  38. Oct 12, 2013
    Pokémon X is the reason that the 2ds was made. Most of the game is in 2d, and considering how nice it looks, this is a shame. The gameplay, however, truly shines. With over 700 Pokémon to battle and trade, this game is an absolute blast to play. It never gets old to see your Pokémon mega evolve or to crush your friend in a 6 vs. 6 battle. Rebalancing within the game ensures that both casual and hardcore fans will have plenty to find within the game. Small tweaks also greatly enhance the experience as well. The rollerblades mean you don't constantly have to hold the b button to run, and changing your appearance makes the game feel so much more immersive. Sadly, the new Pokémon-Amie and super training features get old after 15 minutes. Nonetheless, this is a great fan if you are a newcomer or a seasoned veteran. Expand
  39. Nov 26, 2013
    At first it looks like just another sequel, then i played it. it had a feel that no other Pokemon game had, freedom. for the first time for me, i felt completly free in a pokemon game. it is a good game to start in with the series but some people who dont like the newer pokemon my have a different opinion. some people i talk to say that it has strayed too far off of the pokemon concept but i would say it has enhanced it. Expand
  40. Oct 22, 2013
    Man, oh man...has it been a long time. I remember in elementary school when the first Pokemon games started getting hot. There I was with my Tamagachi and trapper keeper, when my friend brought the first copy of Pokemon Red that we had ever seen. From there, you know the rest of the story.

    Pokemon is a franchise that's had a large following ever since it's arrival in the US 10+ years
    ago...and it's easy to see why. While technically geared for young children, the RPG elements here are nonetheless incredibly deep, meaning it pleases casual youngsters and hardcore players alike. It's so incredibly good that there are even tournaments held all over the place, meaning that this franchise is NOT just for kids.

    Pokemon X and Y are the best things that have happened to this IP since it's origins. Having not played Pokemon seriously since FireRed, it had been a long time for me. Fortunately, the myriad of new stuff for me to enjoy is abundant in X and Y. Everything from the new pokemon, to avatar customization and various online modes are all new things that I had always wanted from earlier games and now, they are here. Super Training and Pokemon Amie are also great additions, making the process of further customizing and caring for your pokemon even deeper.

    The game looks fantastic, too. Ever since pokemon stadium, players have desperately wanted a full 3D pokemon game...and now it's here. And it is glorious. The art style they chose kinda reminds me of the 'Tales' series of RPGs...and while it's not very original, it nevertheless embodies pokemon better than other styles would have.

    The bottom line is this: If you ever played a pokemon game and liked it, you should try this. Doesn't matter if it's been a decade since you last played, or if you never stopped playing; Pokemon X and Y are simply the best in the series so far.
  41. Oct 14, 2013
    Great game! Hard to find any faults after 14 hours of playtime (haven't even got my 2nd badge yet!). You will lose yourself in this amazing game. X/Y take the series to another level and gives it a much needed breath of fresh air. If you have any doubt over whether or not you buy this game: buy it, you won't regret it.
  42. Oct 13, 2013
    WARNING! NO 3D IN OVERWORLD! Only f.e. in Battles. Kind of my fault, didnt want to know much about the Game beforehand (to keep the experience fresh...) 8 Hours into it so far...having fun
  43. Oct 12, 2013
    made an account just to review this game. As far as pokemon games go this game is the best out of all of them and the only game this year thats not let me down. its a huge leap from the 2d sprites of the last one to the now 3d models of this game makes the graphics look amazing. the battles feels alot better because of how its at bit faster pace and it just flows what makes them more enjoyable. not best at writing reviews but trust me this game is awesome and any pokemon fan will love it! Expand
  44. Ogr
    Oct 17, 2013
    The new Pokémon is the best since Red and Blue!

    Tons of Pokémon, a lot of minigames to do, a good online feature and perfectly graphics.

    If you have ever liked Pokémon, you need this game.
  45. Oct 13, 2013
    Great game, game freak took the experience to the next level while sticking to the games roots. A visually stunning game which is also just as adictive as its predecessors. The mega evolutions and fairy types are also a good addition to the game to make it much more strategic. 10/10
  46. Oct 13, 2013
    Pokemon X and Y is my new favorite entree into the franchise. The 3D sprites are fantastic to watch. The new 3D movements really bring to life, the Pokemon in battle. The game itself only introduced 60 Pokemon (more or less), but the addition of around 20 mega evolutions to discover, the game is chalk full of seemingly endless fun. Especially when you consider how much easier X and Y make it to EV train your Pokemon. Competitive battling is about to get that much more interesting, oh and the addition of the NEW Fairy Type will shake things up for sure. X and Y are not your typical addition to the franchise, they do absolutely everything right and then some! More Pokemon are added, more moves are added, all the typical things you would think are in the game, but the game has gone above and beyond my expectations with all the extra stuff that technically The Pokemon company did not "have" to add. Mega evolutions are an example of this. They could have left them out altogether, but I really appreciate the change to the meta game and it also gives us older fans a reason to raise some of our old favorites again!

    Pokemon X and Y is easy enough to be enjoyed by newcomers to the series, but also introduces a cornucopia of brand new material not found in any other iteration to the franchise and thus is also perfect for veteran Pokemon fans. That is why I believe X and Y deserve a 10/10. It is simply a perfect game with no flaws that I could tell. I will be playing it for a long, long time and I know for a fact there are many other people out there who will do just the same. I got to stop writing this review, because I got to get back to playing my game!
  47. Oct 13, 2013
    I aslo made an account just for the purpose of reviewing this game. I don't think I can adequately put into words just how incredible this game is. I've played pigeon since the beginning, but it took me a very long while to make the jump to the DS platform. Recently I decided I was going to purchase a 3ds xl and give the new generation a shot. I got my ds,a copy of black 2, and while the learning curve was interesting coming from the gb, gba gens, I actually liked it quite a bit. I still had reservations going into pokemon x and y. Well I am here to say, if you love pokemon and have been playing every new iteration, or are like me and want to jump back in and maybe get a little competitive, this game is worth it. So worth it, that I have gone out and made sure I picked up y as well. Expand
  48. Oct 14, 2013
    It is simply more than I ever expected from a Pokémon game. Since Gold and Silver I never felt such a leap in graphics, social interactions and new Pokémon. This game is astounding. I've played for 28 hours on this weekend and wished to play more on this monday! This software is crazy awesome!
  49. Oct 14, 2013
    A must have for any Pokemon fan. Can't express how new and fun the game is. Personally I play it without the 3d is it is a perfect game for 2ds users!
  50. Oct 26, 2013
    (In detail guide, contains few spoilers) The game Pokemon X and Y is currently the fastest selling 3DS game to ever exist, and for good; it contains innovative features and bringing, defining and making its own expectations of content that should be available for everyone to play. It brings a new definition to the term, "Handheld gaming". The storyline: 6/10 Rinse and wash, I'm afraid. It's the same story line from every other Pokémon game, except in a new region. That doesn't make it any less fun to play, though. There will always be an exciting element to every Pokémon game story, defeating bad guys, etc. It'd be nice for a change though, say making you a bad guy for once? That's just my speculation though.

    Music: 9/10
    The music in Pokémon will always and has always been a little bit cheesy, but Gen 6 finds me enjoying its new soundtracks as compared to repititive and annoying old Pokécentre instrumentals, etc.

    Pokémon: 8/10
    Though containing a few silly themed Pokémon, unlike Gen 4/5, nintendo have managed to outdo them selves this time. I actually like the Pokémon that it introduces for once, they appeal to both younger and older audience in terms of design and 'badassery'.

    Starters: 9/10
    The new starters are great, Chespin (and its evolutions) look a little dopey but aside from that, it's all good especially the double-counter-secondary-types. I do however, see many people giving it the thumbs down for the amount of starters you can get: 3 different starter Pokémon. However, I do not see this as a problem.
    -Torchic is only an event Pokémon, don't want it? Don't get it. Simple.
    -The reintroduction of the 1st gen starters has been longed for by the community for a LONG time and admit it, there're many of you that want to be able to use your Charmander (Or the other 2, biased towards Charmander though )from FireRed/LeafGreen, since you're not able to trade them without going through 2 systems and then a Pokébank, they found a better way of introducing them.

    -Method of getting from FireRed/LeafGreen (Or other GBA games):
    1) Export to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum through Pokémon Pal Park.
    2) Using a separate NDS, trade that pokémon to White/Black (1 or 2).
    3) Upload that Pokémon to the PokéBank, also having to pay an annual cost, even for the 1 trade.
    4) Receive in new game.

    So what's all the fuss about giving them to you anyway? They also come with Mega deal with it bruh.

    Multiplayer: 11/10

    Just. Amazing.
    You can literally not play this game without exploring the full excess of multiplayer possibilities, it's honestly amazing, the 3DS is such an asset to this game.
  51. Dec 9, 2013
    Since Silver/Gold (precious memory in my childhood), I haven't played the series. In fact, I have longtime left the Nintendo family.
    This time I am advertised by the 3D feature, so I bought a 2DS for playing the game. Honestly speaking, I cannot find the full feeling after playing it as Silver, I mean X/Y is a forgettable game, but I admit X/Y is qualified and innovated some how.
    What I
    feel disappointed in the game are: I cannot capture all the pokemons in the game; Plot is very mediocre; Post game is boring; Wifi battle only supports up to 2v2. I think if 4v4 available, will be much more fun; Frame rate drops significantly when 2v2, which is very annoying.
    Overall, 8.5, honestly speaking. The reason I give 10 is that at least when I was playing it, I really enjoyed.
  52. Oct 16, 2014
    To start off, I really did enjoy this game. I love the graphics, the music and the new features. Its as I remember from the previous gens. Catch Pokemon, train them, beat the elite four, catch em all. The mechanics are the same and nothing is changed to ruin its reputation in the franchise. The main 3 problems I have with this game are the following: EXP share - I get it. But to offer this at the beginning of the game takes away that desperation of training your Pokemon to beat the gym ahead of you. Every other game made you work for your success. Red,Blue and Yellow had this 3/4's of the game so you had to make progress to earn it. In this, you simply use 1 Pokemon in your whole party and everything levels up. We just got it far too easy this gen.

    Easy Difficulty - I guess this ties to the EXP share too, but the overall gameplay is also on easy mode. I don't think there was one battle where I struggled

    Nothing after the Elite Four - So I'm pretty sure we were all waiting to see what we will get to do after the Elite Four? Well I have to say it was insulting that nothing else was waiting for us after our previous experiences with the other games. Ok you can look for the megastones, but nothing exciting unlocks. Thats where the game died for me.

    Now I'll explain why I gave it a relatively high score.
    I loved the competitive gameplay. The EV/IV training was a great feature in this and much more simplified for players to get into.
    The environments were very immersive as well. I enjoyed taking in the scenery while exploring the region.
    The graphics, battle sequences, animations and music also made this game for me.

    They kept the core of the gameplay the same. Just refreshed, more competitive and for everyone to enjoy.
    If it wasnt for those flaws, this game would be amazing. Again, I really did enjoy this game and its certainly one of the top 10 3ds games in my opinion.
  53. Dec 23, 2013
    Pokemon X is a great game. The Mega evolutions are a good addition to the game and the graphics are improved a lot. Another great feature is the experience share which lets ALL your pokemon gain experience. This makes it very easy to battle and not have to switch out. My only complaint would be it is slightly easier then the others and I completed it really fast, but, there are ways to change that if you want a more challenging gaming experience (such as turning off experience share). Expand
  54. Apr 30, 2014
    I haven't played Pokemon since Heartgold, I skipped out on Black and White because I thought I grew out of Pokemon. Playing Pokemon X showed me that I was 100% wrong. Pokemon is just one of those games that just does not get old no matter how many iterations come out. The graphics are an enormous step up from previous games, no more flat sprites or sprites in a 3D realm, all charcaters, items, pokemon, places, are 3D models and it makes the game absolutely beautiful. While X is easier than the older games (I had no trouble at all getting through the Elite Four), it was still a great game to play and I have moved onto the online scene trying my hand, or team in this case, against others. Playing X reminded me what it was like to work my way up to the top all over again, something I haven't experienced since the Johto remakes. X is a wonderful game that everyone should give a chance, if they feel like Pokemon is something they outgrew. Expand
  55. Jan 11, 2014
    I bought a 3ds just to play this game and it is totally worth it, it is so much easier to EV breed and IV train which makes it quite fun post game on online battles although storyline wise it is very short which is a shame the battling is a huge improvement with the pokemon now being 3D characters each showing different animations depending on the pokemon the 3d is also very good in the parts where it is enabled such as glittering cave overall an amazing game definitely recommend Expand
  56. Jan 26, 2014
    For years I've said how much I hate Pokemon game and role-playing games. Well, after playing Pokemon X, I can say I have officially eaten my words. There's nothing bad I can say about this game. The gameplay is so vivid. When i play, i feel like im inside of the Pokemon anime. And you can't help but get attached to the Pokemon you raise. I can trully say Pokemon X is my new favorite game. And when i purchase Pokemon Y, Ill review it too. Expand
  57. Feb 17, 2014
    Overall the most disappointing in the series, a weak post game, lazy animated 3D models, a terrible story that's meant to feel "deep" but in the end comes off shallow, and extremely dumbed down AI.

    But it also has some of the best multiplier, and some really good customization options so each trainer looks unique to each player plus the music is still good like in most Pokemon games

    Is it a bad game no, is it a good game no, its mediocre at best and will really only be enjoyed by new players to the series or die hard Poke-Fans
  58. Feb 25, 2014
    I became a fan of the Pokemon series with the release of Pokemon Emerald, flying through that game and Firered within a few short weeks. I was captivated by Diamond when it was released in 2007, and again felt joy when playing through Soulsilver in 2010. However, I disliked the Generation V games - the gameplay was too repetitive, the Pokemon designs were ugly, and I just could not attach myself to any of the characters.

    In the months leading up to the release of Pokemon X and Y, I grew excited again. The new Pokemon designs were, for the most part, fantastic - and while I disliked the exclusivity of Mega Evolutions and that they only activate during battle, I thought they were a cool concept. Visually, Pokemon X is spectacular, although the frame rate drops noticeably if the 3D feature is activated during battles. However, I dislike the music, which does not meet the standards set by the earlier generations. The region feels very small compared to earlier locales such as Hoenn, and the caves choke you in their linearity.

    The worst offender is the story. While the Pokemon games have never been known for their story, at least it was there - at least it made sense and was enjoyable to watch as a side quest to whatever story you had created for yourself. That is not the case with these games. The story - if it can be called that - was quite clearly tacked on without a second thought for how it should work, and it killed the experience for me. I cannot recommend this game.
  59. Oct 19, 2013
    You will buy console only for this game and you will be really happy with your decision! I beat the game and now I'm catching them all like in old good times
  60. Mar 21, 2014
    One of the best, if not the best, Pokemon games to date. I was pretty unimpressed by recent titles, with the exception of the amazing HeartGold and SoulSilver, but this game really delivers. There are so many Pokemon that even if you prefer the older generation(s) you will have no problem getting ahold of a really cool team of your favorites.

    The game is very long even though it's only
    8 gyms. There is so much side content, it never seems to end. The Wonder Trade feature is an absolute blast!

    Really just a huge improvement to the series with this game in almost every way.
  61. Oct 14, 2013
    Coming from a person who has been playing the series since Red; somebody please help me, I am utterly captivated. This is the best installment. Where to begin.

    The stupidly huge Pokemon count, the pokedex has to be divided into three sections because of this.

    Roller Skating is cool, would have preferred skateboarding (or the option) however the skating can be a bit clunky and
    dominates the circle-pad which leaves the player to use the clickity d-pad for walking.

    The Gym's and Gym leaders are all great, for the first time in Pokemon history the gyms are worth re-visiting after completion.

    The photography is a nice addition but I would have liked to be able to take pictures anywhere rather than just select locations.

    The 3d looks great, coming from a 3d animator these models are simply sublime. It's a shame that the 3d effect only works in select instances but I never used the 3d in the first place. The levels themselves are the best they have ever been in any previous installment, Lumiose City is utterly breath-taking.

    The fighting is actually entertaining to watch, in past installments due to the 2d limitations I always tried to rush through battles because they always felt synthetic, now you can actually feel the impact of attacks.

    The new Pokemon are hit and miss, half of them look utterly jaw dropping and dance over the crown-hailed first generation, while the other half are some of the worst they've conjured. Forewarning, the starting Pokemon in this game are nothing to be desired.


    I cannot praise this game enough, every-time I open my 3ds I lose around 5 hours of my day, completely worth it; Pokemon X and Y have not forsaken us; contrary to other series that are this old.
  62. Nov 18, 2013
    I really wish I could give this game a 9.5...

    In many ways, Pokemon X revolutionizes Pokemon as we know it, there are so many fascinating additions for competitive and casual players alike. From a strategy perspective, the game's competitive scene has been balanced from the hyperoffensive style of B/W. The new fairy type works wonders for balancing the type chart, and overall, it's
    evident that GameFreak spent a lot of time figuring out how to make the game more interesting and strategic for players willing to dig deeply into pokemon deceptively simply battle system.

    For casual players, we have interesting new features like pokemon amie, character customization, and greatly improved graphics/animations for the pokemon. Going back to B2/W2 after this game is almost unbearable, X blows them completely out of the water. I think the graphics deserve a special mention. Pokemon has never been known for being the most graphically intense game on any console it has existed on, and yet X succeeds where others have failed. This is a pretty game. Certainly not on par with games like resident evil revelations, but for pokemon, it works very well. The cel-shaded, fully animated pokemon models look gorgeous, and attacks look fresh, exciting, and well executed. The presentation in this game is top-notch.

    For casual and competitive players alike, the game introduces what may be one of the most revolutionary elements in a pokemon game since we got wifi connection in D/P. The PSS. It's available right from the start at the bottom of the screen and constantly updates with information pertaining to the status of your friends or random passerbys so long as you're connected to the internet. Game chat allows you to use your 3DS as a telephone to speak with your friends, making it marvelously easy to see your friend online and challenge him/her to a battle or trade. You can give o-powers to your friends, view others PR videos, the list just goes on and on. The PSS is a huge addition to making pokemon what it was meant to be, a social game.

    Why can't I give this game a perfect score despite its many strengths? Quite simply, content wise, it feels like a bit of a watered down experience compared to other pokemon games. There is very little postgame content, making this a 30-40 hour adventure and nothing more if one does not decide to jump into the world of competitive battling. Pokemon games traditionally have had so much to explore and do that they could easily last 80+ hours per run through. The lack of some old features such as gems, all the berries, and some of the old lengendaries just add to that "new, but skinny" generation feeling. Everyone knows that everything will become more fleshed out in Z or whatever the 3rd edition will be called. It's a little frustrating to see the signs so evidently.

    Nevertheless, Pokemon X is a brilliant game that owners of the 3DS shouldn't miss. It becomes an exponentially better game when one gets involved with the huge community behind it. Even just a small group of friends who also play will make the game that much better. Of course, if one were to play it as a single player game, it's a fun little 30-40 hour RPG, and the Pokemon charm still can't be denied.
  63. Oct 21, 2013
    I got my copy of Pokemon X the day of release, and I decided not to give my Pokemon X review until I finished the game....So I finally finished it and I gotta say this is my favorite Pokemon Title to date and I can't stop playing it.I waited for about 35 or so minutes at gamestop in a huge line for this game and it was worth every last minute of it. This game is in my opinion the best game to ever grace the Nintendo 3DS. A must own for any 3DS owner and rpg lover. Expand
  64. Oct 31, 2013
    This game has really advanced the Pokemon series more than I thought possible. While nothing in the gameplay really has changed since the original Red/Blue games, all the advancements around that are truly what stand out. And even some of the minor things like getting EXP from captures really give the game alot of bonus points from me as it's not as grindy as past incarnations have been. Bout the only thing wrong with this game is the fact that, even for a Pokemon game, the story here is very, very bad. I know the story hasn't really changed over the years but in this particular instance, it took a nosedive off a cliff. But mindlessly crusing through it is very easy to do and getting that perfect team balance is also very nice. While I do think that the new Fairy type is a bit OP as of the time of this writing, I can't help but think it's added alot to the balance of the game in a positive way. I'm sure pretty much everyone with a 3DS has one of these two games already. I myself actually preferred the exclusives from Y better but that's very much based on my love for SP. Attack moves, but there is very little seperating the two. Definitely buy one of these two games as it'll give you hours of entertainment. Expand
  65. Dec 3, 2013
    The story is poorly written, though I suppose that's to be expected in a pokemon game. Having beat the game, the post-game is almost non-existent. That's a huge shame, because they took out the scaling-EXP system from Gen5, and combined with the "EXP All" the game just becomes too easy; you'll quickly out level the opponents and then have nothing left to do.

    On the good side: The
    battles look pretty great, which is nice I guess. You can find more pokemon within the game, and the friend safari lets you get potentially all the non-legendary pokemon on your own, which is cool. The pokemon breeding mechanics have been updated again, allowing you to very easily get a pokemon with maxed out stats, if you care about those last few stat points.

    Overall, there's a lot of wasted potential here, and I don't think the game has staying power. In a few generations we'll care about as much about X/Y as we do about Diamond/Pearl. Perhaps the "Z" game later on will fix these issues.
  66. Oct 28, 2013
    Pokemon X is truly an experience to remember, Not only does Game Freak stay true to the Pokemon that we know and love, but they add new features that will make you want to buy this game ASAP! In this latest installment, Game freak has added customization. This adds to the experience, you are no longer the same person as everyone else who plays, but you are yourself! This adds a whole new feeling to the game. There are also 2 new legendary Pokemon.... but that's not really too exciting.Pokemon X also adds a much better multi player system, basically promoting you to go out with your friends and play for hours. This game does lack in a story, making even the oldest of Pokemon players feel like a child, cmon Nintendo!!! The story is th same as all the other games as well. Over all Pokemon X is a great game for veterans and new comers to the Pokemon franchise, I would give it a 96/100 Expand
  67. Jun 25, 2014
    Hopefully this game is just a starting point for future releases with its same features. Not that I play Pokemon for the story, but after the overly long main playthrough of gym leaders and Team Hipsters, you are left postgame-less. There's the battle mansion I guess, but at higher levels it gets artificially difficult, although in the context of pokemon it may not be all that bad (if you view it as a "get out of this situation" minigame, in which the situation is an opposing pokemon with powers the player does not have such as infinite luck). Region was ok-ish, rivals were just too many to care and not doing much anyway, customization was a nice idea done poorly due to lack of variety.

    Now that's the game itself's impression I had, as for the actual generation: they did VERY good with the new pokemon, as in making few of them but quality, and most of them have very competitive characteristics to the point that some of them almost looked like (good) fan-made ones. "Mega-evolutions" are... a thing, I guess. I can't really say wether they are good or not, while i understand those who saw it as an unnecessary thing, ultimately you should see it as a new, arbitrary mechanic that can take many forms and make some changes and that is that (plus the obvious eye-candy factor because "ooooooh mega evolutions cooool", remember that this game has the biggest chunk of target audience consisting of kids). Speaking of target audience, shinies farming and breeding are made way easier: it's still an excruciatingly tedious thing, but I would never expect the game to go "full online simulator" by just making you insert IVs and EVs by typing them: it's not what this game is about. I would usually see such a thing with spite, but in Pokemon I guess it's contextual: it's what it is.

    Arguable decisions: giving Mawile a mega evolution when it could very well be made an evolution, Fairy type could have been avoided if they instead balanced the other types (which they did anyway, therefore it wasn't an issue with retconning as usual, so I really don't get it, but whatever).
  68. Jul 3, 2014
    I was a big fan of Red and Blue, and have not played a single pokemon game since that generation. I decided to take the plunge and see what has happened to the pokemon world since I was last a part of it, and I must say: I was a bit disappointed.

    The positives in this game are what people have said already- stellar graphics, character customization, online play, etc. I agree with most
    of these sentiments, except that I don't understand the appeal of the online play. Additionally, the character customization is not my kind of thing. But yes, the graphics are gorgeous (except I did run into some frame rate issues, which really surprised me).

    As for the negatives, I can point out a few- I read one review that praised the number of minigames that this game provides. I disagree- I see them as a dramatic timesink that only serves to provide marginal buffs to your pokemon. Spending hours in the balloon matches and punching bags provides my pokemon with additional power, but they're incredibly redundant and not terribly effective. Plus, every time I decided to swap out one pokemon for another, I felt obligated to train that new pokemon up to the same levels as my previous pokemon, which means i had to sink lots of time into just tapping my bottom screen.

    The other significant downside I faced was the sheer number of pokemon in the game- having not played since there were only 150, I was surprised to see pokemon that were: pumpkins, chandeliers, keyrings, swords, and many, many nondescript blobs. In addition, the addition of new types provided an additional level of complexity to the combat system. I can't tell you how many times I had a pokemon faint in a fight to a move whose type I did not know and could not understand how it was super-effective against my pokemon. I had one battle where a single psychic pokemon 1-hit KO'd 4 of my pokemon in a row because a) he was faster than my pokemon and b) he happened to have a move that was super effective against each one. I also could almost never determine the type of a pokemon while I was battling it- "is that pokemon dark or steel? I forget which one's super-effective against which!". The only way to overcome this was to have my tablet handy nearby to research the pokemon's type and see what was effective against it. Doing this almost trivialized the game, however, but I felt it was necessary in my fights against the Elite Four because otherwise I faced the prospect of all my pokemon being 1-hit KO'd by some random move that the opposing pokemon happens to know (e.g. I once had a Slowbro use Flamethrower on me!).

    Finally, the plot: Pokemon Red and Blue had memorable locales and events, like the Pokemon Tower, Silph Co., S.S. Anne, and the Safari Zone. Not so with this one- this game's "highlight" is a hilariously over-the-top world-threatening phenomenon that can't possibly be explained or reasoned with. Wonderful.

    All in all, the game is good if you you've been keeping up on your generations, but I feel like if you've been holding out, wondering if you need to get back into pokemon in your later years, that there's almost no reason to come back.
  69. Oct 15, 2013
    I have been rather disassociated with Pokemon games since Yellow, as they seemed a bit rehashed... However this new generation as reinvigorated the series with a MUCH NEEDED revamp of how the game looks, behaves, and even feels while playing. If you have the slightest interest in the Pokemon series, or coming back to it X/Y is the generation to do it in. Personally I have X, so that's why I'm writing on this one...

    The varying ways that they handle the character movement, swapping from over the shoulder, to top down can be a bit confusing for controls, but generally not an issue after playing a bit.
    Some of the move animations for the Pokemon seem a bit backwards, such as a tackle animation used for vine whip, and a vine whip animation used for tackle it's a bit annoying.

    This last thing isn't really a con, because it's actually a pro for the game though implementation could have been better... Pokemon X/Y have voice chat but it completely disables you from continuing play. I really wish they'd allow a continuous text chat with friends, and also the voice chat should be able to work along with the game, not one or the other.
  70. Nov 3, 2013
    Honestly, what can I say that hasn't been said already lol
    The game is pure awesomeness, plain and simple ^_^
    The graphics, the music, the storyline, the new pokemon...everything I expected and hoped for!!!
  71. Jun 15, 2014
    The new fully animated 3D Pokemon models are a breath of fresh air, and the addition of random matchmaking for online battles is also pretty good, even though I would have liked more search options. However, there a few issues which hold the game back from a higher score. One is the lack of a cooperative online feature like the Battle Tower from Pokemon Platinum. You CAN do local co-op at the Battle Maison, but that's not convenient. Secondly, in terms of battling, even though you can now use TMs to teach your Pokemon a certain move an infinite number of times, one of the most important ones, Stealth Rock, is missing. Some Pokemon learn it naturally, but for many others the only way to acquire it is to transfer them from the older generation of games which is quite frustrating and just seems like a cheap way for Nintendo to sell you on their new Pokebank service. Lastly, the lack of post-game challenges is really noticeable, as there's not really anything to do once you beat the Elite 4 other than breed and battle. If these issues could be addressed it would mean the difference between a really good game and an excellent one, but as usual it seems Nintendo is purposely excluding content as a means of stringing people along for the next addition to the series. Expand
  72. Nov 4, 2013
    If a reason was still needed to purchase a Nintendo 3DS, this game is it. While obvious that the latest iteration of Pokemon gets a much needed design face lift, the biggest draw is the streamlining of the unnecessary grind to end game.

    This ultimately makes the single player experience ridiculously easy, for me however it’s always been the multiplayer battles that present the real

    That’s not to say it doesn’t have it’s problems. As mentioned the single player experience is ridiculously easy, and the story is cookie cutter without any depth.

    With that said, as an adult with everyday responsibilities, never has a Pokemon game been so accessible to play against others competitively.
  73. Jan 18, 2014
    This game is alright, it was average in its play, collection, and storyline. However its downfall is the repetitiveness of trying to "catch them all". Not really disappointing but at the same time was exactly what was expected.
  74. Oct 16, 2013
    Pokemon X and Y are the most definitive iterations the Grand Pokemon franchise has ever received, and that's no slouch considering every main series installment has been great. The game in 3D is jaw-dropping, and we've been waiting for a Pokemon game of this caliber and polish for years, it looks better than a full priced Wii game, which is both impressive and sad at the same time. The game's Pokedex is absolutely huge, boasting over 400 Pokemon to catch, including 68 new Pokemon plus the 30 or so Mega Evolutions introduced. The music and sound design is amazing, and surprisingly, the story is something different. You will have to see it through to the end, but in the 3rd act the writing outshines the Black and White games, and the story never outshines the fantastically solid and refined gameplay.

    SO in short, buy it. Buy it now. And if you already bought it, buy it again.
  75. Oct 16, 2013
    Best existing Pokemon game out there. Takes away a lot of the tedious girding by giving you an exp share and amulet coin pretty early on in the game. The graphics and online communication is a huge step up. You'll feel like you're back in the first day you've ever played it. 9/10 for the same storyline, but really all the other features make up for it.
  76. Nov 4, 2013
    Nintendo's premier handheld franchise finally hits the 3DS, and it looks like it's gonna be the console's biggest system seller yet. Boasting new 3D animations and environments, Pokémon X nevertheless plays it pretty close to home when it comes to gameplay, with scattered innovations that definitely add to the experience.

    The 3D graphics in the cities and roads are pretty neat, but not
    a huge leap, all things considered. The game plays very similarly to previous entries, and some of the camera shenanigans have even been experimented with before in Pokémon Black and White. Sometimes those camera movements can even annoy, like what happens when you're rollerskating through Lumiose City, the game's version of Paris. The actual battles are another thing, though: every pokémon is fully animated, and the static camera angle is gone. This adds a whole new level to the battle system, making it even more enjoyable.

    Perhaps the biggest change is regarding the game's online connectivity. Pokémon has always been crafted as a social game, and never has the social aspect been so accessible as it is here. Online trades of all kinds can happen anytime, anywhere (if you have access to w-fi), by a mere couple of clicks on the touchscreen. The bottom screen is also home to a pokémon training program, letting competitive players and breeders optimize their pokémon by playing fun minigames rather than grinding for stat-enhancing items.

    The developers have gone out of the way to make the game faster, too, which is great news. This includes letting your character run from the get-go and the reworked Exp. Share item, which lets you level up your team in a much quicker manner. My favorite, though, is the decision to reward your team with experience points even when you capture wild pokémon, which not only helps you grind for levels, but also encourages you to stay true to the franchise's slogan and really try to catch them all. Some in-game processes are still a drag, though, like having to sort through seas of unneeded menus to simply manage the pokémon stored in your boxes. Given their focus on speedier gameplay, it seems weird to overlook that.

    The story starts out as your typical Pokémon tale, with the same old kid-from-small-town-foils-criminal-organization routine. This is a formula that has stopped being fresh ten years ago, and it would really benefit from some change. Luckily, the showdown against Team Flare, the criminal organization du jour, eventually becomes a lot darker than I would expect; it has some pretty big nazi undertones, which makes you actually care for a change. It's a nice surprise, which further proves how much more interesting the series would get with a more compelling storyline. A good starting point would be Nintendo's own Earthbound (or Mother, in Japan) series, which has a similar cute-RPG presentation, but manages to make its story genuinely touching and entertaining by giving attention to detail and character development.

    So Pokémon X isn't a revolution for the series like many thought it would be. Personally, I don't think they need to reinvent the wheel, but some change would do it good. Luckily, the gameplay is even more addictive, thanks to the speeding up effort, while the new pokémon are varied and well designed. And of course, it has never been easier to connect with friends (and strangers!) as you brave the game's locations. All of this makes it a precious addition to the 3DS library, and well worth your time and money.

    Rating: 8.5
  77. Nov 18, 2013
    Nintendo brings back the Pokemon series with X and Y. The game continues to make small changes to the well-received RPG formula. The World is large and enjoyable to explore. There are added Pokemon and an added Fairy-type. Nintendo continues to make small tweaks to its series to make the latest installment better than the last. X and Y will satisfy anyone with an appetite for Pokemon goodness.
  78. Oct 21, 2013
    this is by far the best pokemon game to date there are a couple of flaws like the new team flame are a little boring and repetitive and theres not to many new kinds of pokemon but theres still a ton of fun to be had in kalos
  79. Oct 25, 2014
    Note: This is a completely Honest review of someone who has played EVERY Main Series Pokemon Games. And this is my personal opinion, so if you dislike it, cool, make your own review :3 Seven Words: OVERRATED, OVERHYPED, AND LACKS IN MOSTLY THINGS. ;) Well Now, I'll explain myself, the game lacks and dissapoints in: the soundtrack because they did a dissapointing job compared to the other games in the series, unlike in HG/SS and W2/B2, which had a FANTASTIC soundtrack, then we've got the story, and maaan did it suck, Writing? Bad (Cheesy and unnatural dialogue), Characters? Forgetable (The only one's name I remember is Serena, but that's cause she's in the anime, duhh), Story as a whole? Well... nothing new AND pretty short (Like 10 hrs long), theeen we've got the graphics, they look nice, but the 3d sucks since when it's activated on battles, the game lags :(
    Then the Difficulty... I havent lost ONCE! and that's thanks to the dammed new Exp. Share mechanic (Which I'll rant to and explain later on this review)

    Then the New stuff:
    First we've got the added pokemon: I like 'em all, but like I said, the game lacks in mostly everyway, specially in the added pokemon... ONLY 70 (Actually 72 but that's adding the other 2 pokemon of the trio that Diancie is a part of ;3) BUT the game complements that by increasing the amount ofcapturable pokemon from other regions to INSANE! (the Highest in the series actually)
    Second, The Mega Evolutions............. Fanservice, by that I mean, MAKING ALREADY INCREDIBLY FAMOUS AND POWERFUL POKEMON AND LEGENDARY POKEMON (like Blaziken and Mewtwo) MORE POWERFUL IS A BAD IDEA, but making Pokemon which dont evolve more powerful by giving them a mega evolution is a GREAT idea in my opinion, and I want more of that, but that doesnt mean that I dont want a Samurott or Shaymin Mega Evolution *wink* *wink*
    List of Mega Evolution I aproooove (bcuz i like em as pokemon): Absol, Mawile, Audino (OR/AS), Slowbro (OR/AS), Sableye (OR/AS), Diancie (OR/AS, because it sucks), Steelix (OR/AS), Lopunny (OR/AS) and.... 4 of the Starters that now have mega evolution, which are, Venasaur, Blastoise, Swampert (OR/AS) AND Sceptile (OR/AS).

    Now the movement and stuff you can do in the game... well I like the rollerskates but they make the bicycle completely worthless if only for IV and EV training, then we've got the stuff you can do... well multiplayer and the looker quest are pretty fun, but everything else? not really fun... (well maybe that unnescesary Mewtwo battle so you can get his OP mega evolution... yeah, maybe)

    PKMN Amie and Super Training: Cool Additions, but I prefer Amie because... MAKING GIRATINA LOVE YOU IS AMAZING!

    About that difficulty tho... The Gym Leaders and The Elite 4 only having 4 Pokemon is stupid, who thought of that idea.....

    NOW THE EXP. SHARE! F**K IT, that's the main cause of why the game is so freaking easy and the exp share main purpose is now to give exp to all your pokemon! GREAT IDEA, RIGHT!? nope, stupid IF ONLY for the Post game, is very necessary by then if you want to complete the pokedex as fast as possible :P

    Well that's it, thanks for reading and have a nice day :3
  80. Jan 16, 2014
    Pokemon. In 3D. With great music. Great environments. Better online gameplay. And better Pokemon. AND awesome graphics. So. Um, yeah. Review's done.
  81. Oct 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Just got the game yesterday, after the job and man I just used almost 4 hours playing it with the Mini-games from Pokémon Amie AND Super Training. When I realized, It's Like 2 am and I had to work on next day! Yes, spent a lot of time just in the EV training and Amie mini-games to get boosted XP in battles (If you pokémon is happy, full and you have played games with it, It will have some little sparks in the Amie mode, it's the signal that IT will gain boosted xp points in battle). By the way, I just spend hours and didn't even reached the first gym.

    Just today in the Lunch break I had time to go and beat the first Gym! But only this. After the job it's provable I'll spend more hours doing mini-games and training my team, maybe getting my Kanto Starter (already got Torchic).

    Pokémon X (what I get) is a really good game from the start. Instead of Running to beat all the gyms I'm taking my time. Also, it's a good game for the genwummers, since in the SECOND pokémon you SAW (but not is able to catch) in the over-world is from Gen 1. And in the first tall grass you had a chance to get ANOTHER Gen 1 Pokémon (IF you buy pokéballs BEFORE leaving the town AFTER getting your starter).

    To tell the truth, I just ran into 4 pokémon from Gen 1 in Pokémon X, one from Gen 4, Three from Gen 5 and TWO from Gen 6 All of this in the FIRST FOREST.

    If you don't like the new pokémon just don't catch them. there is plenty of Old School Pokémon from the previous generations. 10 Different species of Pokémon JUST in the first forest.

    I'll not be talking about the graphics or music, tons of users already spoke about it.

    I played Black 2 and Loved the way the game made the story flow, but sometimes I got to start to grind with is really boring. Maybe with the super Training and the NEW EXP.Share, I'll be able to grind less since super training will help to get the EV points in the right place, easily. Amie let you play with you pokémon to get him happy and ready do get boosted experience points.

    If you use those 2 tools with wisdom and have the patience to enjoy the game, maybe Grinding will not be necessary.

    And there is more. I'm can't see the hour to go back to home and to keep playing the game.

    About 3D. Well I only turn the 3D effect on During the Evolution... It's really something that doesn't need to be used ALL of time like some people complain. IF I remember I'll turn it on in other moments too, but just the evolution felt special enough to me to wish to see it in 3D. Didn't tried yet in the minigames or in battle, but I'll try some time to write a review about it.

    Hint: Enter in all houses and talk to everyone some people will give you items other will just talk. And some could be interested in trading pokémon. In the first gym city there is a person who is willing to trade a Pokémon that would be really GOOD to use in the first gym. For the X, the pokémon is from Gen 1, I don't know if is the same from the Y.
  82. Jan 17, 2014
    Pokemon X or i should say PokeAwesome X Is one best game that i have enjoy ever!
    the gameplay is fun,, and a new feture such as changing what you wear is awesome as well
    i love the pokemon games more then i use to i hope they keep this up like this one and y
  83. Nov 21, 2013
    Pokemon X is a really fun game that you can invest a lot of time in. Sadly, it is very easy to beat, but the most fun part of Pokemon games comes after playing through the story anyways. With all the new additions to breeding, it is way easier to get your favorite Pokemon ready for online PVP battles. Plus, connecting with other players for a trade or battle was never that easy.
  84. Dec 11, 2013
    This game is just one big pile of fan-service. Fully integrated online capabilities at the press of a button, character customization and 3D character models. I was sceptic about the new control scheme, with diagonal movement but it still feels exactly like Pokemon. Good job Nintendo. There is a few niggles here and there, which is why I gave it a 9. Horde Battles are tedious as you are often too strong for the monsters so you just sit there watching animations for 6 Pokemon in a row... also the games Overworld has no 3D feature on the 3DS which is weird because when you are inside caves it does become 3D and everything looks gorgeous, maybe the console couldn't handle it. I think overall this is the best Pokemon I have played to date. I have skipped the Silver and Gold remakes and both Black and White's though. Great game and well worth the money Expand
  85. Oct 15, 2013
    A fantastic journey through a fantastic new area. The highly updated graphics allows you to see your favorite Pokemon in 3D and with nice action animations. The diagonal movement is so much nicer than I could have ever imagined. The world seems to be much more linear, which I thought was nice. This installment also includes mega evolution. Mega evolution allow one Pokemon per battle to evolve into a stronger form of itself. This feature comes in handy quite a bit, and really helps with fights you may struggle with without the evolution. The only complain that I have, is not being able to mega-evolve your starting Pokemon, though they make up with that by allowing you to choose one of the original 3 starters and allowing you to mega-evolve them. This is the Pokemon game we have been waiting for, and this will go down as one of the best ever made. Expand
  86. Oct 16, 2013
    Finally! A good pokemon game since heart gold and soul silver (no, i was not a fan of black and white)! This game had me hooked real soon after I started playing it. Not only is it in beautiful 3D that was put together real nicely, but it introduced a whole new way to battle pokemon. It introduces new pokemon while keeping the old ones from even the first generation. It actually lets you choose between the ORIGINAL pokemon! Not to mention the new mega evolving for some of our favorite pokemon! I highly recommend this game for both new and long term fans of the series! Expand
  87. Dec 1, 2013
    get confusing with the way your character is facing, especially in the town where i have a hard time facing the direction i want to face. Too many old pokemon that are not from this generation that appear too early in the game, and that skates are permanently on your character leaving you to avoid the joystick to walk normally and not glide out of control into walls. You cant go underground like in Pearl and Diamond, and you dont really follow a plot like in HG and SS. I prefer Pearl and Diamond much more than this game, but somehow i felt the need to finish this. Good game i guess, but in terms of previous pokemon games, this one is pretty low in the ranks. Expand
  88. Oct 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is very enjoyable. The small, but appreciable changes were very welcome, such as receiving a starter from Kanto as well as one from Kalos, and the 3D modeling. Mega evolution is a very nice twist to battles, and the ability to get EXP by catching pokemon gives incentive to do more catching, rather than just defeating. As well, the change to the EXP share is VERY useful, certainly made leveling up easier for your team. I find that Lysandre being the head of team Flare was predictable, though it's expected due to the target audience. Expand
  89. Oct 20, 2013
    I've beaten the game today, and all I can say is this is gotta be the best Pokemon game ever made. The region Kalos is huge! They have brought every Pokemon from all generations into this! There is so much to this game that it's just an awesome RPG experience! My only problem is everyone is just weak in terms of levels. But then again the EXP Share is overpowered! When turned on (yes you turn it on) it gives EXP to everyone in your party. Making it easy. But if you want a challenge go through the game without it. I hade a level 80 Blaziken at the end of the game! And the elite four members have Pokemon from a range of lvl. 60 Pokemon! But still the game is awesome with memorable characters to beautiful looking environments! Take my advice and get this game! If you don't have a 3DS, add this to your Christmas list. Expand
  90. Oct 19, 2013
    While the gameplay is great with the new graphics and all new gameplay aspects and it also accuratly representing France(at least besides them giving you stuff all the time). My favourtie part of the game is probably the Battle Chateau and all the services within Luminose City.
    Though there are also some apsects I disliked:
    First, story dialogues are not very well done. The Team Flare
    scientists are more of a laugh then an actual challenge and what they are saying doesn't make them seem much more threatening. And they could have put more effort into Serena(your rival). Most of the time she just comes up to you and say's "Let's battle" and once you beat here, she leaves just as quickly.
    Also the plot starts very slowly and once you come to the final parts of the battle against Team Flare, you get all the info of their plans thrown at you at once, within pretty much less than ten minutes. Some aspects of it could have been told you much earlier(like about the machine) and it would have probably made the story better. You also can guess who the leader of Team Flare is before you even met it for the first time.
  91. Oct 20, 2013
    This game is amazing. Xerneas is a good pokemon, get 3 starters (if you get torchic), and this game has a good story line. First gym leader 3ds pokemon game and a very cool looking charizard. There's only one bad thing about it. The mewtwo looks like constipated crap in a jar and Snorlax crapped on it and ate it and threw up that 42164213487827439872319842395273148921897421398742139874 (and so on) times. That is my review, thank you. Expand
  92. Oct 22, 2013
    As a big Pokemon fan I really enjoyed the improvements this game made and all then new elements. Loved the music, game looks great and runs smooth (Most of the time). Character customization and the online features really makes your playthrought feel unique from others. The story was well passed and light until a big twist near the end. Anyway I have been playing hours and loved it. Buy this Game! Its Gooooood! Expand
  93. Oct 23, 2013
    The best iteration in the whole series, thanks to many new features, online ease, wonderful visuals, and great exploration. Once the game is over there's not as many areas to explore as before, but you can still do a few side quests, hunt down ALOT of otherwise unobtainable rare pokemon in friend safari's, raise the ultimate Pokemon with much less frustration than before thanks to the wonderful new exp share, and most importantly, challenge the world easily through online battles. Expand
  94. Oct 24, 2013
    This game just blew my mind. It is absolutely amazing. Nothing like any Pokemon game I've ever played!
    Firstly, I would like to state the fact that i live in South Asia, Pakistan; where 3ds games practically NEVER arrive... Sure, there's the occasional GTA 5 and Assassin's Creed, but it was actually very shocking to see such a game on the shelves of the few gaming stores. As soon as I saw
    it, I got it reserved and payed extra, with me being such a Pokaholic! I read reviews and so many gameplay videos and the game looked amazing!

    I had also seen many screenshots online, and yes, the graphics do look slightly pixelized, e.t.c. but once you get the game, the graphics have surpassed average 3ds games' overall. One thing I would like to point out is that, most parts of the game, aren't in 3D! The free-roam, and navigation isn't 3d; you turn on the depth slider, and the world is still the same. But when 3d is available, it is stunning. Especially when you have a Pokemon "mega-evolve".

    The gameplay is very smooth and although many people say it is somewhat laggy, I don't think the same. It's a pretty smooth experience. The navigation is very fun with the roller-skates and the bike. All new mounts have also been introduced, which is a bonus. The world is very lush, and detailed, especially the lovely, Lumiose City! All new features such as taxis, monorails, and mounted transports have been introduced as well.

    The story, I have to admit, might be a little bland and childish, but it is still very enjoyable and is quite long. Gym battles are very fun and get harder and harder every time, and just reaching the actual battles is very exhilarating and exciting!

    Overall, I think the game is totally worth it, and is suitable for both young and old ages. Pokemon fans like me will be amazed and instantly fall in love! The only reason why it lost one mark was because of not being able to play in 3d all the time, despite it being a 3ds exclusive... Honestly, this has to be the best and most anticipated game for the 3ds.
  95. Feb 6, 2014
    I bought this game and expect it to go by the Pokemon formula in a regular way, and after I played the game, I was wrong. Between this and Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Pokemon X is easily my favorite because I got more stuck into it more. It is just so fun and takes the Pokemon formula in a different direction than it originally was. I gave it a 9 because I saw many problems in this game, but that doesn't stop me from playing an innovation to my favorite RPG franchise. Expand
  96. Oct 30, 2013
    Been catchin em all since red yellow blue.....Im telling you this game is just simply AMAZING. The Scenery is Beautiful, the battle system is beautiful, and the.............ITS just a beautiful game PERIOD.......only thing i hate about it is trying to move with the joy stick. but thats easy to fix.....use the D-Pad people. The Pokedex got Revamped. Would be even sweeter if after every time u catch a pokemon Dexter reads out loud the Pokemons description. I wouldnt fix a darn thing in this game. Really hope they make a Z game with that Dragon pokemon. 10-10 IMO Expand
  97. Jan 10, 2014
    As an old-school pokemon fun, my love for pokemon revived since I played this game.
    If this is how pokemon will look for the next decade, I like it.
    More than 40 hours of fun. No replay value you say? Now you need to catch 718 pokemon, are you kidding me?
  98. May 15, 2014
    Pokemon X/Y Review

    I have play nearly every game since the 3rd generation and onward and with the new release of X and Y, so it’s no surprise that I would purchase this. Many claim that this is hands down the best game in the best game in the entire series, with that I reply with a yes, and a no.

    Gameplay: Gameplay by no suprise follows the same exact formulaic style it has had since
    the very beginning and really hasn’t changed one bit, so don’t expect any surprises with it’s turned base gameplay. Though the gameplay mechanics that affect the overall experience are a key component to the gameplay, I decided to put that in another section due to the large amount of new mechanics. The same formula is intact from the very beginning, turned base monster vs monster action RPG where you collect monsters from various areas, defeat trainers, and become the best trainer there ever was. The same system is still intact since the very beginning,with a new region, new Pokemon, and new adventure. X and Y introduces a grand total of over 60 new pokemon, which I must say is a pitifully small roster, and a new type Fairy. So in terms of gameplay additions, there isn’t a whole lot added though this is what every new generation does so that really isn’t a surprise. But the same system is intact and probably never will so take that as you may.

    Music and Sound: The music is of the same quality it was before, very fast paced, energetic, light-hearted, and occasionally epic. Though there are a couple of odd tracks that aren’t typical of the series, but it’s not to say it was bad by any stretch of the imagination. X and Y’s music still contain the same level of quality as the other games in the series. As for other simple sounds there is very little to say about it, the only sounds you consistently hear throughout the game are clicks, cries of Pokemon, and effects from attacks. It all sounds fine enough and there really isn’t much else to say.

    Graphics: As for the graphics, being on a much more powerful system the game looks great,
    the actual Pokemon battles look fantastic, with crisp clean sprites and impressive battle animations, but it does suffer it’s fair share of framerate issues. Though the open world sprites and areas could look more polished and refined, it still does look pretty damn good for a handheld game. There honestly isn’t much else to say about it, it looks rather well on a small device.

    Mechanics: The mechanics of X and Y by far is the greatest advancement to the series and the best part about the game which can only move the series forward, adding fresh ideas to the formulaic gameplay that has gotten somewhat stale. The game introduced one of the most robust additions to the series, Mega Evolutions, to the table and it does somewhat make up the extreme lack of new pokemon. These are temporary transformations that last for a battle and can only be used once, they are essentially new forms of certain previous Pokemon that provide a huge increase in their power. Though this may seem ludicrously game breaking, well that’s because it is, considering they provide no negative effects at all other than a slight decrease in some stats for some Pokemon, so there is really no point in not using it throughout the game. Considering all the ridiculously powerful bonuses your Pokemon receives are insanely broken but a hell of a lot of fun to use. Another new addition is the ability to customize your trainer allowing you to purchase clothes at shops and change freely throughout your adventure, though this may seem a rather minor addition, it is a long time desire of myself and fans to customize your character the way we want that isn’t choosing whether or not we’re a boy or girl. X and Y also introduced one of the most needed changes to the series, Super training. Super Training essentially makes the long tedious process of EV training into an understandable and easier task by having your Pokemon go through a series of challenges where Pokemon gain stats according to the assigned match. This process allows players who desire better stats but don’t want to go through a redundant process to play a simpler and funner alternative. There are plenty of other mechanics that were introduced like a more convenient online system, Pokemon Amie, and many others that provide the series a huge advantage over the older games, driving the series in the right step for gameplay and mechanics into the right direction. However for the story front, that is a different tale.

    Story: By far, the story in X and Y has to be the most shallowest story told in the main series Pokemon games, and considering it’s track record of stories, that says quite a lot. Though I can’t really judge it’s common formula of collecting badges and challenging the elite four considering that is what every Pokemon game is about. I chose to instead talk about everything that isn’t a common trope in the series. First off are the new villains, Team Flare, and by god these new villains are laughably bad and are just awful at what they do, their apparent goal is to destroy the world and cleanse all the evil that resides in it, so they may create a new and beautiful world away from all the vile people that exist. Now the plot of the villains’ is actually very intriguing and philosophical, it does make me think maybe the world will be perfect if we start a clean new slate. But the execution of Team Flare is atrocious, they act more humorous than threatening, removing all sense of danger.Considering the fact that there has never been one instance in which I was concerned, threatened or even cared about the villains’ plans or there plan. It was most likely due to their incompetence how goofy they act being what ruined the philosophical point of the story. Plus, their main villain is just bland, he is revealed early on as an ally and rambles on about the world being filled with scum and banters on about creating a beautiful world, and it becomes painfully obvious that he is in fact the big bad guy, and they even treated his reveal as a bad guy so nonchalantly, it’s like the creators knew people would of figured it out. So for the conflict and villains it falls flat on its face, they attempted to create a sort of philosophical kind of villain, but failed horribly. It’s not like the series of games never had a decent conflict or villains, considering they have had a fair amount. Though this issue may be excused had there been a fair amount of memorable and astounding moments along the journey, but yet again X and Y fails on this front as well. There were very few stand moments within the story, sure the introduction to mega evolutions was great but that is but a few memorable parts in the story, most are rather short. None of the Team Flare encounters were the least bit threatening or memorable, no unique stand out areas to explore, and not a whole lot of interesting gyms either. If you were to compare the memorabilia of many of the other games in the series to X and Y you’ll see the issue. As for the characters, some of the characters were not too bad, if not incredibly annoying at times. There is of course the professor, the rival, the gym leaders, the companions, and the silent protagonist, it is the same formulaic traits of all Pokemon games to date so don’t expect any robust and new characters to the series. So all in all, the story was sub par for the series, which is quite a low, with a group of ridiculous villains, little to no memorable moments, and no new fresh changes to the overall story make it an abysmal attempt at a story and only holds the series back from having an exceptional and well done story.

    Verdict: Even though the story falls short on the common expectancy of a Pokemon game or any game in that regard, the new mechanics provides the series a bold new advancement on this front and is a step in the right direction. The game looks great on a handheld device, the gameplay is still intact, and whole collection of mechanics that makes the whole game more accessible leads me to give Pokemon X and Y a 7/10
  99. Nov 4, 2013
    Pokemon X is the definitive version of Pokemon we've all been waiting for. So many great adjustments and advancements to the series help make it play so smoothly. Only reason it's getting a 9 and not a 10 is because the 3D isn't as prevalent as it could be.
  100. Nov 4, 2013
    Great nostalgia punch in the face. This game is so great in so many different ways. Felt from beggining to end like a portable-campaign version of Pokemon Stadium.
  101. Oct 12, 2013
    This is an example of a series where each new generation comes along with something that breaks the mould of the previous titles in the Pokemon Franchise. This time we see Mega Evolutions, amazing 3D battle scenes.

    One thing which I'm delighted that Game Freak has done to really combat the "imperfections" with the 3DS Hardware itself is switch between 2D Top-Down World Exploration and
    3D Battle Scenes, something which won't make your battery run out as quickly as you'd want it to! The voice chat actually works, and works very well, I'm able to hold a voice chat uninterrupted for a good 10 minutes the 3 times I've tried it which links to the PSS system that integrates your Friends, Acquaintances and Passers By semlessly. Yes, the minigames are there and make a joyous return to the series which also helps boost your stats along the way but the way the game is set around France is magnificent.

    Having played for 6 hours already, it's safe to say that the gameplay is long, I've only got 1 gamebadge though that could probably be down to the fact I'm more of a "Gotta Catch Em' All" trainer rather than the speedrunning type!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 71 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 67 out of 71
  2. Negative: 0 out of 71
  1. 3D Visuals transformed the classic Pokemon approach in a good way. Online capabilities are top notch, this new generation will really make Pokemon fans happy.
  2. Dec 12, 2013
    Even if Pokémon X & Y has graphics in 3D and several other gameplay innovations it is still the same core experience as before. Focus is as always on catching them all and it is still an addictive experience. The difficulty bar is lower than before, the online functions more present and the gameplay mechanics better realised.
  3. Dec 11, 2013
    For the first time in a long time, Pokémon has taken a real step towards pushing the series forward.