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  • Summary: In the game, players use the stylus to fling colored bubbles from the bottom screen to the top screen, with the goal of matching three like bubbles together. The game combines accuracy and quick thinking as users try to eliminate all of the bubbles from the screen. The DS version features 500 puzzles to solve, and uses the handheld's Wi-Fi capabilities to support up to five players. The new slingshot system actually sees gamers pulling bubbles back on a type of rubber band, with each end held by one of the cute reptilian hosts, Bub and Bob. Expand
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  1. Although I do like playing Ultra Bust-a-Move on the Xbox, mainly for the larger screen, I have to admit that this DS version is hands-down the best version of this franchise due to the control system and the new swap-a-ball feature. Get this game.
  2. Put a few hours into this and you’ll be dreaming of diminutive dragons and blissfully bursting bubbles when you finally get some sleep.
  3. But glitz and glamour aside, this is one challenging and addictive puzzle game that will keep you highly entertained for weeks and months to come.
  4. So for the same old good game with a new way to control it, Bust-a-Move DS earns an above-average "B" score.
  5. The traditional controls feel a little more precise than the new touch screen feature, but the touch screen allows for faster response. [Feb 2006, p.99]
  6. The addition of touch screen support could have ruined Bust-A-Move DS, but its solid execution, along with a great number of puzzles and economical multiplayer support, keeps things fun.
  7. Just like every other Bust-A-Move before it. The only real difference is the use of two screens and stylus touch control.

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