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  • Summary: As Max or Rex, members of a dinosaur-hunting team called the D-Kids, excavate realistic dinosaur fossils from all over the world using the Touch Screen - you'll even blow off the dirt covering them using the DS microphone. Once you bring them to life in 3D with the amazing DinoShot invention, take your favorite beast into battle. Collect and trade over 100 unique species of dinosaurs as you journey to stop the evil Alpha Gang from using the mighty creatures to take over the world. With special moves and various battle strategies, you and a friend will have a blast competing head-to-head to find out who is the ultimate king of the dinosaurs! [Sega] Expand
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  1. Dinosaur King is a good game. If you can get past the requisite level grinding and somewhat strategy-free nature of the battle system, you’ll find a decent Pokémon-type title with real dinosaurs and entertaining 3D battles.
  2. If you steer clear of the completionist grinding, this RPG is fast-paced and the simplistic combat is enjoyable and rewarding once the challenge kicks in.
  3. It's an interesting take on the Pokémon formula, but it can hardly contend for the top spot, and it's really only going to appeal to the fans of the show, leaving a lot to be desired when it comes to gameplay and story.
  4. This is definitely a kids game really unless you’re a died hard Pokemon fan thing there is nothing here for you.
  5. A game that just sort of ‘exists’. Dinosaur enthusiasts and fans of the card game and TV show are sure to love the cartoon shenanigans, but for everyone else, it’s most likely not worth your time or your dinosaurs.
  6. Sega's latest DS effort is ebullient and eye-catching but sadly the entire experience is mired by a questionable combat mechanic and a thoroughly disappointing lack of new ideas.
  7. 40
    With a more ambitious battle system and less ripped-off Pokemon stuff, Dinosaur King would've earned its throne. Unfortunately, it's more like a Dinosaur court jester. Off with its head.

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