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  • Summary: [Also known as "Nintendo Presents: Crossword Collection" in the UK/EU"] Choose from more than a thousand crossword puzzles or hone your word skills with Wordsearch or Anagrams. No matter which type of puzzle you choose, you can easily save your progress at any time and return later to finish. Crosswords DS is designed for all players—just select your difficulty level and start off with a basic four-by-four puzzle. As you progress, the game will increase in difficulty and puzzle size. Use the DS stylus like a pencil to write or circle your answers on the touch-control screen. Erasing mistakes is as simple as writing the new answer over the old one. A hint system is also included in case you need some friendly assistance. In Crosswords DS, you'll find puzzles perfect for everyone regardless of age or experience. Exercise your word skills in more than a thousand touch-control word puzzles to challenge every skill level. [Nintendo] Expand
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  1. It's very fun thanks to its simplicity, it's graphically clean and simple, and there’s plenty of puzzles to keep you busy.
  2. 80
    It very effectively translates the engrossing and challenging nature of crosswords to the handheld format.
  3. Nintendo had its market clearly defined with this offering, and while it’s an extremely barebones game, it does everything it sets out to do very well.
  4. 70
    CrossworDS is a surprisingly solid game and a fantastic addition to the touch generations series.
  5. 70
    Nintendo Presents Crossword Collection is a fine product that will appeal to puzzle fans all over, throwing enough crosswords, wordsearches and anagrams at players to keep even the brainiest of DS owner occupied for quite some time. Sadly there are a few elements missing that prevent this from becoming a must-buy title.
  6. 67
    Crosswords is simply a game about word puzzles made for people who love word puzzles -- and that's OK with me.
  7. 30
    Do yourself a favor and pick up New York Times Crosswords for the DS instead.

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  1. ShawnP
    May 9, 2008
    Very well put together. Although the presentation ifs a bit basic, that's all you really need with this type of game. The only thing I'd ask for is online versus match-ups. Expand