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  • Summary: Go for the Gold! *Detailed ESPN Integration *Authentic ESPN Graphic overlays *Eye-popping statistical drop-ins *Broadcast quality replays *Over 750 authentic motion-captured animations featuring "The World's Fastest Man," Maurice Greene, 3 time Olympian Ato Boldon, and more.
    *12 international track & field events from the 100m dash to the Hammer Throw.
    *Compete with athletes from over 10 different countries around the world with up to 4 player capability
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  2. Negative: 2 out of 10
  1. But to beat the horse to death even more, there are precious few events (no swimming events, which is disappointing), and some of the events seem like odd inclusions (trap shooting?).
  2. It's definitely the best of the olympic games out there.
  3. This game whips "Sydney 2000" for overall fun, graphics, and playability, and "Virtua Athlete 2000" in depth.
  4. ESPN--the network that's given the world Chris Berman, "Sunday Night Baseball," and the "Fitness America Pageant"--deserves better than this.
  5. 60
    Almost too simple in execution, and overly difficult when it comes to reaching the main goal, the quest for the gold isn't quite what it's cracked up to be.
  6. You'd think KCEO Japan would start the new millennium with better control schemes than the one's they pioneered seventeen years ago, but NOOOOOOOOO!
  7. The control is a travesty that could've been resolved with either proper joystick implementation or configurable controls. Shame on Konami.

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