NBA 2K1 Dreamcast
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  • Summary: Visual Concepts has tweaked and buffed out the annoying gameplay traits that plagued its original hoops game, and the result is a highly polished product.
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  1. It would be churlish to criticise the game for a bit of net slowdown because, whether you're playing online or offline, this is without doubt the best basketball game ever. Nothing but nylon!
  2. One of the most refined basketball games -- perhaps the best -- ever created for any platform.
  3. The game has crisper visuals, smoother textures, fluid animation, realistic and entertaining gameplay, and new modes of play such as franchise, street, and online.
  4. 92
    Despite my numerous gripes, complaints, and hours spent crying myself to sleep over a lost online NBA2k1 worth shelling over the 50 bucks? Abso-friggin-lootly.
  5. I've never really found a basketball simulation that accurately translated the game from the hardcourt to the home court. But NBA 2K1 is by far the closest to the real thing I've ever seen.
  6. Online play, new moves, better AI, and street ball. No basketball game on any other system is going to touch NBA 2K1 this year.
  7. The single player expierence still fails excite me as much as VC's NFL 2K1, but it is certainly improved.

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