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  • Summary: As Sarge, you must rescue your trusted commandos from the clutches of the evil general plastero. Enjoy tense commando action in oe of 14 different missions as sarge rolls, dives and climbs through dangerous enemy environments. Good Luck, Soldier!
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  1. This version of Sarge's Heroes seems to be the most workmanlike, competent and graphically solid of the bunch.
  2. For the game's target age group, the combination of a humorous plot, unlimited continues, and solidly average gameplay makes for a great, non-gory initiation into the 3D combat genre.
  3. Sega's machine is capable of producing far-better games, and Sarge's Heroes has the unmistakable smell of shovelware.
  4. Does "3DO" mean "3 directions only" -- forward, left, and right?
  5. 53
    The concept of this game is quite sound... delivering visuals and gameplay worth enjoying was the problem that plagued the original Army Men: Sarge's Heroes and it continues on the Dreamcast.
  6. Where's my "Medal of Honor" CD for PSX? I've got some bad leftover "Sarge's Heroes" taste that I want to wash out of my mouth with some Nazi-killing antics.
  7. Playing Sarge's Heroes is not very fun. It's difficult to change and use weapons, or even to move around.
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