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  • Summary: Sega Marine Fishing, the sequel to the smash arcade hit and Dreamcast all-star Sega Bass Fishing, features all of the thrills and action of deep-sea fishing complete with blue marlin, sailfish, tarpon, tuna, and the dangerous mako shark!
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  1. Incredibly addictive gameplay mixed with mostly good graphics and sound make this one a big hit with everyone who plays it.
  2. Probably the best fishing console game out there right now. It's definitely the prettiest. People who even slightly enjoyed Sega Bass Fishing will LOVE this title.
  3. Fishing gurus will love the idea of big catches, and video game addicts will thoroughly enjoy the strategy behind reeling in each different type of fish.
  4. Challenge your friends to catch Blue Marlins! Just don't expect anything deep out of this game. That was a pun. Laugh, dammit! LAUGH!
  5. Even with an online mode for competitions by rules set on the game's site, it just isn't enough that to keep you coming back to fish some more.
  6. What's missing here, though, is seasickness, the smell of the sea, the heady aromas of bait and chum, the interminable wait for a nibble or bite, and the numbing frustration of a day of fishing when no fish show up.
  7. It's much better than "Sega Bass Fishing," but the same major problem still exists: What the hell are you doing inside, fishing out of a TV screen, when there are actual, live fish outside?

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