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  • Summary: Assassin's Creed Altaïr's Chronicles is the direct prequel of the console title Assassin's Creed, where players discover more about the protagonist Altaïr and his deep history. The game features a fully realized 3D world in which players will travel and battle through four cities of the Crusade's Middle East, using acrobatic moves and exhilarating combo attacks that mix sword skills and high-flying kicks. [Ubisoft] Expand
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  1. Strangely enough, Altair's Chronicles feels more stealth-centric than its console predecessor. [Mar 2008, p.87]
  2. Exhilarating. Exasperating. Joyous. Torturous. Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles is a lot of things. Perfection isn’t one of them.
  3. After ruthlessly playing the game without mercy, we’d say that it’s a worthy addition to the franchise. However, we think that it’s a shame that you’re not given greater rewards for skillful stealth kills as opposed to stumbling into fights and mashing your way to victory.
  4. It's short, clocking in at around four to six hours long, but this isn't a slapdash effort - the plot might be lame, but the action, level design and graphics are all pretty impressive for a DS title.
  5. It’s definitely worth a rental; especially if you have enjoyed the original game as it tells the story of how the characters got to that point, and frustrations and limitations aside, the time spent playing the game is enjoyable – it’s just over way too soon.
  6. Nothing to see here. [May 2008, p.65]
  7. 25
    Much like Altair himself, Assassin's Creed for the DS is an unlikable mess.

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