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  1. Positive: 12 out of 39
  2. Negative: 1 out of 39
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  1. 70
    Cooking Mama 2 is just as fun as the previous game. In fact, it pretty much is the previous game. The new stuff in Dinner with Friends is so arbitrary that they don't warrant the purchase for people that already whipped up meals a year ago.
  2. Dinner With Friends tastes like reheated leftovers.
  3. This is worth a look for Cooking Mama noobs, but veterans might find it a little stale.
  4. This is a cute game with a certain odd charm and players will have fun. However, there’s not a whole lot of meat to the game, and is really only good for short gaming periods.
  5. There aren't a lot of major changes to the original formula. At its core, it's essentially the same game only a bit better.
  6. More fried chicken than duck a l'orange in terms of sophistication, Cooking Mama 2 still manages to be a delicious distraction.
  7. Mama herself is a charming guide through the apparently one-room world of cooking, and each challenge she throws your way will have you poking and prodding until you're beside yourself with glee.
  8. 70
    The bad multiplayer choices compromise a game that's otherwise very enjoyable: Dinner with Friends is fresh and well-made, with responsive controls and lots to do, but when it comes to sharing it with friends it lacks even the basics of fun. The best thing is to play it alone, trying to unlock all the available items.
  9. It's simple, but has noodles of charm.
  10. 70
    The game isn't perfect--the game still has trouble picking up your commands on the touchscreen at times and some tasks require numerous tries before you can even figure out what to do--but Cooking Mama 2 is a winner without a shadow of a doubt. Every gamer, from the hardcore to the casual, should put in some time with this one.
  11. Games Master UK
    Simple and more-ish, Cooking Mama 2 serves up a universally playable challenge. [Apr 2008, p.66]
  12. 75
    Even with its quirks, I find it hard to put the game down -- it's so easy and fun to hop back in and whip up a couple quick, satisfying dishes. In its silly simplicity, Cooking Mama does what many can't: keep me heading back to the kitchen for one more snack.
  13. As much content was added, it still feels like beneath it all, it's more or less the same game: High quality, but eventually, you're going to get over it. I'd say it's a buy it or rent it title based on your love of the series itself.
  14. In small doses, Cooking Mama 2 is perfect for players of all ages. The improvements over the first game in the series don't lead to a significantly enhanced experience, but they ensure that it's a solid package.
  15. A great, fun, and family friendly game.
  16. Even if you haven't played the original, this title is worth a look unless you are completely adverse to minigames and/or bright colors and cute graphics.
  17. Those happy with the original and just looking for new recipes will find plenty to do here and may enjoy the challenge of cooking without Mama to help out. Those that weren’t impressed with Mama’s first outing won’t find anything here to change their mind.
  18. AceGamez
    Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends is much like its predecessor - it is perfectly tuned for non-hardcore gamers and therefore frustrating to those used to evaluating games designed with that audience in mind.
  19. A pretty likeable game. The presentation and gameplay are both simple and charming, and the budget price makes the shallow premise and minor faults completely forgivable.
  20. Offering tons of variety and some nifty cooking controls, Mama is ready to challenge our stylus skills once again through her cooking mini games... and this time, she has brought along her friends to test us and see if her meal guidance is paying off.
  21. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    In its silly simplicity, Cooking mama does what many can't: keep me heading back to the kitchen for one more snack. [Holiday 2007, p.86]
  22. Overall, Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends is entirely inoffensive fun, even if it lacks in the challenge department.
  23. Nintendo Power
    Lack of structure aside, Cooking Mama 2 is a tasty treat. [Holiday 2007, p.82]
  24. 60
    It's not without charm, and the obsessive might get some joy from unlocking everything within the game, but the fundamentally shallow gameplay will, sooner rather than later, reduce Cooking Mama 2 to a chore.
  25. Cooking Mama 2 doesn’t really bring anything new to the dinner table, but that’s not really a bad thing. It just offers a heaping helping more of the gameplay fans of the original game fell in love with, and chances are, most will find that filling enough.
  26. 40
    But as a return player, it barely added anything of significance to improve gameplay and the multiplayer they added actually worsened the overall value.
  27. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    While it's not a huge step up from last time, the added modes make it a more complete experience. [Mar 2008, p.72]
  28. Nintendo Gamer
    An improvement on the first. [Feb 2008, p.63]
  29. All of what made the original great is still here, with lots of new recipes and new additions like a multiplayer mode, but it's really just the same game reheated.
  30. Cooking Mama is not a bad game. In fact, it is perfectly suited for the DS as the mini games are fun, entertaining, and short.
  31. 70
    Cooking Mama: Dinner with Friends is not a bad game; it just doesn't expand on the franchise as much as a new sequel should.
  32. Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends feels like a second helping of the first game, rather than a new dish, but that doesn’t make it any less tasty.
  33. It’s the best game in the series so far, but it’s not really that greatly improved over the original, and it still seems like a missed opportunity to make something that really, well, cooks. It’ll be enjoyable for young food enthusiasts, but everyone else will probably want to wait until mama gets a bit more serious about cooking.
  34. If you’re a die-hard Cooking Mama fan, or are looking for a DS game for your 7-year-old daughter/niece who likes cooking, then I would heartily recommend Cooking Mama 2. Anyone else though would be better advised to save your thirty bucks for one of the many other good games that have come out in November.
  35. When it comes right down to it this game is perfect for the newbies out there that have only heard of Cooking Mama and have wanted to try it out. But for those of you that invested time in the original game, it may be best to stay with that one, as this offers nothing new for you.
  36. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    In the line of WarioWare Touched!, here is another good casual game for DS. It’s funny and quite intuitive, especially in the competitive mode, but it’s also repetitive and sometimes frustrating. [Sept 2008]
  37. A sugar rush of mini-game madness.
  38. n-Revolution Magazine UK
    The perfect treat for players who are content with light snacks. [Issue#21, p.86]
  39. 70
    It's best to get Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends for a younger relative, and then borrow it when they aren't looking.

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  1. TataA.
    Jan 13, 2008
    Lots of fun. At first you won't believe you are addicted to this little pathetic game, and then you fall head first into it and can't stop.
  2. [Anonymous]
    Nov 22, 2007
    Excellent successor to the first game and is really fun.
  3. Oct 31, 2010
    This game is fun (if you like cooking)! It is not a game that you will want to play 24/7 though. It is more of a game that you play if youThis game is fun (if you like cooking)! It is not a game that you will want to play 24/7 though. It is more of a game that you play if you want something to do! It is really gun though! Full Review »