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  • Summary: Re-energize your brain with 10 colorful mind-teasing mini-games that stimulate your concentration, memory, analysis, instincts and reflexes. Six nurses with widely varying personalities will guide you through the games and keep track of your best results. A unique new test even allows you and a friend to examine the compatibility of your right brains. Get more friends in on the action with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and race through a variety of fast-paced four-player mini-games to see who the true brainiac is. Multiplayer battles for up to four gamers. The action ramps up quickly for a fun challenge using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Ability Tracker. A report is generated at the end of each test and high scores and Compatibility Reports can be saved and overridden as players improve. Touch Screen and stylus technology. With the clock running, get the competitive edge with the stylus and Touch Screen technology. Unlockable Icons. As you clear rounds, unlock 14 icons to personalize your game. [Sega] Expand
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  1. If you've played Brain Training and Big Brain Academy to death and need something else of their ilk to get you through the day, Brain Assist will do the job. If you haven't played the aforementioned titles, though, or if you simply just don't care about the genre that much, then you can safely skip this one, and no one will blame you.
  2. A pretty simple brain game and certainly nothing new for the genre. If you don't have a brain game then this isn't a bad start; if you have other games in this vein, you may not need to pop this into your system.
  3. There are better and more rewarding brain trainers out there. [May 2008, p.82]
  4. This educational game feels more like therapy than fun.
  5. A charming and competent brain testing game on the surface. But with only ten mini-games and a dubious method of testing your intelligence, Brain Assist doesn't do anything to better its many rivals.
  6. Today, with so many able competitors on the market, we just can't recommend sparse, shallow collections with slow load times and GBA-level visuals. Whether you're looking to train your brain or just play some minigames, there are simply better options out there than Brain Assist.
  7. On the plus side, there is single-card download play for wireless "fun" with up to four players. On the down side, if we really want to tell up to four friends that we despise them and never wish to suffer their company ever again, we can think of more direct ways to do so.

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