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  • Summary: Relax, Play and improve your mind. Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles, with its extended gameplay and variety of features, gives you the chance to test yourself while having fun. Guaranteed to stimulate and surprise with hours of gameplay to keep you entertained, Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles is a relaxing and entertaining way to keep your mind challenged and stimulated. Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles not only offers a thousand puzzles of all challenge levels, it incorporates two of the most popular number based puzzles, Sudoku & Picture Logic! Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles will not only bring you hours of fun and relaxation, it may also improve your mental skills. [Oxygen] Expand
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  1. 72
    For twenty bucks it is hard not to recommend Brain Puzzles to anyone looking for a solid collection of mind teasers, just be aware of what you are getting into before diving in.
  2. Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles isn't a must-have game, even for Sudoku or Picross fans, but if you're a big-time puzzle player, it'll probably interest you.
  3. 70
    Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles never pretends to be anything more than a bare-bones package offering up a wealth of Picross and Sudoku puzzles, which definitely works in its favour, as gamers know exactly what they are getting - 1,000 brain-taxing teasers to help wile the time away, whilst flexing that oh-so-important muscle, the brain.
  4. At the end of the day, Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles does what it is supposed to, it offers up some cranial challenges in two very specific types of puzzle modes in a very functional manner.
  5. All in all, for cheap, no-frills fun, this is a worthy title. Just don't expect the challenge to be bigger than Brain Training.
  6. The Sudoku portion was OK, but as I stated above, I'd much rather play the old-fashioned way - pen and paper. And my frustrating experience with Picture Logic was certainly not a plus.