Daytona USA Dreamcast
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  • Summary: Feel the thundering sound of finely tuned engines and the scent of burning rubber as you await the 'Rolling Start'! Immerse yourself in the blistering speed and white-knuckle action of Daytona USA 2001, the enhanced version of the most renowned arcade racing classic of all time, featuring exclusive new tracks, secret un-lockable vehicles and if you have the skill, you can upload/download fastest times and ghost data via the internet ranking board. Expand
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  1. With a ton of options, gorgeous graphics running at consistently high framerates and plenty of tracks to choose from, the few niggling problems (like online lag and touchy controls) seem to slip away into meaningless babble in the heat of a close race.
  2. This one is packed full of race courses, new and old, classic and new cars, network action, and a heck of a lot of options.
  3. 93
    Despite controls that are a bit touchy and online gameplay that can be awkward, Daytona USA 2001 is the true flagship racing game that we've been waiting for.
  4. With better than arcade graphics, an incredible frame rate, stellar multiplayer modes and an online mode, it is hard to pass up this title. Yes, the control is a little less than desired, but you can compensate for this.
  5. This game throws physics and realism out the window in favor of fun and excitement. The dated graphics won't thrill anyone, but the solid gameplay and online capabilities more than make up for these shortcomings.
  6. The action is intense, and the super-strong vehicle lets you slam into walls and other racers without worry.
  7. One of those great arcade games that doesn't make the journey home very well. Although the Dreamcast version does have most of the features of the big arcade machine, it's missing the essential multiplayer fun. I think I'll save my quarters and pay a visit to the local bowling alley instead.

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