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  • Summary: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fall down the rabbit hole? Explore a visually stunning world filled with whimsical settings, optical illusions, curiously challenging puzzles, and formidable adversaries. Play as the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and other memorable characters from the film. [Disney] Expand
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  1. In this instance however, developer Etranges Libellules have crafted a game of rare quality, movie spin-off or not.
  2. It is one of the best designed games in the Nintendo DS, with extraordinary visuals and an adventure suited for all types of public which won't disappoint anybody.
  3. This is the videogame equivalent to the Tim Burton movie, but this time you play as the white rabbit and fight with your watch in sweet and unique graphics. The game is fun, but Alice is simply annoying.
  4. Such free-thinking touches recall a more experimental age when you could rightfully expect every other DS game to be crammed with esoteric concepts. [Apr 2010, p.118]
  5. If you enjoy platformers filled with puzzles and a classic storyline, this is your chance at playing a good, portable movie tie-in.
  6. A well structured platform, with few original ideas that supports a fair designed backtracking. The art style is brilliant, for one of the best tie-in in the last years.
  7. An infinitely better game than you'd expect, but one that falls just short of true greatness.

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