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  • Summary: Imagine, if you will, a berserk B-movie horror film producer with a twisted sense of humor who puts up a million bucks (fictitious, of course!) to anyone who can survive his 7 movie-themed worlds. It's a bloody mess of mutant monsters, over 1000 traps and items, and abject terror fused with B-movie humor. You must rely solely on the game's sensory feedback (eyesight, hearing, smell, sixth sense) and the hard-to-find "Horror Monitor" to survive the epic adventure! Illbleed delivers a badly needed transfusion to the "been there, done that" horror game genre. Expand
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  1. Control and camera issues, and the strange stop-n-go gameplay that Illbleed sports may be too annoying to make people want to endure the game's six levels. If you can get past those problems, then you may find something that is actually pretty enjoyable.
  2. 70
    Illbleed scores major points for twisted originality, even if unfocused and clunky execution keeps it from turning horror on its gory, severed ear.
  3. 67
    I can appreciate the effort that went into the unique gameplay mechanics of Illbleed, but the clumsy controls and frustrating camera angles, make this game pretty difficult to play.
  4. A weird hybrid product that is guaranteed to please some and alienate lots more.
  5. Because its core play mechanics start to wear on you after even a few hours of playing, anything beyond a quick look makes little sense.
  6. B-Movie fans will enjoy the extreme gore and hilariously overwrought dialog, but those looking for genuine shocks will be sorely disappointed.
  7. In the end, though, the lackluster graphics, frustrating gameplay and repetitive actions make it a slightly entertaining romp through a scary theme park, but not fun enough for us to recommend as one of the DC's best.

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