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  1. Nov 13, 2011
    Super Mario 3D Land delivers a awesome 3D experience with great game play we expect from Mario. Everything is top notch for a portable experience and I can't put it down. I can't give it a 9.7 on here, so it's rounded up to 10. Buy it!
  2. Dec 29, 2011
    Very enjoyable and one of the best reasons to a 3DS, everyone needs to own this game. The 3D in the game is by far the best 3D done on the system so far and it really shows what the system can do with a good 3D game. The levels are enjoyable as well as plentiful and it'll keep your attention for days. If you own the 3DS, then you most likely already own this game since it's probably the best original game to date. For others, this is the game that'll show off the true 3D capability the system can offer, unlike 90% of the rest of the games out there. Buy this game if you haven't already and you'll love it to death. Expand
  3. Nov 13, 2011
    This is one of my new favorite 3DS games it uses all the 3D technology and it is worth 40 bucks on release.Tho it is slow in the beginning and then picks up. I still would not rate this game low it is a must have if you own a 3DS. Especially for the holidays it is a great gift.
  4. Nov 13, 2011
    The first 3DS game that actually benefits from the 3D... because there is actual depth perception involved, you'll be able to get a much better feel of how far a particular jump is.

    The game also benefits from the lessons learned from the special levels in Super Mario Sunshine and virtually all the levels found in Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. Controls are precise, the gameplay is fun...
    about the only complaint I have is that controlling Mario feels a bit more sluggish than it does in Mario Galaxy, even though I've gotten used to it by this point in the game.

    Surely as one of the first original and truly "great" games for the 3DS, this game alone will move a LOT of units.
  5. Nov 14, 2011
    This was a game I really wanted to like but it felt uninspired and simple to me. It isn't just an easy game it is downright simpe. After a few levels it is so easy that you lose any connection you had to the game.
  6. Jul 18, 2012
    Easily the best original / non-remake Mario game for a portable system. It's very linear which is a blessing and a curse for anyone familiar with Mario games. It means that we don't have the element introduced to us in Mario 64 where you're thrown into a large, open world and you have to figure out what to do yourself. Instead, you just work your way through the levels with not much deviation from what the developers intended. I prefer the Mario 64 style but I'm not going to criticize it based off of what it doesn't do, but what it does do. So for a portable, linear Mario game, it's exactly what I expected - a whole new set of levels, enemies, and mechanics such as the boomerang suit, the tanooki suit (this is the first 3D Mario to use the tanooki suit), the propeller box, and probably several others I can't think of at the moment. The controls of this game are generally pretty decent, but trying to get Mario to do the side flip for example can be frustrating. Mario's momentum can also be odd at times. If you don't get a huge running start and keep moving, you may find Mario to be somewhat slow, clunky, and unresponsive. If you jump in the air with no momentum, and try to start moving at the peak of your jump, Mario will barely move at all. Experienced players may find it frustrating that the advanced maneuvers are hard to do, and are scarcely useful anyway. This is an extremely basic and simplistic 3D Mario game. If you want something more than that, go with Mario 64 or the Galaxy games, depending on whether you want to play something nonlinear or linear respectively. Expand
  7. Nov 13, 2011
    This game is everything I expected and more. I just beat the first 5 worlds and they were great. The graphics, first off, are downright stunning. I know it's only Mario, and the gameplay is way better than the graphics, but I must say, they are the best graphics on the system. The controls are also very good. I have almost no problem with the controls. Maybe once in awhile I fall off of a ledge, but it's extremely insignificant. Nintendo is the best at making a game that fits a system perfectly. The 3D is also very good and pops but is a very important component of the experience. It helps with positioning tremendously. The levels are incredibly creative, the controls are nearly perfect and this game is the perfect hybrid of classic Mario and Mario 64. It's also like the perfect hybrid of super Mario 3 and super Mario galaxy. I'm in love with this game. Score: 9.5/10 but since we can only do integers, I gave it a 10. Expand
  8. Nov 13, 2011
    ----------------------This game is great!! Gamplay is awsome, graphics are nice for the 3DS, and levels are short but great!!!!!!!--------------------
  9. Nov 13, 2011
    This game is extremely fun and enjoyable. Time flies when you play this. It just shows how incredible the Mario series is. These are beautiful graphics for the 3ds, and the 3d effects look stellar. This game may not be as innovative as the Super Mario Galaxy series, but it is just as fun. It should be noted that the game starts off easy and gets harder and harder. After world 8, the true challenge begins with the remixed worlds. In short, this is easily the best game on the 3ds, along with the OoT remake. Get this NOW! Expand
  10. Nov 16, 2011
  11. Nov 14, 2011
    Nintendo has done it again. Incredible, yet so simplistic and devilishly challenging, the level design, the controls, everything about this game is why handheld gaming must never be under appreciated, and this game is why the 3DS is 3D! Simple and seamless, not in your face, not a gimmick, but just one part of this masterfully designed game. BUY IT.
  12. Nov 14, 2011
    Great game. The 3D effect is more than eye candy here. It actually is useful to judge distances and gives a necessary depth to this platformer. There is a vast amount of content here between the main and bonus levels. A must have for all 3DS owners and those who are on the fence about owning the system.
  13. Nov 13, 2011
    Another outstanding mario game! If you like Mario 64, Galaxy 1, or Galaxy 2...I think you'll enjoy this game too. The gameplay is fun and crazy (I about pooped my pants when I first saw Bowser with a tanooki tail!). The 3D actually looks very good in this game, for once I found myself playing with it on more than off.
  14. Nov 20, 2011
    This game starts out a little slowly, with the first 4 worlds being nothing short of simple. But after the slow start, it becomes a great classic mario experience. I have loved my experience with the game so far, and the Special World levels are some of the most challenging Mario levels since Lost World. The 3D is used very well, and anyone playing with the 3D off is missing out on some very nice visuals that tie into the levels excellently.

    This is the first 'original' 3DS title that matters, and is a MUST BUY if you own a 3DS system.
  15. Feb 27, 2012
    I can't stop playing this game. A perfect platform game for the first real Mario game for the 3DS. Nintendo knows how to make incredible use of the 3D and have created a genuine must have for the new system. This game is why you need a 3DS.
  16. Nov 21, 2011
    Out of Ocarina of Time, Mariokart, and Dead or Alive this game is a must have for the 3DS system. Everybody from my family from my son, brother, gf, and nephew keep having to fight over the 3ds to play the game. The levels are throwback and the 3d is amazing on here. It starts out easy and gets hard. If u buy it won't disappoint u. Plus the big serect at end of game wink wink.
  17. Nov 14, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is possibly one of the greatest Mario games ever. Great presentation with amazing graphics and catchy tunes, epic power-ups and unique levels, and even a Legend of Zelda style stage complete with a torch puzzle and the 'Puzzle Solved' sound effect. While the overall game may be amazing, its a bit on the easy side until the end of World 6. And it may be a bit short, but after you beat the main game, (Spoiler Alert!) you unlock 8 more worlds, as well as the option to play as Luigi. Super Mario 3D Land is almost the perfect handheld game, and should be picked up by everyone with a 3DS. And if you DON'T have a 3DS, go get one NOW. Mario's back, and you deserve to play this game. Expand
  18. Nov 22, 2011
    There is just something about creative level design and silky smooth controls that always makes me smile. This is the best original game on the 3DS so far and a near-perfect portable gaming experience. It doesn't quite reach the brilliance of the Super Mario Galaxy games, but when your biggest complaint about a game is that it isn't quite as good as two of the greatest games ever made...then that really isn't much of a complaint, now is it? Expand
  19. Nov 24, 2011
    Nintendo wanted some money. This game lacks in evry department especially difficulty. What a waste of money. Dont end up like me please. Save yourselves and your money from this game!
  20. Nov 29, 2011
    This game was a huge disappointment. It appeared it was going to be inspired by Mario 3, and if it was, it was a spit in the face to the game. Every mario game has been getting lazier and lazier with their hub world/world map. Mario 3 had an interesting map with many hidden secrets which made the game interesting, wondering what secrets may be hidden in a level. Mario 3D land has a straight line you walk in with pretty much no theme and no feeling of any effort.

    The level design is BORING so so incredibly boring. Imagine squares floating in the air... and that's it. 90% of the levels consist of floating blocks you jump on. What ever happened to Mario 3 or super mario world.. or even Mario 64 or Mario sunshine, with their beautiful level design. One positive on this is they went back to the pretty solid colors compared to the ugly puke pastel colors of the New Mario pros series.

    The game also insults the player by giving them an instant win button if they keep loosing. Really Nintendo? That's what you want to teach future generations? "If you keep messing up, don't worry, You get an instant win so don't even bother trying or getting better!" This has got to be the stupidest thing i have ever seen Nintendo stick in a game.

    Nintendo sure has lost its touch lately. All they do now is stick in the bare minimum to make their game a complete game. Their games feel like that have 0 inspiration and effort beyond the bare minimum. most of their newest games are actually a step back from progress they made during the N64 and gamecube days.
  21. Mar 24, 2012
    Super Mario 3D land is really, really good, with impressive graphics, longevity, fun game-play, catchy music and amazing 3D, it's possibly the best game on the 3DS.
  22. Feb 21, 2012
    This game is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! I couldn't pick up on the fun appeal like I have on Super Mario Galaxy 1-2, Super Mario 64, etc.. This game wasn't addictive or interesting. This game was amazingly simplistic and had very odd controls and miss the classic things Mario was always able to do on all super mario 3d platformers (i.e. an actual backflip, limited time underwater, etc..) I have been a HUGE fan of all major title Super Mario games but I hated this one...a lot. 2/10 Expand
  23. Feb 25, 2012
    Nintendo Really outdid themselves this time. This game is the most unoriginal thing I have ever played. But don't worry. You will buy it anyway because they put something from Mario 3 in and based the entire game around it. Complete rubbish
  24. Nov 20, 2011
    By far the best handheld game ever made, it's almost as good as Galaxy 2 and has 16 worlds to beat and every minute is fun, I don't want it to end. Graphics in 3D are incredible and the first game to actually make 3D worthwhile on any system. Buy it!
  25. Nov 21, 2011
    A perfect blend of awesome and nostaglia. Every thing you love about Mario throughout the years is all in one package. You owe it to yourself to buy this incredible experince.
  26. Nov 17, 2011
    14 negative reviews? It's one thing to have your head up your ass, but this is ridiculous. This game sure isn't up to par with the Galaxy series, but does that really matter? Of course not! What IS up to par with those games? For what it is, this game is perfectly desinged for a handheld, the level desing, the controls, the soundtrack all make a great experience. Sure, it takes a while for the game to pick up, but once it does, the game truly shines.

    If you played New Super Mario Bros. DS than you have NO reason to skip this game. Super Mario 3D Land blows all the previous platforming Mario-handhelds away.
  27. Nov 17, 2011
    Great classic mario and remixed game play and it this morning and can't stop playing it. Great graphics and use of 3d.easily the best game on the system get it now you won't be disappointed
  28. Nov 20, 2011
    This is definitely one of the best Mario games I've ever played. Great controls, great levels, and filled to the brim with content. Watch my review for the lowdown!
  29. May 28, 2012
    It's just the same thing we've seen one million times before, no innovation,no challenge,no excitement. Just the same game as before with same added 3D ooooh! In summary a boring tedious platformer that adds nothing new to the table.
    Wait for something good.
  30. Dec 4, 2011
    this is the worst mario game i've ever played. it tries to combine the best parts of nsmb and smg but the end result is a massive failure. i'm sorry nintendo but there should not be a run button in a 3d mario game. that's just dumb. the analog stick is there for a reason. the game feels really awkward to control and mario is super slow it's clear nintendo made this game for little kids. there are only 2 new power-ups i mean wow nintendo could you be any more lazy. oh yeah they could be more lazy, because half of the soundtrack is reused from smg. no i'm not making this up. the few original songs by the way are completely forgettable. this game is terrible i feel bad for anyone who buys it Expand
  31. Mar 7, 2012
    The Absolute best Mario I have played in years and the best platformer at that. The begining levels are easy enouph to let you get the hang of it, but is easily made up for by the challenge of the special levels, the graphics look very well and polished like Nintendo quality
    Great game everyone should own
  32. Nov 22, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is not a perfect Mario game but I think it is close. It has issues of being to easy at times but makes up for that by adding extra worlds. I like the graphical style a lot and it looks great in 3D and on the 3DS. I like the power ups even if there are too few in my mind, but they choose some really good ones. The game is really fun to play and the game adds an extra level of depth to a 2D Mario Platformer by setting it in a 3D world. I think that if you own a 3DS there is a lot a reasons why you should get this game. Expand
  33. Dec 18, 2011
    Okay, I'll admit that Mario games and myself have been on the outs since Super Mario 64. Lucky for me, there have been other games outside of the main series platformers, so I'm not living an entirely Mario-free life. The reason why is simple: Camera Screw. I can't stand games with camera screw. While Super Mario 3D Land is most definitely better about this than pretty much every Mario-themed platforming game with better-than-mild 3D worlds, it still suffers from this crippling disease. Symptoms of strange, inconsistent controls, death-by-camera, Indiana Jones syndrome (as in 'Why am I looking backwards at the thing I'm trying to run from instead of looking forward so I can evade obstacles in my path?'), inflated boss difficulty, inflated jump difficulty and suicidal hero are all present and accounted for. Happily, unlike many of it's predecessors, these issues are more moderated, and I could tell that it had been tweaked to minimize the very complaints I have. Unfortunately, minimization isn't elimination. Granted, I only rarely had to use the camera controls, and the fact that you can rack up an incredible number of lives not even playing seriously does help a great deal, but I shouldn't need so many lives, and I should never need to mess with the camera either. Worse, when I felt I did need camera help, the controls were usually locked, and when they weren't, they were so minimal that they provided no help whatsoever, except in a very few cases. Many of the levels also triggered my fear of heights as well. Seriously, why do so many levels have to look like they're a mile or more in the air? All in all, it's a great stride forward in making a better modern platformer Mario game that appeals to people like myself, but the continued camera screw continued to detract from the experience. A step in the right direction to be sure, but not out of the yellow for me. Expand
  34. Nov 15, 2011
    I'll come right out and say that Super Mario 3D Land is the best 3DS game out there right now, excluding remakes. It does what it says it does: takes a little bit of old and adds a little bit of new. The first few worlds are pretty trivial and it is clear that this game is made for kids, however anyone can have fun with this game. The game picks up around world 4, not only getting more challenging, but also more fun and interesting. It really makes use of the 3D and playing with it off would be doing yourself a disservice. Some levels use a top down angle so when you jump you come flying out of the screen or go plummeting away, other angles strictly stick to the old style side scrolling, but most of the time you have a sort of hybrid going on. You mostly progress left to right, but you can go front to back and that adds alot of challenge and complexity to how the levels are designed. Like i said, around world 4 it gets more interesting, each level having a sort of theme or game element to it that makes it a lot of fun to play and the final level usually combining those elements. For instance, there is a level heavily based on the concept that when you press a switch, a temporary pathway unfolds or another one where your path is hidden until you get closer (a boo haunted house every fan will enjoy), and others focus more on items, such as the tanooki suit, the ever so fun boomerang suit, ect ect
    As i said, the game is pretty easy to beat, but like most nintendo games, the challenge lies in 100% completion: collecting all the star coins. What makes the game easy is the abundance of coins, items, and 1 ups. Barely even trying, i racked up 30 lives and have only lost about 5 so far, compared to Donkey Kong Country Returns where i was struggling to get through some levels. The game also has alot of bonus levels which, while fun, make the experience too easy, but everyone can have fun with this.
  35. Jan 11, 2012
    Mario will always just love it. But this is nothing mario ... I can not put a 7 which is very low note, but not by 8 which is much ...
    The idea is very good for 3D. But the phases, history and music are very very very sloppy.
    Although it is very replayable
  36. Dec 25, 2011
    This is one of the best games to purchase on the 3DS. Truly a must have. Delivering the best 3D experience on the system and a timeless formula of game play that breathes replay value.
  37. Feb 15, 2012
    luv this game kinda. it's kind of boring, so i'd give it mixed. i really don't know how to explain it but i guess it is fine but still not the best ever.
  38. Mar 8, 2012
    This game has nothing on Rayman Origins, yet it still is extremely fun. The difficulty is very easy so kids will enjoy it yet experienced gamers and Mario veterans will want more. If you have a 3DS this is a must buy , varied, imaginative levels with cool enemies and power ups, the 3D effects are also really cool!
  39. Mar 10, 2012
    Super Mario 3D Land mixes the best of the classic and modern Mario games to create an almost perfect platforming game. Super Mario 3D land also provides a reason for many to go out and buy a 3DS system. From the start Mario 3D land is impressive, the level design is creative, the Graphics are the best that i have seen for the series and for the first time the 3D is actually useful (for solving puzzles). There are 8 worlds and 8 special worlds (which you unlock after finishing the first 8 worlds) which contain harder levels that will please hardcore Mario fans a lot. The game is amazing in many ways but there quite a few problems with it.
    1. The first 8 Worlds are really easy and that will disappoint hardcore Mario Fans.
    2. I wish there was some sort of new feature to the game like a level editor, multiplayer of some sort etc.

    Overall, Nintendo have done a great job with this game and have proved that 3D gaming is not a gimmick. If you have a 3DS, buy it. If you want a reason to get a 3DS, here it is!
  40. Mar 10, 2012
    This game is a definite if you own a 3DS. When Nintendo developers say they are releasing a game that will visually present the game like no other and it will appeal to all players Nintendo always deliver. This game is packed filled with levels that will take at least 20 hours worth of gameplay which includes collectibles.
  41. Apr 8, 2012
    This game is as good as Mario gets. He can hop, walk, run, roll, spin, flutter and bound through every one of the levels. The musical score is top notch, as par Mario games. 9
    The game-play is sturdy and refined, Mario fans and new players alike will love the control scheme. 10
    The graphics are beautiful. Nothing on a PSP can compare. 10
    The innovation is good, but a few more classic
    power-ups are missed. 8
    9+10+10+8=9.3 -> 9.
  42. Mar 25, 2013
    This game is one of my favorite Mario games of all time. The graphics are great, the 3d effect is awesome, and the gameplay is incredible. This game delivers the best of 2d platformers and 3d platformers. Definitely one of the best games for available for the 3ds.
  43. Feb 12, 2012
    A very great Mario platformer as always, sure, it was pretty easy but it was an excellent example of the power of the 3DS. And just when you think that the game is over there's a special world. If you think this game wasn't worth your buy, Just wait till you get to the best final boss in Platforming Mario history.
  44. Nov 20, 2011
    Insanely good. I just unlocked the last secret stage after getting all of the 5 stars in a week of playing the game. After I finish that stage, I'm still going to play this for years to come. Classic.
  45. Nov 16, 2011
    (My actual score is a 9.5)
    Super Mario 3D Land is an amazing combination of New Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Galaxy. Although it may seem easy, the levels are a whole lot of fun, and I couldn't just put this game down! Not to mention the game gets wayyyy harder after you save Princess Peach....It utilizes the 3DS's gyroscope and 3D controls/effect very well, and the levels are shorter
    so you can play it almost any time. A must have for any 3DS owner and Mario fan! Expand
  46. Nov 20, 2011
    Finally a game all 3DS owners have been waiting for. Anyone who owns a 3DS and enjoys platformers even in the slightest should buy this. Super Mario 3D starts off as fun, and even a bit too easy, but after a few surprises later on in the game you'll find yourself white knuckled trying to get few it's more than many surprises. The 3D capabilities of the 3DS are finally being used for good and not just as icing on a cake to make it something look pretty - though, it still ends up looking great, so that's just a win-win for Nintendo! All the in game "shout outs" to many of the previous Mario franchise installments are well places and really make this game stand out. I'll go so far as to say that this is probably one of my top 3 Mario games. It's just great. I've been playing the game non-stop for a week since I've purchased it and I am still plowing through it's secrets, trying to get all the coins, etc etc. It's fun, bright and visually pleasing, sound is awesome, there is a ton of replay-ability. Expand
  47. Nov 19, 2011
    I was really exited for this game and after Galaxy my expectations were sky high.I am happy to say that this game delivers and then some.The level designs are creative and inspired, there is something from every Mario game to date, and there are a lot of new things too.The 3d is used in an amazing ways and it is the best in any game until now.This is a game for Mario fans, no matter which ones you like,2d or 3d. Expand
  48. Feb 12, 2012
    I beat this game tonight very fun Super Mario title. The 3D effects are awesome in which you can change the type of 3D you want, more in depth or popping out in your face. It was fun playing through it the first time but does not have a high amount of replay value. If your into Mario games I suggest Mario Kart 7 due to the online fun factor.
  49. Dec 10, 2011
    One of the best platform games in general. Amazing gameplay, great 3D, you just can not get away. If you have 3DS this is your must have, and if you do not have - Buy the bundle pack.
  50. Nov 28, 2011
    It's what you'd expect from a Mario game. Fun. It looks great and feels great to be playing in your hands in 3D. It mixes the best of 2D and 3D Mario games, but when it comes down to it Super Mario Galaxy is still my favourite. The game does offer a challenge (especially after completing the first 8 worlds) and some great level design that really takes advantage of the 3D feature. If you own a 3DS you have no reason not to own this game. Expand
  51. Nov 16, 2011
    Old, good Mario. In 3D? Ou yea... I like it, it's classic Mario like Super Mario Bros. from NES but in 3D. There is no central location like in Super Mario64 or Mario Galaxy. Classic start'n'go to flag.
  52. Nov 17, 2011
    Some interesting facts: while 3D Mario games are always critically acclaimed, they only sold around 5-7 million copies in comparison to the latest 2D Marios (New Super Mario Wii including) which sold around 20 million copies and above! Super Mario 3D Land is an attempt to bridge this gap, getting new users to buy into Mario's 3D world. Like Mario Kart Wii before it, purists cried foul...It's too easy, etc etc.. Nevertheless, I feel that by making the levels shorter, it makes for a more addictive experience. Yes, Mario Galaxy 2 is the pinnacle of Mario gaming...but it is also super hard. Mario 3DLand hits the sweet spot in this instance and still contains some of the best platforming in the business! Expand
  53. Nov 26, 2011
    Mario 3d land is an amzaing game and missing out on it is a huge mistake because its packed full of adventure or fun. The game works great 3d effects are used great, good gyroscope, streetpass, and tons of extra contenet mixed with new materil it might not be a galaxy but it comes very close for just a little portible.
  54. Nov 20, 2011
    Super mario 3d land is simply excellent. The graphics are spot on and the sound is exceptional. The platforming is as sharp and fun as ever. For me this game is the first game that is really showcasing the 3ds hardware and should have been a launch title. All the super mario galaxy comparisons should be ignored. It's not trying to be galaxy. It's simply trying to be it's own fun new mario game while trying to be the best handheld platform game ever. For me it succeeds on both counts. If you're after a great mario game for your 3ds then say hello to Super Mario 3d land. Expand
  55. Nov 20, 2011
    The best 3DS title so far. Awsome gameplay, very challenging levels, cool 3D effects. Although I wished that giant Mario and yoshi. But even without them the game turned out really cool!
  56. Nov 20, 2011
    I was pleasantly surprised by this game. The 3D is the best I've seen on the system so far, and the gameplay is the usual Mario quality. It also has plenty of content for the more adventurous players. I'd recommend this game to any 3DS owner. Expect to find some of the best elements from Mario's previous adventure packed into this title.
  57. Nov 20, 2011
    A really amazing use of the 3d effect; It is implemented into gameplay seamlessly. The only complaint is that the first 6 worlds are easy; however, they are charming and fun none the less.
  58. Nov 20, 2011
    Its no mario galaxy, and the 3d isn't used as well as I had hoped, but it is still a great mario game with galaxy level graphics, and a few really great stages.
  59. Nov 21, 2011
    Great game .The 3d effect is amazing. Lots of content. And the graphics are VERY nice, some of the best on the system. I really enjoyed having the tanooki suit again, and the music is wonderful. Really no complaints here, would have liked some mini games, thats about it.
  60. Nov 21, 2011
    Super Mario games Land is probably the best Mario games game that exists for a handheld. The worlds are beautifully varied designs, many a Level are brimming with ideas. The soundtrack goes immediately to the ear, the typical feel-good Super Mario Mario games. The graphics are very colorful, as you would expect from a platformer. The game has some Easter eggs of other Nintendo and Mario games games.The skills '3 DS 'are used very well. The game is unfortunately far too easily, much like Super Mario Galaxy. So not expect a second Super Mario Sunshine. Each one has 3Ds should define this great 3D platformer. Besides Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D, the best 3DS game. Expand
  61. SPC
    Nov 21, 2011
    This is the reason to own a 3DS, the game we have all been waiting for! Super Mario 3D Land makes the best use of 3D I have ever seen in a game and is super fun to boot! With wonderful level design, tight controls, and challenges for the casual and hardcore alike. I highly recommend this one!
  62. Nov 22, 2011
    incredible! 3ds best game! Mario is back in style! essential for any player in general, will make you really enjoy it! wonderful, colossal, hilarious and all the adjectives you can think of ..
  63. Nov 29, 2011
    This is by far the best handheld game I've played to date and the game the 3DS was made for. The game has that Nintendo polish with enough originality and innovation to keep you hooked until the very end. The gameplay is ideal for handheld gaming with short levels that you can easily dip back into whenever you feel the urge. The 3D is solid and convincing, I had it on the whole time. It starts easy and ends hard, exactly as desired so myself, my wife and my boy can all enjoy this game. Must buy for 3DS owners and worth buying a 3DS for. Expand
  64. Nov 29, 2011
    Super Mario 3D Land finally legitimizes your purchase of the Nintendo 3DS. For a franchise that has seen it's hits and misses, Nintendo finally seems to have cultivated a thorough understanding of how best to combine the classic platforming elements with fresh new gameplay mechanics that no one else has done before, and on a system that, until now, has seemingly been relegated to hosting gimmicky, half-hearted attempts at innovation. Everything that makes a Mario game classic, fun and challenging is here, but don't let the first half of the game fool you. The ease with which you will conquer it only serves as a method of drawing you in. It's when you get to the special stages that the difficulty ramps up significantly, and the challenge is nearly impossible to ignore. You will not want to put the game down. You will want to finish every level, collect every star coin and get every golden flag. With the addition of Luigi, whose jumps are slightly higher and whose run is slightly faster, the gameplay changes just enough to keep from getting stale on the 2nd play through, then the unlocks keep you coming back for more. By the time I unlocked the final crown level, I had died hundreds of times, cursing and shouting, nearly driving my wife insane. Then I played the crown level. Anyone who says this game is too easy, obviously hasn't played it enough to unlock this level. If you want an even greater challenge, do what I did and don't use the Tanooki suit. Further still, try beating it without using the moving platform that Nintendo mercifully provides for you at the end of the level. You'll know what I mean when you get there. Admittedly, once you play the level hundreds of times, you'll know how to conquer it rather easily, but it is a steep learning curve.

    But let's not forget the graphics. They are stunning, easily rivaling and in some cases surpassing that of the Mario Galaxy counterparts. The 3D effect only sweetens the deal and Nintendo even found a way to incorporate the effect into the gameplay as well. At no point while playing did I ever want to switch it off, which isn't something I can say for other games on the 3DS. It was never a distraction, at least for me. Nintendo has crafted a beautiful environment to immerse players in and the polish is pristine. The animations are also top notch. Smooth and seamless, this game is a joy to look at and play.

    I really can't speak highly enough about this game. It is a masterpiece and a must-own for anyone who has a 3DS. For someone who doesn't always have time to sit through a 30 to 40 hour gameplay experience, Super Mario 3D Land is a perfect match. Not too long, not too short. Everything is just right. Get this game.
  65. Dec 26, 2011
    The Graphics Are Great, The 3D Works Really Well, And The Gameplay Is Smashin' Though The Game Seems A Little Too Easy, As I Got To World 3 In Just Under An Hour.
  66. Jan 7, 2012
    The legend itself came to show us that he can do better and better. This game is completely magical and original. The graphics are impressive and the gameplay does not leave much to be desired. All the old Mario's games lovers will adore it because it brings something old, but in the same time, give us a totally new experience. Impressive.
  67. Apr 12, 2012
    This game is pretty much flawless except for the tanooki suit being totally overpowered. Without the suit, some stages are actually really hard. People complaining that this game is too easy are the same people who keep going back to World 1-1 to stock up on tanooki suits after every stage. This is probably my favorite Mario game, its the perfect cross over of new and old.
  68. Jan 25, 2012
    It's a bit short, but ;putting in the effort to collect all 3 star coins on every level extends the playability greatly. Awesome fun Mario platformer.
  69. Jan 29, 2012
    Super Mario 3D Land has lovely graphics, fun gameplay, and a game definitely worth buying. The fact that this game was MEANT to be played in 3D further proves my point.
  70. Feb 2, 2012
    Game is very good, the best level is 2-3, level makes a clin d-eye to the first Mario, Super Mario Bros. Game is certainly a bit easy, my styles of drawing sout too brilliant, and the costume of tanuki is a very good homage also to Mario.
  71. Feb 6, 2012
    Super Mario 3d land shows how 3d is supposed to be used on the 3ds, its easy at first but it gets harder as the game goes on, its a fun and enjoyable and a must have for the 3ds
  72. Feb 8, 2012
    This is the best game of 2011, the best Mario game since SMB 3, and a contender for best game of this console generation. A trully magical game. And Im no Mario Fanboy. I thought New super mario bros wii was boring, mario galaxy was bad, and mario sunshine was unplayable, (although I did kind of like SMG 2). The game is huge with 16 worlds. The people complaining about it being too easy are wrong, there are levels of frustrating difficulty, plus having to collect the gold rings makes each level much more challenging. The only flaws i thought were the 3D, tho excelltent, could have popped out of the screen more, and they could of introduced more game elements. There was no yoshi, no use of the gyroscope, and I would have loved a few levels that used altered reality like the AR cards do. Expand
  73. Feb 14, 2012
    More than enough reason to purchase a 3DS if you obtained one yet. An assimilating Mario experience that holds true to the latter games in the series. It makes great use of the 3D and offers great graphics for a handheld. When reading negative critique, I agree that this game isn't challenging, but that doesn't impact its fun factor. Don't neglect this title, it's definitely worth a purchase.
  74. Feb 20, 2012
    The best thing about Super Mario 3D Land is that it is the same old Mario you know and love. The worst thing about Super Mario 3D Land is that it is the same old Mario you know and love. In other words, it retains what makes Mario games great (sharp controls, fantastic level designs, an intelligent camera, simple without being overly simple, many classical elements and characters that are core to the Mario series, a catchy soundtrack and fitting sound effects, colorful graphics, etc.) but fails to significantly innovate. Super Mario 3D Land is just one of those games that is difficult to give a score to: giving it a high score dismisses the fact that there is really nothing new here, something that games in other less-loved series would not get away with. On the other hand, giving it a low score is a disservice to how truly fun the game is. In the end, I'd give it 8.5 out of 10. This acknowledges that Super Mario 3D Land is a really fun game, while keeping it from the greatness of a game which scores a 9 or higher. If you own a 3DS, then you should definitely get this game; it is currently the best game for the system in my opinion. Sadly, if you do not own a 3DS, I cannot honestly say that this game is a system-seller. Expand
  75. Feb 22, 2012
    really, a guy called nintendosucks giving a review of a 3ds game? A tad suspicious. really, how come they haven't made this prior. my one complaint is that it is fairly easy
  76. Mar 5, 2012
    Remains the mario always fun for any age and that the game will jump gora-le eyes, semelhnçs with ntigo mrio bros for snes is an unbelievable game q comes down to graphics as beautiful as an animation and best of all the fun.
  77. Mar 19, 2012
    This game in my opinion is over-rated. Many people are saying his is a reason why you must get a 3DS. In my opinion. Nah not really. There are other titles that more noteworthy such as Revelations but i dont want to get into that. It's not really a fantastic game while it offers some fun and interesting levels. Stages vary among each other quite well and the difficulty is set at a normal pace.

    However the difficulty has a huge spike when you go into the special worlds.
    The game has nice graphics and overall it's a nice experience. But i found Super Mario Galaxy to be better.
    Not really a must own in my opinion. I traded it back a few weeks after i finished the entire game as i felt there was nothing else to play for.

    I suggest renting the game or buying it pre-owned
  78. Mar 28, 2012
    Super Mario 3D Land is Nintendo's best platformer yet. It perfectly blends 2D and 3D platforming. The result? Another Mario Masterpiece. What else can I say? Well, the graphics look great for a handheld, the music is catchy, and the level design is brilliant. If you own a 3DS, you must buy this game, period.
  79. Mar 28, 2012
    Super Mario 3D land is good game, that takes inspiration from everything that made Mario what it is today but unfortunately after awhile it gets bland and wont inspire you to come back to it.
  80. Apr 22, 2012
    Just great! This game is in my Top 3 on the 3DS and in my Top 10 on any platform. This game has all the Mario fun for anyone. This is right up there with Street Fighter 3D, Zelda 3D, DOA 3D, Mario Kart 7. Definitely the second-best game on the system.
  81. Jul 4, 2012
    after about 15 hours of play and still a few more stages to finish off with the 2nd character just cleaning up I'm still amazed by just how good this game is, really just such a beautiful looking and handling game, it's just funny to hear people crying about rehashs when this game sets itself apart from every other game in the series outside of the obvious, you are playing as mario and a mushroom makes you grow aspects of it there is so much time put into making this the AAA mario title that every 3ds owner should pick up, and you can happily disregard the 36 negative reviews on here from such people as "nintedohater" "mariosucks" and "nintendohasgamesbutmyvitadoesn'twahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" because yeah, they're all just angrily written by people enraged that nintendo has struck gold yet again, both gameplay wise and the fact that their fans are willing to pay for the amazing games they produce. Expand
  82. Nov 6, 2012
    Super Mario 3D Land delivers in showing what the 3DS is capable of. This game couldn't been done in any other console, cause it takes perfect advantage of the 3D capabilities of the new Nintendo handheld.

    The levels are not open, and the camera cannot be changed, but that's the perfect design choice, so the 3D effects the development team has prepared to amaze us are in full power. And
    they're magnificent!

    Graphically speaking is really a great game, with a deep variety of worlds and levels. The first worlds are not that difficult but this game is challenging in the last 8 worlds! Also if you want to get all the star coins and the golden poles (with both Mario and Luigi) you better be prepared to lose a lot of lives (and be prepared to a good surprise if you do so).

    In summary: a must have for the 3DS and a very unique Mario game that keeps being faithful to the 3D Mario roots and at the same time innovates.
  83. Nov 25, 2012
    Fantastic game. If you own a 3DS you have to have this game in your collection. Simple. The only negative is the first 5 or 6 worlds are far too easy, but the worlds you unlock later make up for it. Get This Game!!!
  84. Mar 11, 2013
    This is a very different game. First of all, there's hardly any old enemies and it has too much new ones. It also has a huge lack of levels. I would like this game if it wasn't so different.
  85. Nov 23, 2011
    Mario jumps into 3D for his main 3DS debut game in Super Mario 3D Land. The game itself feels like a hybrid of Super Mario Galaxy (Wii), New Super Mario Bros. (DS) and Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES). There is a total of three save files on the game card with the ability to assign a Mii avatar for each to know which file belongs to a specific person if you are sharing the game with another person. The game music soundtrack is varied with both unique tracks and remakes and remixes of classics tracks that fits well with the mood of each stage. The stages are somewhat short and some come off as looking a tad bit bland while others are absolutely beautiful. You are usually rushed along to the exit being unable to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the stages due to the timer's limit. Stage types can range from multiple Mario staples like grassy fields, canyons, ghost houses, sewers, lakes, Koopa airships, clock towers, Snowy mountains, desserts, caves, castles and many more. Mario is playable along with an additional playable character (its obvious who it is) that needs to be unlocked later in the game. If you lose multiple lives on a single stage, you are given special "beginner" power ups to help aid you through the levels (keep in mind that this does not happen in the Special worlds which will be mentioned later and that using them will permanently lock access to a specific reward later on in the game). The game has a total of 16 Worlds to cover from the basic first eight worlds to the more challenging eight "special" worlds with increased difficulty and/or lower time limits and/or other unique challenges to prove your skills. It should be noted that it can sometimes be hard to judge certain jumps when the 3D feature is disabled but its not in any way impossible to play only in 2D mode. Overall, unlike New Super Mario Bros. for DS, Super Mario 3D Land does not contain minigames nor a wireless/wifi multiplayer mode so once you fully complete the game or get bored of it, there isn't that much to come back to unless you are willing to start the game from square one and relive the adventure all over again but with that in mind it is still a high quality single player 3D Mario platforming adventures with a bit of something for people of all skill levels. Expand
  86. Nov 26, 2011
    No one does pure unbridled gameplay like Nintendo. I'd rank this the second best Mario game in recent years (behind Galaxy 2 but just ahead of Galaxy). Tapping on great Mario entries from the past such as Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and the Galaxy games, 3D Land is both a reverential treatment of classic gameplay and a wonderfully refreshing portable title. The fact that it's the strongest showcase of the system's 3D capabilities makes this an absolutely essential purchase. Expand
  87. Dec 5, 2011
    Super Mario 3D Land. Can it keep up with Galaxy? Not quite, but it's not far short. The courses are designed amazingly well, and many are far better even than the genius design behind the Galaxy games. There are many new suits as well, including Tanooki, Boomerang, Fire and the Block suit. All are well used to brilliant effect, although the Tanooki suit does feel very overused, which sometimes unfortunately allows you to glide on by past some of the greatest Mario courses ever designed. The colours are vibrant, and the 3D is used really well. There's even 2 different types to choose from, one set deep into the screen, another further out. The game includes 16 world each containing 5 levels, and is therefore fairly lengthy. I have played 18 hours and have finished all worlds, however, I still have a few worlds to achieve all star coins on. If your quickly breezing through the game, it will take you 6 hours to complete each level. If you appreciate 3D Land's inner beauty, it should take you 20 hours. The music is very catchy and you'll find yourself humming along, but it can't compare to Galaxy. Something that can compare to Galaxy however, are the graphics. As beautiful - if not more at times - as any of Galaxy's levels, it's a compressed wonderland of vibrant colour and joy. Overall, 3D Land is an essential for 3DS, but if you've got a decision on your hands between 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, it goes to 7 for the longevity and extra polish. Still, a great game and a great Christmas present. Expand
  88. Dec 17, 2011
    In my personal opinion, this is the best Mario land so far! The 3D world (both graphics and actual dimensions) are great! The level designers were very clever with hiding the star coins (i still find them pretty quickly, hehe). All in all, i'm impressed. I'm looking forward to a game like Mario World DS(the one where you go inside paintings) in this 3D format. My only complaint, and I am only in world 4, so it might be there, but i haven't seen it, is that Yoshi isn't in the game... Otherwise, great! Expand
  89. Dec 8, 2011
    I'm quite a fan of the unique perspectives presented in this game. You'll be looking at Mario from all sorts of different angles as you guide him through the Super Mario Bros. 3 meets Super Mario 64-style layout. A great game to just pick up and play. I do wish there was more originality besides the new powerups, but Mario is Mario, and you don't fix what isn't broken.
  90. Nov 25, 2011
    Its a Mario game. You've been playing them for 25 years. The only real difference with Super Mario 3D land is you get more head-aches playing, less of a sense of accomplishment....and you can throw a boomerang, which Nintendo has made as redundant as a weaponized boomerang would be in real life.
    After a fair bit of thought, I really don't understand what market Nintendo was aiming for. The
    game is simple and unchallanging, great characters of a game targeting the casual gamer market...But the game is coated in heavy-handed Mario nostalgia and subtle references that would only appeal to long-time fans of the Mario franchise.... Expand
  91. Dec 26, 2011
    One of the best portable Mario games, if not the best. Gameplay takes its style from the Mario Galaxy series minus the spherical physics. Graphics are not mind-blowing but are good. 3D effect is handled well, and not overwhelming, nor does it force you to use it. Old powerups are welcomed by fans. Level design can be frustrating at times. Camera sometimes has a mind of its own. Overall, a recommendation to any 3DS owner. Expand
  92. Dec 4, 2011
    Super Mario 3D Land is far and near the most pivitol point so far in the nintendo 3DS' life and it shows that love and care clearly went into this game. However that is not to say this game is flawless. Within the game there are many fan based levels which I won't divulge as they could slightly spoil the ambience of playing the levels for the first time. However it feels like Super Mario 3D Land doesn't appear to know the correct point to stop easing the player into the game with levels only getting gradually more diffivult from world 6 or 7. However this does now damage the fun that is Super Mario 3D land much and with the addition of another set of worlds once you clear the game there's certainly a lot of content. The presentation and graphic style although not the best on the system is certainly stunning with this being a game which the 3D effect compliments so well. Gameplay:9
    Presentation: 8.5
    Lasting Appeal: 8.5
  93. Apr 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mario is back and this time the 3d is not a hindrance (as opposed to Mario64 where it was tough to judge distances and jump accordingly.) on first playthrough it felt like it was waaaaaaaaaay too easy but once you beat the first set of levels, you get another set with increased difficulty and surely will challenge diehard run-n-jump players. this game takes a long time to shine but once it kicks in, it revamps the spirit of the mario franchise successfully. the downside is that the level designs didn't hold to any sort of consistency in theme which isn't in itself bad but is indicative of poor designing. for example, you can play on a level that is made out of mattresses and springs and the next level will have you scaling trees and/or cookies. if the themes were consistent, it would have earned a MUCH higher rating. Expand
  94. Jan 12, 2012
    This is a must get game for the 3DS. It reminds me of New Super Mario Bro's for the DS and Super Mario 64 DS, which both are also must get games if you like Mario games. My final score is... dum dum.... 9.6
  95. Feb 3, 2012
    This is the best game on the 3DS yet. The gameplay is genius as normal, the graphics will put a very big grin on your face and the music is superb. However, this is not the best Mario game (3rd best in my opinion) due to one problem it has: It's easy. It's easy to do the main game, very easy (there is no real challenge until World 6) and you will probably have over 100 lives by the time world 8 rolls along. But, the difficulty is the game's only fault, it's level design is fantastic, maybe the best I've ever seen! It just falls short of the two Galaxy games due to it's easiness (did all 8 worlds in under 6 hours), but it does double in length when you complete it, which is fantastic. Every 3DS owner needs this game, else their collection will never be complete. Expand
  96. Feb 2, 2012
    3D land is not as good as SMG2 or NSMB Wii, and it is not the best 3DS game, but it is still a lot of fun. The 3D effect in the game is amazing and the graphics are the best I have ever seen on a Mario game.
  97. Dec 3, 2011
    There is nothing particularly wrong with Super Mario 3D Land...except for its predictability. The level design is superb, just like any other Mario game. The problem is that it is so easy that it becomes boring after a while. I'm not gonna spoil anything, but after beating the game, I now have 108 lives. The game practicality GIVES them away. It's just way to easy for me, simple as that. I can only recommend this game to kids quite frankly. Expand
  98. Nov 24, 2011
    Easily the finest game the 3DS has to offer and the finest piece of hand held gaming ever made. The level design in this game is awesome and some of the visuals are breathtaking. Unlike some games where I found having the 3D on all the time was a strain on my eyes, this game uses the 3D visuals perfectly and I've never felt the need to turn them off. This is the first game that truly uses the 3D as part of the gameplay, adding depth to puzzles and jumps.

    The game gets some criticism for being fairly short but I'd assume these critics haven't played the game fully, as once you've rescued the princess in the first 8 worlds (takes about 6 hours) you can then go on to rescue Luigi in a further 8 Worlds which are much more challenging. To do all the levels and collect all the stars it'll take you about 15-20 hours, which is about the same as what it takes to finish the legendary Ocarina of Time. So there's nothing short or simple about this game.
  99. Nov 25, 2011
    This game is not the best Mario ever, for me it falls short of the stellar Galaxy games. However, it is still proper Mario action with many nods to the classic formula with plenty of new ideas and the 3D effect is wonderfully utilised. What's definate is that this is the best game on the 3DS, that is until Mario Kart comes. For now, this will satisfy everyone's Mario's needs. I do wish this game were harder though..... Expand
  100. Nov 22, 2011
    This is a great Mario game. Beautiful graphics really show off what the 3DS can do. The 3d is actually an organic part of the gameplay and not some tacked on gimmick. It takes the best of the old and new Marios and merges them into a great little package. If the 3DS can keep churning out games like this it should have no trouble turning itself around and becoming a huge success like the DS before it. Expand
  101. Nov 23, 2011
    This game is an outstanding game. Graphically, it's easily the best looking game on the 3DS so far. The use of 3D ranges from visual flair in some levels, to game-changing in others. The game plays like a mix of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the original Super Mario Bros., and it works extremely well. The music is probably the worst part of the game, and even then, it's pretty solid. The main theme is not that exciting, and is used too often, but some of the other tracks shine. Bowser's castle theme comes to mind. Overall, this game is a great buy for a system with an extremely lacking library. This is the first killer app for the 3DS. Do yourself a huge favor, and pick it up. (I would like to rate this game a 9.5 but since metacritic only allows 9 or 10, I'm rating this a 10.) Collapse

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  1. Feb 6, 2012
    Mario is back! In a classic Mario-fashion you jump your way througheight worlds, where you battle goombas, koopas and the main meaniehimself, Bowser. This game is never particularly difficult, butgradually advanced to a challenge that feels just perfect. Fun, varied and guaranteed to make you smile.
  2. 90
    Lifesaver for all Nintendo 3DS owners. Super Mario 3D Land delivers flawless design and perfect use of 3D effects during the whole game. [Christmas 2011]
  3. Jan 11, 2012
    The Nintendo 3DS has had a slow start, but I feel this marks one of the first important games to come out on this system. I can't say it's a must buy, but is really close for those who have already picked up a 3DS. The amount of content in this game along with the varying degree of gameplay makes this one of the best Mario games I've played in a while.