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  • Summary: Developed by Banpresto and Monolith Soft, Project X Zone features over 50 characters from 29 historic game franchises by three of Japan's most prolific video game companies. In Project X Zone players use a team of two characters known as a Pair Unit to explore the world within the game. An additional character known as a Solo Unit can be combined with the Pair Unit to assist in battles with Solo Attacks as well as augment the attacks available for players to execute. Throughout the game, epic battles are waiting to erupt at a moment's notice. Players will have to master an array of screen-busting moves including Solo Attacks, Support Attacks, Cross Hits, and Finishing Moves in order to defeat a multitude of foes. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 53
  2. Negative: 2 out of 53
  1. Jul 24, 2013
    Project X Zone shows how crossover games should be done, celebrating the rich history of Namco Bandai, SEGA and Capcom, while making all the included characters shine.
  2. Jun 26, 2013
    Project X Zone is often funny and consistently frantic – two traits not necessarily associated with tactical RPGs. Its story is confusing and the chapters slavishly follow the same repetitive formula, but the superb battle system makes repetition not just tolerable, but enjoyable.
  3. Jul 18, 2013
    Not the best choice if you're looking for a great SRPG on your Nintendo 3DS. Still, the best one if you're old enough to appreciate every dialogue and every character stuffed in this tiny cartdridge.
  4. Jun 30, 2013
    Despite the lack of depth and the repetition of combat, Project X Zone follows through as a tactical, humorous, preposterous romp through the best hits of video games. Even if you find the combat system strange, the streak of character cameos and the ridiculous number of hits that rack up with every battle will make any hardcore fan smile with appreciation. And if you're anything like me, that's hard to do.
  5. Jul 22, 2013
    Capcom, Namco and Sega deliver a new world record in pure fan service. Although the strategy parts and fighting could be better, this is still well worth your time and highly recommended for old school gamers.
  6. Aug 19, 2013
    It’s not easy to dislike Project X Zone, not only for its popular characters but also because it can be fun if played in small amounts, maybe a chapter a day.
  7. Jun 27, 2013
    With the wealth of RPGs, and even great SRPGs, that have arrived on the 3DS in the last several months, it would almost be unconscionable not to recommend one of those games instead of Project X Zone. Fun combat and screaming Tekken characters can only take you so far.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 29
  2. Negative: 3 out of 29
  1. Jun 25, 2013
    The game is pure fun and very addictive, a must for rpg fans. I love the cross combination of the different characters from Capcom, Namco Bandai, and Sega. The easy controls makes the game even better. Another great RPG for the 3DS. Highly recommend. Expand
  2. Jan 7, 2014
    Nuts. Pure Japanese nuts. In a VERY good way!

    Project X Zone simply showcases how crazily imaginative Japanese game designers can be.

    Simply put, this is a fighting game. Yes you walk around a chess-board grid like, but as soon as you meet an enemy, it turns into a fighting game. It’s a bit like Street Fighter 2 Plus Plus on steroids and features characters from not one, not two but get this, THREE of Japan’s larger gaming companies, namely Capcom, Namco Bandai, and Sega. Can you imagine all these characters from famous franchises all coming together in a crazy brawl, Japanese style? Street Fighter’s Ken & Ryu fighting alongside Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, Virtua Fighter’s Pai & Akira, Dead Rising’s Frank West, Tekken’s Jin & Ling Xiaoyu

    Expect a frantic, chaotic, funny over-the-top fighting game. In some scenes there are up to 5 characters beating up a single enemy onscreen (but don’t feel sorry for the enemy, some of these enemies have about 10 times your HP anyway!). Couple that with crazy kung-fu swordfights gunfights and pyrotechnics coming out of the hand machine guns missile launchers exploding armours etc, and you’ve got the gist of the game. There are some real funny action sequences like a character breaking out in a catsuit to scratch the enemy, or a character whose armour explodes resulting with the character in his boxer shorts! These crazy as Japanese stuff made me chuckle a couple of times.

    While one could easily mistake this as a simple, dumb button-mashing fighting game, one can’t be further from the truth. While you can theoretically button-mash (your battles won’t be as effective though), there’s actually quite a bit of strategy you can employ involved in the game. Here are just some examples:
    1) Critical hits are gained from a very precise timing of your button-press just before the enemy lands on the ground, if you hit “A” just at the right second, you land critical hits, resulting in more damage caused.
    2) Like RPGs, you acquire new skills after every few levels and you actually need to use some of these skills to more easily complete some levels or you can do it the hard way ;)
    3) Different characters have different traits e.g. you should use characters with longer move range if it’s a level where you have a time limit to reach a destination within a certain time period
    4) Your fighters always fight in pairs against the enemy. However, you can add a 3rd fighter to your arsenal to add that extra bit of damage.
    5) There’s items you can assign to each team to boost certain characteristics.

    I found this game really addictive so even though each level could take up to an hour to complete depending on how many monsters there are on the battlefield, I still enjoyed every moment of it. Fortunately, you can Quick Save in any level so you don’t lose your progress should you need to stop.

    I’ve spent countless hours playing this game, due to its fun factor. If you haven’t given it a go, really you should! I LOVE this game!
  3. Jun 26, 2013
    The game is not perfect, yeah. But it is great. I followed this game since they announced it was coming out overseas, I was really excited about it, but a lot of people kept saying that the game had low sales on Japan, that the games is awful, etc.

    Well, they couldn't be more wrong. The game is great and can provide lots of fun, and a ton of hours of gameplay. It you are expecting something like Fire Emblem, don't be stupid, I mean, you see those characters you get to use, don't you? I would you expect a game like Fire Emblem (I love FE). But this game is different. This game was made for amuzement, you get to play with some of your greatest characters and see them in action.

    The fights are super fast, and it is not just button mashing, you have to time up your actions very well to chain your combos right. There's gear and special equipment for your characters. Don't let reviews make you put this one down. Watch a gameplay of the game in youtube and be honest with you, if you like what you see, you will like the game, if you don't then maybe it's just not for you.
  4. Jul 17, 2013
    This is not Fire Emblem but that's fine, it's ridiculous to compare it really. It's supposed to be a completely different animal and it is. It's not as deep and well rounded but it's a hell of a lot of fun! If you have any interest in the franchises involved or SRPGs at all then it's worth a look. Expand
  5. Jul 8, 2013
    Now I know this game isn't the next Fire Emblem, but it's still a damn fine game. Now true the combat system can get repetitive it's still a very unique take on how most SRPGs are played. Rather then moving your character over to an enemy and watching a battle scene play out, Project X Zone actually gets the player involved by bringing in a combo system you use to maximize damage. Your'e not going to win by just mashing A, you need to time each attack, solo attack, or team assist in order to keep a combo going, and with each character having different ways of attacking your'e always going to be on your toes when it comes to which one your'e going to pick next. The amount of characters in this game is massive, the combination of Capcom, Sega, and Namco worlds all coming together ensures players that they will see characters from their favorite franchises, and maybe even discover ones they have never heard of that they would enjoy playing, and each character has their own beautiful sprite design that comes with smooth and fun to watch animations. However this game has its faults, probably the most glaring issue with this game is it's story, they basically made it a confusing mess. Often times I found myself getting bored of listening to every character put their 2 cents in on the situation which lead me to skip most of the dialogue, and miss something crucial to the storyline. Thankfully they included a profile viewing system which shows each character and main enemy and what exactly they're doing here (however this is only if your'e willing to even look at this). Another issue is that some characters aren't even seen until half way through the game (the case with X and Zero), or you get play with them a little bit in the beginning but they disappear soon after and aren't found again until god knows how long (the case with Ryu and Ken, and Jin and Xiaoyu). Even with these issues however this game still manages to stand out from other SRPGs, and if your'e a fan of these kinds of games, or game companies it's a must have for your 3ds library. Expand
  6. Mar 3, 2014
    Project X Zone is all round a very good game though it is not without flaw.

    The pair units have their own "individual" stats. The reason
    for the commas is that the stats are so near to each other with every character there isn't even a need for them. The only stat I found was used correctly was HP where there were some noticeable gaps that I needed to fill with items.

    Next are the solo units and equipment. With the equipment there is very little noticeable change and with the solo units while they all had their own unique skills I never found myself wanting to experiment with combinations. I just wanted to keep characters from the same games together. They did not flesh these and so the customisation just ends up a bit gimmicky.

    The story. Don't try to follow the story too closely as you will get lost. Dragging in so many characters and so many environments from each area was ambitious and I don't think anyone could have made a perfect story with all of this information.

    Finally is the characters themselves. It is great to see some fan favourites in there but nobody will know everyone in depth as there are some from series that have never made it out of Japan and technically this is game number 2. The first was only released in Japan so there will be references that you simply won't understand unless you read up on it.

    Having said that the combat is interesting and the writing for the game is clever in terms of the humour. The game doesn't take itself too seriously. This is very helpful as the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming so it is nice to see them take a light hearted approach. Everyone's first line after seeing Kaguya for the first time does make me chuckle and Frank always taken photos at the most inappropriate time is also funny.

    The battle system is fairly easy to master; it's all about timing to ensure you don't drop the enemy mid combo. The interesting thing from a tactical point of view is the XP (not EXP) gauge. Nearly every action revolves around using it, both offensive and defensive. Your skills, defend and counters, special and multi attacks all cost XP so you have to think carefully on whether to let an attack through to go all out of whether to block and save up for next time.

    The best thing about the game is the design. Visually it is great and the locations are always different thanks to them exploiting everyone’s games for maps. I love what they have done with the music. The music that plays depends on the last unit that had a turn. Each pair’s music is remastered versions of soundtracks from their individual games. The only issue I have is the voice acting. I personally prefer English. I can understand keeping the Japanese as many people like this but I think it would have been nice to give you an option of which to use.

    All in all it is a good light hearted approach to tactical RPG's that just about pulls it off and it is definitely worth a try.
  7. Jun 26, 2013
    Project X Zone is a shallow Fire Emblem turn base RPG. It's big selling point is the Sega, Namco and Capcom team up with its popular characters. Why this game disappoints is that it mixes the genres of a fighting and shooting and put them into a RPG which sadly doesn't fit cause it limits them to a few moves. Expand

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