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  1. Nov 22, 2013
    What initially looked like a game leaning on the aging crutches of A Link to the Past has turned out to be a thoroughly poignant, vivid and immensely satisfying game worthy of standing on its own two feet. Set in the world of A Link to the Past, Link Between Worlds makes the serendipitous combination of a reinvigorating spark with a meaty hit of nostalgia. Presenting freedom of choice gameplay not seen since the original, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds makes no effort to hold the players hand through the richly dense world of Hyrule and it works brilliantly. Rather than following in the footsteps of Game Freak and introducing the franchise to a new generation of audiences at the risk of patronising its long term fans, (I’m looking at you Pokémon X and Y) Link Between Worlds pays homage to those of us who have followed Link since his debut over 25 years ago all whilst paving the way for a reinvention of what it means to make a Zelda game. The puzzles in Link Between Worlds are, as aforementioned, immensely satisfying. I could almost hear the pieces of a riddle snap together in my head as I strived to calculate the answer. It’s a feeling experienced whilst playing the Professor Layton series, but puzzle-solving in this game is made relevant and interesting by the vivid world, close to perfect combat and awe-inspiring imagination. This is a beautiful game, presenting a colourful and vibrant world that just seems to radiate adventure and exploration. The characters are complex and interesting, but perhaps the biggest achievement in terms of its presentation is the silky-smooth 60fps frame rate which stays consistent throughout this 18 hour adventure even with the 3D effect turned on. Expand
  2. Nov 22, 2013
    One of the best games I have played. I have not played a link to the past in SNES and I haven't played much Zelda games apart from Twilight Princess, and those NDS titles. This has got to be my best experience with Zelda. I have always loved the music and it brings so much memory back with Hyrule castle, field and Kakaro Village being so condensed in the map, feeling great as in twilight princess the 3D is overwhelming but to see these places so reachable it simply feels great.

    All the little puzzles are connected and don't seem redundant. I love how equipment are based on stamina now. There are still more explore, it is really well worth the money. Best 3DS game thus far.
  3. Nov 22, 2013
    A Nostalgia paradise! Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is nothing short of a masterpiece in every sense of the word. Nintendo proves once again that they are true masters of their craft. in this barren and desolate gaming landscape where AAA, 4 hour long, slapped together, interactive movies rule the "video game" industry ALBW truly shines brighter than ever.

    To understand, appreciate and
    pay homage to ones roots is one thing. but to do it in a way that brings so much innovation to the table is nothing short of astounding which is more than i can say for some companies (Im looking at you Sega so get your notepad out you might learn something). Some might say that making a sequel based on an old established and proven formula is too safe but to them i say LOOK AT THE SONIC SERIES. It seems no matter what Sega does they fail, even when they for all intents and purposes do exactly what ALBW does ala sonic 4. Generations got it better than the former but in comparison to almost ANY Nintendo title, where classic characters are concerned: I would still consider Generations a failure. Nintendo has a mastery of balancing nostalgia with innovation that Sonic Team can only dream of having.

    The 3DS has been absolutely ON FIRE this year and with great titles like Kirby, Yoshis Island and Bravely Default heading our way next year Nintendo shows no signs of stopping. If ALBW is any sign you can bet those games will be incredible as well. Its great to see a huge company not afraid to bring new things to the table while not forgetting what got them there in the first place! Thanks Nintendo for the trip down memory lane!
  4. Nov 26, 2013
    This is the sequel to the greatest game of all time I had high expectations, but somehow this game exceeded them! I highly recommend this game for any fan of video games you will love it! 10/10
  5. Nov 23, 2013
    The game has a lot of things going for it. It's smooth as butter, has very tight controls and everything will feel familiar in an instant. The problems begin after a few hours in, when you're realizing how quickly you're breezing through the game. You can finish certain dungeons in under 15 minutes and each time you're hoping that the game is just preparing you for bigger things to come... but they never come. It's all just very very easy and over before you know it.

    The new way of renting/purchasing items is "ok" but it opens up your path way too fast and makes everything within your reach with barely any proper challenges. There was no point in purchasing the items as I would never die any way although I did it just for the heck of it since you need to spend your rupees on something I guess. The mini games to earn pieces of hearts aren't that great either.

    I guess by the time you finish the main game (10-12 hours) you will feel like it just wasn't worth the price you had to pay for it. Especially in Europe on the e-shop (44.99 euro!).

    My advice: Get a cheaper retail copy for around 25 euro second hand if you are in no rush to play this. It's a decent game, but it was clearly rushed out the door.
  6. Nov 22, 2013
    Simplesmente genial! Mais um Zelda com o seu padrão de excelência.
    A possibilidade de você escolher a ordem das dungeos sensacional, e da ao jogo muita liberdade!
    A nintendo sempre se superando!
  7. Nov 23, 2013
    This game is as close to perfect as games come. It really is a must have for Zelda fans, especially for those that played and loved Link to the Past. It looks gorgeous, plays like a dream, is chock full of nostalgia and Zelda references and uses 3D better than any other game I've played. 10/10!
  8. Jan 17, 2014
    As a huge Zelda fan, it is with a heavy heart that I must admit that I did not find the joy it seems that everyone else is finding in A Link Between Worlds.

    To be blunt - the term copy and past is one that is thrown around frequently with the Zelda games, and it is a term that I would defend the games against. However, I have never felt so cheated as I have with this instalment in the
    long running franchise.
    At least with Ocarina of Time 3D a few years ago, Nintendo had the decency of calling it what it was - a facelift. A far prettier version of the original. But the fact that one of the most beloved faces in the gaming industry would have the audacity to try and spin A Link Between Worlds as a new game, well, those people are what I like to call criminals.
    The game (labeled as a sequel to the much praised SNES classic A Link to The Past), is a direct rip off of the aforementioned. Even saying it has better graphics would be an insult to how astonishing ALTTP was for it's time. This is an UGLY game. The gameplay is so hard to come to terms with, considering the ground breaking lengths that the series has gone to to ensure that each instalment stays fresh and interesting, the gameplay just feels stale. Like it was dragged out of an age old cupboard, slightly dusted off and then tacked into the game.
    The map is IDENTICAL to the one featured in ALTTP, and this is one of things that really bothers me. A direct sequel? Sure. But how do you expect anyone to take such a statement seriously when there are NO NEW IDEAS on display? Well, I suppose that's not entirely true, you can in fact, now rent any item, such as the Bow or the Hookshot right from the beginning of the game. But this just takes any joy or sense of discovery and reward out of bland and simplistic dungeons.

    This is, above all else, a crowd pleaser. Something to quell the populous while they complain about how there hasn't been a Majora's Mask 3D yet, or that there is not a new Zelda game on the Wii U. It appeals to those who need their fix of daily nostalgia, and it appeals to those who are either too young or too ignorant to know how ALTTP changed the gaming world when it was released.
    A Link Between Worlds is one of the weakest Zelda titles ever released, and it actually pains me to see it put side by side with some of the amazing titles this year, and to hear it called the best Zelda game ever made.

    A 4 out of 10.

    Jack Valentine
  9. Nov 22, 2013
    After all these years, the legendary Zelda series still has things to show.
    Aonuma did great things with this game and A Link Between Worlds feels absolutely amazing.
    I first hated the art style when I first saw it in trailers, but on a 3DS screen, it just looks colorful and beautiful.
    The only negative thing about it would be its difficulty. The game is pretty easy, but the puzzles and
    dungeons are just great.
    A fantastic game, Aonuma still got it guys.
  10. Nov 22, 2013
    Great feel and really fun boss fights. I enjoy a little bit o' Zelda especially creative one like this. I usually hate portable Zelda games such as Spirit Tracks, but this one made me smile. Go get it on the eShop or go drive your butts to gamestop!
  11. Nov 24, 2013
    A great return to anyone who loved A Link to the Past, or anyone who is looking for a great adventure game to play. I was on the fence about buying this system just for this game, but it was definitely worth it. 3DS has so many other cool things as well.
  12. Nov 27, 2013
    When Nintendo officially announced that there would be a sequel to The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past more than 20 years after its original release I like many other people was ecstatic.

    Knowing Nintendo I had High hopes for a game that would cater to both long time fans and newbiews of the series.

    Unfortunately the final product is what I think I can call my least favorite Zelda
    game to date. Long gone is that feeling of exploration, self discovery and character growth. What you get is a game that feels more like a parody Zelda title created by some fan in their garage. Zelda A Link between worlds is a sequel set 300 something years after the events of the first game, but Nintendo has done little to nothing to make it feel so.

    With a world that is almost identical to its predecessor, there is almost nothing here for long time fans who want to explore this hyrule and to see more. If there is one key difference, it's that during the 300 something years that occurred between both games Link and his family must have interbred with goats because that's what this link looks like now.

    In order to establish its own identity A link between worlds starts you off with the ability to rent every key item at the start of the game such as the hook shock, the boomerang, bombs, Bows and arrows, etc. This means no more rewarding sense of progression through exploration just pony up enough cash and all the items that normally require lots of effort to obtain are immediately yours. Their is some sense of risk. If you die anytime during the game all the items that you rented return to the store, however I was always careful and saved before going off into a dangerous place so as long as you save before entering a dungeon you'll be fine. If you don't then you will have to go through the annoying task of traversing all the way back to your home just so that you can rent them again. After you've beaten the first three dungeons you will be given the opportunity to buy these items indefinitely.

    Just like in a link to the past you have a magic meter that drains over use, however unlike ALTTP magic is drained with everything you use. Everything meaning a simple swing of a hammer or throw of a boomerang will cast magic. So say you want to stock up on ammo and attack enemies repeatedly with a barrage of arrows bombs and just about anything else, you can't do that because instead of collecting these items you have an infinite amount of them to use at your leisure, but your magic gauge is not going to let you shoot more then a good 7 to 8 arrows before it depletes. Why does shooting an arrow drain your magic meter, why can I simply not pick up arrows and bombs like in any other Zelda game?

    Sure your magic meter regenerates quickly but still your items should never be linked to a bar of energy, unless it's a game like Dark Souls where you have a stamina bar, but this isn't Dark Souls. This Zelda's biggest new feature is the ability to turn yourself into a painting and traverse walls. This ability uses magic energy and is extremely useful when traversing tight areas. Though it isn't used that often in combat. One boss fight requires you to time their attacks and then just as they're about to ram you turn into a painting to disorient them. For me though the lack of difficulty and memorable set pieces is what made this game a mediocre forgettable title.

    I get the feeling that Nintendo has forgotten what it feels like to make a game hard as damn near every dungeon in this game I was able to beat on my first try in less than 45 minutes. For a Zelda games, that's pathetic.

    Every dungeon in this game requires you to use one and only item to beat it. At the very beginning of the dungeon their is a symbol telling you what key item you need to use to complete it. After beating the dungeon and facing the boss instead of trying to find creative ways to beat it you just use the same item that you've been using for the entire level to defeat it.

    Half the fun in any Zelda game for me at least is trying to figure out what combination of items are needed to beat a certain level. When the game flat out tells you that you only need one specific item to complete that entire ordeal it zaps away the joy.

    There is a lot of stuff to do outside of the main quest that can be fun and adds replay value. Certain subplots like catching a thief to acquire shoes that let you run faster, collecting ore for a black smith to upgrade your sword, and wait does this seem familiar? It is it sounds like I'm talking about A Link To The Past Doesn't it. It's hard for a sequel to stand on its own to feet when its best moments are referencing it's predecessor.

    If your a fan of the original game and want a true sequel then I recommend importing the game BS The Legend Of Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets for the Super Famicom, because A Link Between Worlds is not the game a true Zelda fan deserves.
  13. Dec 3, 2013
    I waited so long and this was a big disappointment. While I enjoyed that it was a sequel to a Link to the Past, one of my favorites, the game was way too easy. Dungeons were very short (just a few rooms and floors) and you did not need any fairies or potions because the game was that easy. I blew through the game, side quests and all in 3 days. That's really bad. Zelda games used to keep me occupied for a while, bringing me into the amazing world they created, feeling stumped on puzzles and trying like hell to beat it. This was a short, watered-down game for small children. Zelda gamers I feel will be disappointed with the brevity of the dungeons, way too easy gameplay and terrible simple storyline but will love the new feature that link can do with the "walls." Spirit tracks was much longer of a game and more challenging than this one. This was sadly, a big disappointment. I ended it feeling very unfulfilled. Expand
  14. Nov 22, 2013
    This is a really good game. If you want to listen to some music from it you can check out youtube. The best part about this game is then new system of item acquirement. You can have them all fairly early in the game. This makes for interesting play-throughs, Such as only renting weapons for challenge runs. The downside to this is that it takes away the feeling of progression but the flow more then makes up for it.
    This game needs to be played. Don't listen to those guys posting 1s and 0s They are just trolls.
  15. Nov 22, 2013
    You see every time I start up a new file on a Zelda game I get this strange and magical feeling. It’s the anticipation of a new world to explore, it’s knowing that the next couple weeks or months of my life is going to be spent playing in this worl--I mean, game. But most of all it’s knowing that I am going to get so lost in Hyrule that it takes over my life and I might even end up breaking the flower pots in my backyard just to check for rupees. This was certainly the case with this game as well and its a EXTREMELY well done entry in the LoZ series and a near perfect game in my opinion. Dat Soundtrack!! Expand
  16. Dec 7, 2013
    A brilliant game! Makes up for Skyward Sword, for those who didn't like SS. Brilliant game, i enjoyed all the dungeons! Hero mode for a challenge! I didn't like the renting system at first but it's fixed when you can permanently but the items up for rent. The escort area was really good! A brilliant game overall!
  17. Jan 27, 2014
    I am 32 years old and have always enjoyed all the Zelda titles. However, I was a little disappointed by this game and its lack of content. I was a little frustrated several times after going out of my way to solve a puzzle that took quite a while to complete only to be rewarded with a chest that contains 100 rupees. The entire game is pretty much the same thing over and over with nothing added. I was amazed by the fact that Link was not able to obtain rings or really anything special. The fact that you rent items was also a complete sham. Halfway through the game I ended up having 9999 rupees and pretty much nothing to spend them on. (aside from throwing 2500 of them into a fairy fountain to get an extra jar) Rupees were so useless (unless you die a lot and have to rent everything over and over) This made going out of your way to open a secrete chest not worth it. The only secrete chest i found that was worth anything was at the very end when i got 2 upgrades to my tunic. In my opinion there should have been about 25 different tunics that all had different abilities. but the makers of this game decided to include really no added content. Aside from have one or two hearts more or less, I ended the game with the exact same link that everyone else ended with. I was very disappointed :( Link wears rings, that is the Link I know. I guess I should have read more about this one, Link should have hundreds of items that he can wear instead he gets a tunic and a shield. that is pretty much it. This game would be great for a 5 year old that can read at a 5th grade level. Expand
  18. Jan 2, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A very solid workman like entry in the Zelda series. A Link Between Worlds does nothing to irritate the player. It won't bore you with endless talking or interrupt your fun with monotonous cutscenes. Nor will it frustrate you with gimmicky control schemes. ALBW just let's you get on and play. Sensible design choices are made throughout, controls are tight and responsive. Being able to turn into a 2D drawing is an inspired gameplay mechanic which adds new dimensions to the games puzzles and exploration.

    In theory it's the perfect Zelda game but there's no mistaking the undeniable stench of over familiarity. Dungeons feel indistinct. The art style is needlessly childish and in a post Dark Souls gaming landscape the low difficulty and lack of punishment means boss fights lack drama.
  19. Nov 27, 2013
    This game is just wonderful. Beautiful and detailed world to explore, challenging enought puzzles and familiar yet breathtaking story. I wish all the games would be as thought-through and deep on all levels possible.
  20. Nov 25, 2013
    I don't typically write many game reviews. I bought this game with a few other titles, some for the ps4 and new super Mario 3d world. All of these games were great but a link between worlds was something special. I was expecting to play it for a few minutes get the jist of it and move on but all of a sudden Nintendo captivated me a cliche story we've all come to grow and love but the humor behind it and hilarious scenarios takes Zelda to a whole new level. Without spoiling anything I'll just say not only does this game produce critical thinking but the story is by far the funniest and well written than all Zeldas before it. Even for a 3ds game this should be GOTY. I wasn't expecting much from this game and didn't care for the videos or screenshots. I was pleasantly surprised at how good this game is. If you don't have it go get it now Expand
  21. Nov 29, 2013
    I have to admit, A Link Between Worlds blew me completely away. Stunned, was the word. Stunned by how good it was. I've been a long-time Zelda fan, and A Link to the Past has been the mainstay of that franchise, in my mind. This game both pays homage to, and in some ways, surpasses, that title. It is incredibly polished, smooth gameplay, fluid animations, gripping story, challenging dungeons, and so on. A must-have for any Zelda fan, and any 3DS owner. It blows Ocarina of Time 3D away. Expand
  22. Nov 27, 2013
    Just started Hero Mode on this game. One of the best handheld experiences I have ever had. The game kept me engaged from the beginning to the end, it did everything that a handheld Zelda needed to do. The concepts in the game were so fully integrated into the game, there are reasons why I consider Nintendo to be some of the best game makers of all time. A step forward for the series and a highly recommended purchase. Expand
  23. Nov 25, 2013
    Let me just start out by saying that a Link to the Past is not only my favorite zelda game of all time, but it is and always will be one of my absolute favorite VIDEO GAMES of all time! when i heard this game was announced i was very skeptical, but I've got to say nintendo have really nailed it on the head with this one! Anyone who enjoyed a link to the past or any other 2d zelda adventure will find themselves instantly grinning from ear to ear. I won't spoil too much but this game is a joy from beginning to end, set in the same hyrule as link to the past but packed to the limits with new exciting content, and so many secrets I couldn't even begin to describe. Also the art direction is perfect, and the 3D effect is actually handled perfectly, i found i played with it turned on almost the whole time. basically, if you have ever loved 2d zelda adventures, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not picking this one up! Expand
  24. Nov 22, 2013
    The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds combines the nostalgia and timeless gameplay from A Link to the Past with up to date visuals, new gameplay mechanics, and a whole new world. The gameplay will advocate to Zelda fans both old and new and the timeless features of a run of the mill Zelda title like amazing music are still there. Possibly the best addition would be the ability to run through dungeons without being confined to a specific order which prompts an increase in difficulty. Though it's graphically not the best due to cut-backs for the overhead gameplay and I really can't say too much about the characters and plot from where I'm currently at, A Link Between Worlds is a promising title for all 3DS owners. Expand
  25. Mar 17, 2014
    A Link Between Worlds is fast paced, straight to the point with its delivery. No boring tutorial, no excessive story telling, yet there are still memorable characters and moments. Controls are simple and easy, boss fights are fast paced and hero's mode presents a decent challenge. The game lacks in its story, however, such as how basically nothing happens between dungeons(in other recent Zelda titles, there would be a bit of story development between every dungeon). Top down perspective also make the game less appealing visually, which is disappointing since its a game for a 3DS. Not the perfect game, but a must own never the less. Expand
  26. Nov 22, 2013
    Best game ever!!!! I haven't play such good game for a month, I could say that this game is the best game that I have played. Do not hesitate buying it, you won't regret it!!!
  27. Ogr
    Dec 2, 2013
    I am back in Hyrule! The real Hyrule, that I discovered first at the age of 8. It feels so great to be back in the same world that started my love for those kind of games. I like the open world feeling, new skills of Link and the 3D graphics, but on top of all of this is the retro feeling. I'm sure that A Link Between Worlds is a good Zelda for every gamer out there, but a 100% must have for everyone who liked A Link To The Past.

    Thank You Nintendo, you are back on track again.
  28. Dec 2, 2013
    The controls are good, and the 3D visuals are great at 60 fps. The dungeons are quite fun, and are a good puzzle. It's a 3Ds game that you should own.
  29. Nov 23, 2013
    To start off, this game is phenomenal, it is truly one of the best games of this generation. I went into this game thinking: "This is going to be an OK game" but, after having finished it 100% already, I can say my old hypothesis doesn't do this game justice. This game is fresh and new, and to a lesser extend nostalgic also with its numerous references to its predecessor The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. On that note, while this game may feature an overworld similar to that of its predecessor, it's not without good reason, this game takes place around a mere 150-200 years (several generations to be more precise) after its predecessor in the same region. Everything else about the game is new and fresh, the gameplay, the location of secrets, the visuals, the temple/dungeon layout, even some of the items and puzzles; to simply call this game a 'remake' or a 'rehash' is delusional.

    The art style and presentation of this game is a beautiful reimagining of the art style from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past but with a much better resolution, and in 3D rather than using 16-bit sprites. The way this game handles the stereoscopic 3D aspect of the 3DS is breathtaking, and by-far the best use of 3D in any game on the system. The lighting of this game is far more dynamic than all the other handheld or 2D games, and it only adds to the overall stunning visuals the game already has. Not only does this game have marvelous 3D visuals, but the gameplay is tied into the 3D visuals, allowing for an even more amazing experience.

    The gameplay is somewhat familiar to veterans of the series, but it is by no means a 'rehash' on old methods, nor 'gimmicky' (cute little buzzword for people that have difficulty with innovative gameplay) by any means. The ability to merge with walls allows for more dynamic combat scenarios with standard enemies and bosses alike. It allows for new puzzles and challenges to be utilized in the game, making for a completely new experience that will feel new to even veterans. Another fantastic gameplay feature is item renting, while some may criticize it because it's 'new', I embrace it for adding a completely different way to go about completing the game. This game's item renting feature adds an even more non-linear aspect to a game that is already open-world, giving players the ability to complete the vast majority of the game's dungeons in any order. The item-renting feature means players will no longer find items in the dungeon itself, but instead, each dungeon features an offensive, defensive, or supplemental upgrade for the player to use somewhat similar to the leveling up feature in Zelda II when a player completes a palace. What could go better with the amazingly fresh gameplay than a grandiose soundtrack?

    My personal favorite aspect of this game is its fantastic soundtrack which features unbelievable musical scores that fit the mood and atmosphere of each area perfectly. Another great aspect of the soundtrack is how it has incredible remastered, orchestrated versions of some of the most popular Zelda themes from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. These themes, both new, and remastered old, provide an auditory experience unlike any other game, save The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, that combines new imaginative tracks with remastered nostalgic ones.

    The story is phenomenal, different than all the other Zelda games, yet surprisingly captivating for what it's worth; but, being as I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't played it, I will refrain from discussing the fascinating details. Despite this though, the ending of the game is one of the best out of all the Zelda games, and does leave a few cliffhangers presenting numerous options for future sequels in the 'downfall' timeline (See Hyrule Historia for full, official timeline details). The amazing 3D visuals, beguiling story/plot, enthralling gameplay, and grand soundtrack, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is an absolute MUST for any Zelda fan, for any 3DS owner, and for any prospective gamer interested in Action-Adventure/RPG games. This game is easily one of the best games this year, and one of the top 5 Zelda games of all time, I hope everyone enjoys this game as much as I do, it was worth every cent.
  30. Nov 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. MY BACKGROUND: Gamer of about 20 years and started with Super Nintendo and the Super Mario World days. Since then, I’ve owned almost every major console and played many major titles across just about every genre BUT sports (I’d rather do real sports and work out at the gym, lol).

    COMPREHENSIVE, EXHAUSTIVE REVIEW WITH MINIMAL SPOILERS: This is my first ever review for a video game, which should be saying a lot. I wouldn’t be taking a couple hours out of my busy gaming schedule (lol!) if this wasn’t something that truly should be experienced, most especially by the Zelda fans.

    First off, I was very skeptical of this release as well as the release of Super Mario 3D World because really… how many times can you release these big Nintendo franchise games without them starting to feel boring, repetitive, and uninspired? Many big names face this dilemma nowadays. I know Konami had this question running through their minds with their fantastic long standing 2D Castlevania series as well.

    What changed my mind was Nintendo’s brilliant tactic to release reviews early before both games’ releases a week ago. Unanimous positive critic reviews on Metacritic told me I had to give this Zelda a real shot and buy it at retail, which I almost NEVER do for games anymore since the prices go down fast and the market is so flooded with crappy cash cow rehashes (*COUGH* CALL OF DUTY *COUGH* BATTLEFIELD). But I also did feel like I needed to support and help out the company, right now headed for financial doom, which sparked my childhood video gaming dreams. Boy, did I make the right decision.

    I’ve just finished the game earlier today and it left me with such a great feeling of accomplishment. There has been no Zelda game that felt as inspirational as this one since A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. Granted, with the exception of these 2D and 3D Zelda standards, I haven’t played through all the other ones in their entirety, but at least you’re getting an honest opinion from an experienced gamer who’s NOT an absolute Zelda fanboy.

    STORY: Now this is not anything on the cinematic level of Uncharted or Final Fantasy, but there is a nice basic tale of good and evil. You have a kingdom in trouble again. Some guy (or some might mistake him to be a girl, lol!) named Yuga appears in Hyrule to capture the Sages who protect the Triforce by trapping them in paintings in order to revive Ganon, ultimately gain control of the Triforce, and shape the world to his liking. As Link, you are, as usual, destined to save the kingdom. The story unfolds beautifully at the end with some twists, so I won’t go into any further detail to keep from spoiling it. Although, I do feel you may see it all coming ahead of time.

    GRAPHICS: Great, clean stuff, similar to the engine run in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and the Mario games. The game is run at a silky smooth 60 FPS. Very, very rarely do you get brief frame rate drops. I personally don’t believe graphics should ever drive a good game, so I won’t dwell on this and leave it to another reviewer to talk about.

    MUSIC: Being a musician myself, I get pretty judgmental on what is considered great music in a video game. It’s clear that the music from LTTP was exceptional, and so much of that is rightfully carried over and rearranged for this game. Who doesn’t love the epic theme that plays when you enter Hyrule Castle and try to save princess Zelda the first time around? Or the soothing Karkariko Village theme which really should just be as traditional as the Star-Spangled Banner at this point? There are a number of new tunes which are great, but just not as catchy and memorable as the old ones. You will also find that in the milk bar, you can pay 10 rupees per song for play beautiful guitar and flute renditions of the songs in the game.

    GAMEPLAY: The meat of any Zelda game consists of open world and dungeon crawling with puzzles that get increasingly tricky. There honestly isn’t another top-down Zelda game that gets this any better than A Link to the Past. Following the blueprint of A Link to the Past (I’ll shorten it as “LTTP” from here on out), Nintendo ran the risk of borrowing too much from the magnificent predecessor for this installment. While there were times where I said to myself, “this giant block obstructing my way—but obviously capable of being lifted with the Titan’s Mitt—was in the same EXACT spot 20 years ago”, or “this piece of heart was also EXACTLY in this cave before”, or “I know I’m going to get another bottle from THAT guy under the bridge by the castle…”, or “welllllll damn Hyrule looks almost exactly the same!!!”... Nintendo has added a plethora of changes to make this an almost completely fresh experience while still evoking nostalgia from Zelda veterans. It’s only when you really dive in and play do you notice all of these great changes.

    See my review on the Amazon product page for more review details! (I was limited to 5000 char here)


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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 79 out of 81
  2. Negative: 0 out of 81
  1. Mar 11, 2014
    A very good action RPG in a sandbox-like Hyrule. The game features a redefined equipment progression along with the nice flattening trick. It's a bit on the easy side, though. [Dec 2013]
  2. Feb 6, 2014
    A Link Between Worlds is a Zelda for people who have become disillusioned with Zelda over the years. It recalls the series' roots while also taking unique advantage of the 3DS hardware to create something that feels new. They may not make them exactly like they used to anymore, but Link Between Worlds shows that they still recognize what made them great in the first place.
  3. Jan 2, 2014
    Much is the same in A Link Between Worlds. Just like in A Link to the Past you follow Link from a birds-eye perspective in both light and dark worlds. But A Link Between Worlds is not merely a simple game of nostalgia but one that perfectly blends the new and old Zelda games. The result is one of the best games in the series.