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  • Summary: As a new Digimon Tamer in Digimon World: Championship, players must explore the Digital World to hunt and capture the strongest Digimon in the wild. Utilize a variety of hunting gear and traps to catch the most elusive Digimon in the wild. Once captured, players can train their Digimon in different skills in preparation for over 50 intense competitions. Creativity and cleverness are crucial to raise the most successful Digimon squad as battle results will depend on your Tamer skills. On the road to victory, players will face adversaries who will stop at nothing to claim victory. [Namco Bandai Games] Expand
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  1. I didn't have a great deal of fun with Digimon World Championship, but in part, I feel that it's because these games just aren't intended for me anymore.
  2. Digimon World Championship attempts to shake things up with some interesting ideas, but these changes leave the game repetitive and unexciting.
  3. A great step up from the digital pets of old, and would be a good choice for the youngest of gamer demographics. Other than that, the game lacks any real gameplay value and is more a time-consuming and minimally enjoyable chore.
  4. Digimon: World Championship feels a lot like the little handheld virtual pets that inspired it. While this is great for a trip down memory lane, it just doesn't work as a standalone game.
  5. 45
    Digimon World Championship apparently doesn’t actually want you to play it. Which would explain why it does all its gameplay by itself. Maybe it thinks you're stupid and just decided all you can be trusted to do is moving Digimon from cage to cage. This is just an insult to Digimon fans.
  6. You'd best forget about World Championship and find something else to eat up your time.
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  1. Jul 11, 2014
    As someone who enjoys management simulators and the like, I feel this game is misrepresented.
    If you're looking for a turn-based. or action
    RPG like the other Digimon titles, then turn away from this as you will surely like it as much as the other reviewers.

    However if you want some casual management fun, collection oriented gameplay and good quality simulation this title may just be for you.

    Great tile animation and fitting music flesh it out a little more and make it feel alive.
  2. Sep 11, 2012
    I picked up the game because i was a fan of the other games. I honestly didn't think it was terrible, the battle were essentially boring, and you digimon evolve and return to eggs by themselves without much of your input and most of the game in centered around the battle, which you do not even control much at all. Although later in the game you were able to control one of your digimon in battle, it was extremely hard and annoying to control and even land an attack. Unlike most people, I enjoyed the pixelated sprites and special attacks, although they were slightly repetitive. I disliked having to feed and clean up after your digimon and having to waste money an things like food and medicine in case your digimon got hurt. Overall, I would like to see some kind of sequel, and see what they could potentially do better. Expand