Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth DS

  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Feb 16, 2010

Generally favorable reviews - based on 51 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 51
  2. Negative: 0 out of 51
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  1. It's bursting with happiness. And so am I when I play it.
  2. While it might not be for newcomers, Ace Attorney Investigations will leave fans of the series squealing with delight. The game is as witty, charming, and engaging as ever, with new features that fit perfectly in place with the new protagonist.
  3. Some people may have an objection to the change of focus and different lead character but, when all the evidence is presented, it's obvious that this is still the Ace Attorney that we know and love.
  4. 80
    Clever deduction sequences, likable characters, some of the best writing in videogames.
  5. Although referred to by some as a spin-off, Miles Edgeworth still has practically the exact same gameplay as all previous games, just with added investigating. With five more intriguing cases of surprising length to solve, it's another welcome addition to the franchise. Now to wait for the next one!
  6. This iteration is no different, but also like the other games is the fact that the script, characters and story once again make this a very endearing entry in the series, and another that is well worth checking out.
  7. You won't miss Phoenix Wright at all in this winsome, if still unnecessarily frustrating, spin-off.
  8. Aside from a new main prosecutor the additions to the classic Ace Attorney formula are close to non existing. Though lazy in the new features department and a somewhat weaker plot this is still a highly competent addition to the franchise with a rich and interesting character roster. If you're been bitten by the Ace Attorney bug, this is for you. If you're still on the fence, this is not the game to pull you in.
  9. Not only has it established a winning cast of characters, and a formula for fun-packed gameplay, its latest title, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth shows that there are still lots of ways both cast and formula can be effectively improved and expanded upon.
  10. Edgeworth's personality spreads in many different parts of the plot showing the insight of a prosecutor at a crime scene and his cool temperament, paradoxically, is far from cool action, providing, through Rebuttals, the security needs for someone who fears the absence of courts and the ("almost?") total absence of Wright.
  11. 87
    Long time fans will be pleased with this entry in the Ace Attorney series, and it's a quality game for newcomers as well, although it is not the best entry point for the series. It's definitely what I'd call fan service for those who have stuck by the series, and it's great that fan loyalty pays off for this game.
  12. Ace Attorney Investigations is a fantastic game for fans of the series. It expands the mythos, features a novel take on familiar gameplay, and stars a fan-favorite character.
  13. Ace Attorney is one of the best series on the DS, and this iteration is no exception. If you like the Phoenix Wright games, Miles Edgeworth will prove just as awesome.
  14. No objection needed. Exciting and extensive cases with fascinating characters and a humorous presentation. We approve.
  15. While not, by far, the revolution in the series Capcom promised us, Investigations is probably the best Ace Attorney yet. Those which are introduced as new elements, are actually better versions of the old, loved ones, and all in all this is a good thing. Furthermore, Edgeworth is a very well crafted character and he alone could justify this new episode. Another great game in the series!
  16. The kick up the backside the series needed. It's a little low on laughs but great fun nonetheless.
  17. Miles Edgeworth's take on the franchise doesn't pack on too many surprises, but is nonetheless faithful to the tenets that make Ace Attorney great.
  18. Although this fifth entry is not the series' strongest, it's a solid and worthy purchase for fans of the genre or casual gamers who are looking for an entertaining story.
  19. New environments, mechanics, immersive story and the standard gameplay for the Ace Attorney series: Ace Attorney is always fun to meet again.
  20. Newcomers to the series will be well-treated if jumping into the series at this game, and long time fans will also be immensely satisfied, left only with a wonder of who will headline the next sequel that cannot come too soon.
  21. This madcap adventure tests your detective skills in brand new environments with an immersive story, and a twist on old gameplay elements keeps things interesting.
  22. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth takes an interesting step away from the courtroom, giving the prosecutor the spotlight that he so richly deserves and crafting a plot fitting for the franchise. Unfortunately, some issues hold it back from greatness, but despite the slow pacing and minor issues, fans will keep coming back until every case has been solved.
  23. 78
    This new title in the lawyer drama series of Capcom doesn't disappoint at all, although it doesn't bring many new features.
  24. 76
    While there are some really strong elements added for Miles Edgeworth, the core is still trial-and-error gameplay. Some of the logic left me scratching my head and it's entirely too linear.
  25. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is a game that anybody can enjoy if they had the time to play, but it is an experience best had by those who have gotten through all of Phoenix Wright’s chapters in the first three games in the series.
  26. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth gets props for changing up the setting and providing a new protagonist for the franchise. However, the gameplay is pretty standard for the Ace Attorney series, and brings with it the same flaws from other entries.
  27. 75
    Miles Edgeworth provides another worthy addition in the Ace Attorney series, with plenty of charm, humour and intrigue. This spin-off isn't as different as you might imagine, but fans will eat it up.
  28. Miles Edgeworth is as fun and charming as previous entries on the series; but it's easier, more linear, and it lacks the depth we are used to in the series. Not the greatest entry on Capcom's franchise, but still a great game, fun, long and entertaining.
  29. This Spin-Off has really intriguing story, but is very linear and really easy to solve. A good re-start but not the best chapter of the series.
  30. Ace Attorney Investigations is a mystery novel with no suspense. It's indicative of an identity crisis, wherein the series started out as a murder mystery, but now caters to fans who had more fun with the inane drama.
  31. 80
    It's a bit ironic, to me, that I'm now complaining about an Ace Attorney game being too easy, but hey -- given how arcane the adventure games of old often got, I'm glad this is the worst thing I can say about AAI: ME.
  32. 83
    The mechanics may not seem as new, and you're always several steps ahead of the story, but the eccentric cast of characters in Ace Attorney is always fun to meet again.
  33. While Ace Attorney Investigations has all its predecessors’ charm, taking the action out of the courtroom also makes the stakes seem lower.
  34. 70
    Miles Edgeworth is worth picking up if you're an Ace Attorney fan, as the cameos are delightful -- keep your eyes peeled for Lotta Hart! -- and the cases are still interesting enough, even though they're far too easy and much too predictable.
  35. It has the clever writing and style that made the previous games so amazing.
  36. 80
    With a different writer and a different experience aimed for, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is still brilliant, though it is slightly inferior to the rest of the series.
  37. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Imaginative new chapter to a slightly degenerating series surprises with a bunch of new ideas and excels in original playability. [Issue#189]
  38. Deserves much more attention than it will ever receive.
  39. Despite the change in perspective and that the action now takes place at the crime scene, the game is pretty much as before. Capcom has also used made it nicer and bigger than its predecessors.
  40. Ace Attorney veterans may find the latest entry in the series a little on the easy side, but newcomers can start here. Be forewarned, though: The game is text-heavy and demands a lot of patience.
  41. Edge Magazine
    The plot lacks the slight unpleasantness that tinted Wright's best cases. There are still killers, but their motivations are more straightforward. [Mar 2010, p.98]
  42. An interesting plot full of twists and well played, colorful characters make this game one of the best chapters of the saga, and not one you want to miss.
  43. This is a nice, long adventure, one that feels more engaging than past games in the series. Replay, as always with the Ace Attorney games, is quite limited.
  44. Nintendo Power
    Fans of the Ace Attorney series and graphic-text adventure games in general will find little to object to in this excellent title. [Mar 2010, p.89]
  45. If you've never played a game in the genre before, Ace Attorney Investigations is a great place to start - you'll miss out on the back story and character development, but the relative ease compared to the Phoenix Wright games makes it an excellent starting point, and a great addition to the series.
  46. Games Master UK
    Gently tweaks the mechanics and upholds the writing smarts. Needs more menace, though. [Mar 2010, p.77]
  47. Nintendo Gamer
    Edgeworth is always good company, but what this spin-off fixes in execution, it loses in melodrama. Still, nice to have the gang back. [Feb 2010, p.58]
  48. Game Informer
    I enjoyed my time with Edgeworth, but it's the weakest entry in the series. [Issue#203, p.95]
  49. 80
    Kudos to Capcom for refusing to settle on the typical formula with Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. The gameplay is engaging through all five cases, and the humorous presentation and characters will make you happy to join the legal team once again.
  50. Adventure Gamers
    The most devoted series fans will probably still love it, but newcomers should check out life as a defense attorney first. The rest of us are likely to find it entertaining enough at times, but a little too meandering, a little too mediocre to fully live up to the Ace Attorney legacy.
  51. As with all the four games before it, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth takes the usual adventure gaming tropes and surrounds them with delightfully complex cases and a healthy dollop of character whackines.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 80 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 15
  2. Negative: 1 out of 15
  1. Apr 16, 2014
    A bit annoying to play sometimes because of the 3rd person perspective slowing things down instead of just touching things with the pointer,A bit annoying to play sometimes because of the 3rd person perspective slowing things down instead of just touching things with the pointer, but apart from that, maybe, probably, the best AA game in terms of gameplay. More complex than the last ones, more interesting than the last ones, more fun to play around than the last ones, it's probably the best in terms of gameplay and I had a ton of fun with all of it.

    Characters aren't quite as good though. The foes are great for most of them, the Final Battle(yes it's still over-the-top) with the Ambassador is just so much fun at every step of the way, Kay Faraday's a great sidekick...but the rest is just kinda less good. Edgeworth isn't really himself and his cold, All-must-be-in-order character has been nerfed to become a bit more sociable a guy...and I think it doesn't suit him too much. He also doesn't seem to be out for Justice as much as he seems to be out to get rid of people who personally annoy or offend him, which is not as fulfilling. Gumshoe and several "rival" characters like that Chinese Wolfman just sound about as uninteresting as it gets. Their comic relief dies quickly and I can say the same about a lot of people in this game.

    Actually, this is the real problem of AAI Miles Edgeworth: the Comic Relief. IT. IS. EVERYWHERE!
    My guess is that they saw Edgeworth as too cold and rough-cutting as a protagonist, so they nerfed him into a nicer, more sociable guy, instead of his hardass tsundere character from earlier games, and they also added waaay too much comic relief to make up for Edgeworth being Edgeworth. The result is an overkill of comedy that doesn't fall as well as it did in the last games and just isn't fun...along with Edgeworth not being the amazing character he used to be.

    To sum my memories of it up, I'd say the gameplay was fun and mostly intuitive and its cases, all tied together(which is usually not too good a thing) , were mostly enjoyable, but it suffers from a pretty misplaced attempt at making Edgeworth a character everyone can like. Edgeworth was always the hardass who didn't like anybody and didn't want to be liked because he was out for justice and punishment as the top prosecutor of his court. And here, well, not so much.

    Still a great AA game that's worth trying.
    Full Review »
  2. Dec 31, 2012
    It's...not a bad actually is very good in some parts, but if we have to compare it to other of the series, then this one completelyIt's...not a bad actually is very good in some parts, but if we have to compare it to other of the series, then this one completely disappears and will be forgotten in a matter of minutes. It's also the only game that I didn't replay twice, for how much it was boring and unpleasent. Ok, first of all, this game introduced some new things: you'll finally control the character, Miles Edgeworth (the first rival of Phoenix Wright), from a third person perspective, instead of a first person view, and it looks more as a point and click game than a "visual novel" adventure game. As I mentioned, the main character is changed again, and with the exception of few old characters (Ema from AT, Maggey from JFA, for example), everyone else are all new...but here's a big problem: the new characters are very bland and extremely forgettable! I still remember the characters from the first games because of their unique behaviours, while here just seem boring and unoriginal (the only one I remember, is Cammy Melee...but because she's always asleep). Even your rival is uninspired and will look more of a nuisance than a real threat, and Miles Edgeworth is totally out of character, because he acts like a superior being...BUT we saw him acting very kindly and actually caring about others in T&T, without mentioning that he's not evil, just doing his job in the wrong way...apparently in here he cares for nothing, and you'll get tired of him extremely quick, which is sad after the events of T&T. The new helper is decent, but maybe steals the spot too many times than the previous helpers. Characters aside, the new interface also is rather limited, in all meanings possible, because you will be able to move around the area as you please...but only a determined area, until you discover enough clues, and after you'll eventually use the "logic" system, in which you will solve cases by linking "possible actions" with a certain clue, in order to recreate the scene of the crime. It's actually a nice idea, but it's badly implemented because it's totally, and I mean totally trial and error. YES, also the previous game were sometimes a trial and error game but the connections between the victims and the clues were far more logical than in this game. The good side is that the game is extremely long, with 5 cases and with the good thing of having all cases linked together (even more than the previous games). However, I found it very boring and, as a fan, it's not a decent sequel of the series. As a player, however, it's a good game and really worth the time and probably should give it a look, but for some others it might be not as good as the others. It's all up to you. Full Review »
  3. May 18, 2012
    I was hesitant to give this game such a high score, and hell it probably doesn't even deserve it, but I simply cannot stress this enough -I was hesitant to give this game such a high score, and hell it probably doesn't even deserve it, but I simply cannot stress this enough - this is THE best game in the entire ace attorney series, hands down. The best set of characters (Edgeworth!), arguably the best music, much more interactive than the others (actual point and click gameplay, Logic, etc.) and on top of that, funny and witty as hell (not going to give examples to keep this spoiler-free). Cons? Well, the last case drags like hell, but that's about it. Must buy for any DS owner. Full Review »