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  • Summary: Fans of the hit Disney Channel show "Cory in the House" can now bring Cory's wacky adventures everywhere they go with the new video game for Nintendo DS. Enter Cory's whirlwind world of adventures in the White House when his contest-winning Presidential bobble heads get into the hands of an evil toymaker. Join Cory and his friends on a mission to outsmart the evil toymaker with cool gadgets, stealth maneuvers and quick thinking to save the Capitol. Cory in the House is the only video game that takes kids and fans into the world of Cory Baxter, where they can play as Cory, Newt and Meena, schmooze with the Washington D.C. big shots, and use entrepreneurial escapades and quick thinking to save the Capitol from the villainous toymaker. As the bobble heads are distributed throughout the Capitol building and the rest of Washington DC, they begin to captivate people's minds with hypnotic technology that was built inside. Help Cory reclaim each of the toys before disaster strikes! [Disney Interactive] Expand
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  1. Simply put, I cannot recommend Cory in the House for the DS, not even to the most hardcore fan of the TV series.
  2. 30
    The game has some of the clunkiest controls we've seen, the presentation is insultingly stupid, the minigames are hardly games at all, and on top of everything it's really short.
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  1. Jan 5, 2014
    Don't know why Obama was turned into a short, fat, self centered kid named Cory. But at least the game is as glorious as his sister Raven' s rack. Must play! Expand
  2. Jun 28, 2014
    Game of the **** year ladies and gentleman. The graphics blew me away with their unique and innovative artstyle. Gameplay was easy to get a hang of but really was complex in itself and their incredible systems added to the storyline which was always keeping me interested and constantly pressing for more. I played this for a solid 16 hours before I realized my house was on fire to which I reacted by grabbing my DS and running to the basement so I could keep playing without being bothered. My parents died a painful death and my sister is still trapped under the rubble of her room but this was worth it. Corey in the Mother **** House. Expand
  3. Dec 29, 2013
    My personal Game of the year. With an enthralling story, breathtaking graphics, revolutionary gameplay, and characters that act and feel almost real, it's no wonder many people love this game. Expand
  4. Jan 2, 2014
    The rain beats down upon my window. The wind howls and thunder booms,......and is a perfect day. Today is the day I finally received my copy of Cory in the House and the outside world can go suck it. I fired up my DS palms sweating with anticipation, I knew this was going to be good but I wasn't ready for this. A triple threat of masterful storytelling, bleeding edge visuals and state of the art audio. The game reeks of quality and sky high production values the likes of which will likely never been seen again on a portable system. To go into anymore detail would be to spoil the experience (you won't see ANY of these story twists coming!). This game should be experienced fresh. My only real gripe is lack of online multiplayer but with a package like this who can seriously complain? So come on, isn't it time you got Corey in YOUR house?

    Graphics: 10
    Sound: 10
    Story: 10
    Lastability: 10
    Replayability: 10
  5. Dec 30, 2013
    CORY IN THE HOUSE is a life changing experience that has enabled me to socialize in society, get a wife, job and a beautiful house I have always dreamed off. For you see before I played this game I was a man who used his laptop nonstop, 13 hours a day, I slept for the other 11. I rejected society, ate takeaway nonstop and refused to better myself by trying but CORY IN THE HOUSE changed me. It forced itself upon me in ways I've never felt before. It was almost religious like a holy book. Every level had a life changing lesson to be learned and every character had a feeling to interpret. Cory is course was the biggest one of them all, and he reached places that were so far in the dark. I squeezed and refused at first, but eventually I let it consume me and here I am today, fulfilled. Thank you Cory. Expand
  6. Jan 1, 2014
    In an uninspiring chaos that the modern video game industry, every once in a while a true gem arises to the shelves, and Cory in the House is the very king of them. With a perfect execution of gameplay elements, top-notch graphics that are powered by a great engine, this game sets to be the revolutionary point in the video game history. Without a doubt, this is the title of the century. Expand
  7. Mar 28, 2014
    Irrational games has truly out done themselves with their final game. Cory in the House makes you ask the serious questions like "Why is Cory in the House?", "Whose House is he in?", and "Why does Cory need the House?". The game-play is both accessible and challenging at the same time. The story is a true deconstruction of the movie tie-in concept. The gameplay clocks in at a whopping 100 hours (not including dlc and side quests). Cory in the House is the pinnacle of perfect gameplay and perfect story design combining into a beautiful work of art. However, it loses a point for day-one dlc and the fact that the story is suppose to be finished on the That's So Raven Add-on. Irrational games has closed down and we will sadly never get that closure from the That's So Raven add-on in which we desire. Expand

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