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  • Summary: (Also known as "07 Commando") Assuming the role of 'Storm', who is extremely agile with a plethora of actions, players will battle against arch enemy hoodlum organization ‘Rattlesnake’ and its henchmen. Besides basic actions, such as shoot, jump and throw, Storm has a rolling maneuver to dodge enemy strikes that is extended further with additional diversification to ensure a grueling but progressive challenge! The story to 07 Commando explains that rebel organization ‘Rattlesnake’ instigated conflict by utilizing heavy weaponry to gain control of the world but ‘Storm’ of 07 Commando receives orders to stop the ambition of Rattlesnake and puts an end to their domination. 07 Commando offers special missions, plus hidden missions with each operation (sortie) presenting a unique location with various backdrops and landforms, along with dynamic weather effects to create a vibrant and highly charged spectacle. It has explosive confrontations where guile and a quick mind are required by the player has lots of diverse enemies with unique shapes, actions and attack methods test the player’s metal! Enemies mass in patterns to attack and block and make progress tough. Players experience some drastic battle scenes with very shocking boss battles. These huge special bosses add extra spice to the constant bombardment which is laced with unexpected surprises! Many types of weapons and pick-up items add real diversity with the power and attack method of each weapon being fundamentally very different. The knock on effect will not show only in combat but also different weapons have an important use in seeking the hidden items. Several motivating, limited time, interesting mini games intensify the ambience of 07 Commando. These mini games, which must be played on the touch screen, are very important to complete to ensure real progression. [Lexicon Entertainment] Expand
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  1. Commando isn't for everyone. But fans of Metal Slug and other pound-you-into-the-ground, never-let-you-win shooters will appreciate what the developers have done with this game.
  2. When everything's tallied up, though, Commando is a decent game on its own merits and a strong first showing for newcomers Mana Computer Software.
  3. Unashamed, out-and-out action. [Dec 2008, p.76]
  4. 60
    I'm all for a game that mimics Metal Slug, but not one that just outright copies the game.
  5. Commando: Steel Disaster takes its inspiration from some great side-scrolling action games, but it's too maddeningly difficult to be one itself.
  6. Basically, I went from looking forward to checking out Commando: Steel Disaster based on the screenshots I had seen, to wishing I hadn't wasted the hours on it.
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