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Generally favorable reviews- based on 61 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 50 out of 61
  2. Negative: 9 out of 61

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  1. Jun 18, 2014
    Nothing changed from previous games. If you enjoyed the previous ones, you will enjoy this. If not, then this games is not going to change your mind. I loved this one. Puzzles are amazing. There ate lots of them. You will keep busy for hours.

    Things I like:
    * So many puzzles
    * Great art style
    * Amazing soundtrack

    Sadly, this is the last of the series :(
  2. May 24, 2014
    Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is a great ending to the series that will be remembered for years to come. At its heart it doesn’t stray far from what Professor Layton has always been, but that’s for the best and it makes it a solid finale.
    It retains the regular puzzle gameplay that you know and love, but the puzzles are better this time round than before. Many of them are very
    creative and I would say they were much more enjoyable and satisfying than in Miracle Mask. Unfortunately, there are a few stinkers here and there, and, annoyingly, the second puzzle in the game is one of these, I was stuck on the puzzle for very long and I had to use all the hints to figure out the answer because there’s just no way the player can know the answer. Some of these disappointingly unfair puzzles hinder the game but for the most part they’re brilliant.
    For the storyline, Professor Layton has to visit many areas around the world this time and this for me is where Azran Legacy truly shines. The locations vary from a snowy town to a tribal village in a jungle, and every one of the locations possesses a quality of magic.
    The story is another reason why I love Azran Legacy so much, it takes a long time to unfold, but once it does, you’re in for a spectacular and surprisingly emotional ending to the series, and one that it ultimately very satisfying. What begins as an adventure to beat an evil organisation called Targent, ends as something quite brilliant.
    Of course, there’s lots of content beyond the story, tonnes of it in fact! When you combine the number of in-game puzzles with the huge amount of (free) DLC there is, you get a positively meaty game, and one that you will not regret buying.
    Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy doesn’t really change the tried-and-true formula much (although it gives you some non-linearity), but it doesn’t need to. The puzzles are inventive and marvellous, the locations are superb and it has a fulfilling and emotional ending.
  3. Apr 22, 2014
    A great game and a must have for any fan of the Professor Layton series. Far from the best, it was still quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, unlike most of the other games, the plot is the most cliched and unimaginative of them all, but I can forgive that when the game is so undeniably beautiful. The cut scenes are always a treat and the 3D is most certainly the best of any 3D on the 3DS, which is especially remarkable considering it still manages to retain a very distinct artistic style.

    A must have for any Layton fan, a good play for anyone else, but I'd probably recommend newcomers start at the beginning, with the Curious Village.
  4. Apr 9, 2014
    This game is one of those few games that has lasting appeal. The puzzles are challenging but also fun. I had my doubts about getting it but it was better than i expected. The story line was good but not as good as the previous game.
  5. Mar 14, 2014
    Just going to put it out there, but Chapter 4 was plain boring. It almost seems like it was thrown in there as an attempt to stretch out the length of the game without actually needing to further the main story; the characters were forgettable and you didn't care about these side stories, and at more than one point I put it down to go play something else. It literally just felt like a chore, having to trudge through this section of the game.

    That said, all the other points are very fun and entertaining, with a good ending to the trilogy.
  6. Mar 4, 2014
    Azran Legacy is truly a fitting end to an amazing series. Clever puzzles and superb music and animation mixed with a compelling story and a less linear structure put this among the very best Layton games out there, and up with the best games on the 3DS. It also includes some of the best visuals on the system. Despite a slower start than usual, the story is great and cleverly connects the two trilogies without leaving many loose ends. 365 daily puzzles plus StreetPass content leaves plenty to do after the 9-12 hour main story.

    Core Game: 9.5
    Presentation: 10
    Visuals: 10
    Gameplay: 9.5
    Audio: 10
    Lasting Appeal: 10

    Overall: 9.5/10
  7. Mar 3, 2014
    a great end to a great series. the puzzles may not surprise long time fans like myself but i still managed to get a lot of enjoyment when solving this games clever collection of puzzles. the plot is also pretty great too and new characters like professor s and the azran girl are very likeable. the soundtrack and graphics are also very impressive too.
  8. Dec 3, 2013
    Great storyline completion. Of course the number of puzzles reduced due to greater attention to the storyline (can sprint as minus), but recycled and puzzles themselves look much fresher than in the Miracle Mask.
  9. Dec 3, 2013
    Great storyline completion. Of course the number of puzzles reduced due to greater attention to the storyline (can sprint as minus), but recycled and puzzles themselves look much fresher than in the Miracle Mask.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 58 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 48 out of 58
  2. Negative: 0 out of 58
  1. May 22, 2014
    A worthy finale to Professor Layton's adventures, whether you've played the previous games or not.
  2. Apr 15, 2014
    Plenty of puzzles, just not quite as puzzling.
  3. Mar 31, 2014
    Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is a puzzle game that doesn’t just exist to solve cryptic riddles but also to provide pure entertainment and enjoyment.