• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Sep 23, 2008

Mixed or average reviews - based on 13 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 13
  2. Negative: 1 out of 13
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  1. It's an interesting take on the Pokémon formula, but it can hardly contend for the top spot, and it's really only going to appeal to the fans of the show, leaving a lot to be desired when it comes to gameplay and story.
  2. 66
    In the end, Dinosaur King isn't going to blow the socks off of anybody who isn't already interested in the TV show, but it is a surprisingly strong victory for those that do watch it.
  3. Easy RPG mechanics and nice dinosaur design make this game a decent pokemon styled adventure. But it'll require persistence to get the most from it.
  4. This is definitely a kids game really unless you’re a died hard Pokemon fan thing there is nothing here for you.
  5. AceGamez
    If you loved the original Game Boy/GBA Pokémon titles then you will no doubt feel a warm familiarity towards Dinosaur King DS but it doesn't bring anything new to the party - your son / daughter / niece / nephew will probably love it though, and they might just learn a thing or two as well.
  6. Sega's latest DS effort is ebullient and eye-catching but sadly the entire experience is mired by a questionable combat mechanic and a thoroughly disappointing lack of new ideas.
  7. 50
    Unless you’re a fan of the anime, then you need not apply yourself to Dinosaur King. Battles occur too frequently, the combat system uses a questionable adaptation of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and the fossil-cleaning mini-game gets repetitive far too quickly. The game is simply a missed opportunity.
  8. With a tired and clichéd premise, Dinosaur King makes a good use of what could be done. Lots of DS features are used, and the graphics are strong, but it’s just too similar to Pokémon but with too few of the features to capture older gamers attention. Younger gamers will enjoy this title a lot, especially those who follow the series.
  9. A game that just sort of ‘exists’. Dinosaur enthusiasts and fans of the card game and TV show are sure to love the cartoon shenanigans, but for everyone else, it’s most likely not worth your time or your dinosaurs.
  10. It’s such a shame that the game’s battle system wasn’t better thought out because it really lets down what could have been a great little game.

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#93 Most Discussed DS Game of 2008
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 9 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 9
  3. Negative: 2 out of 9
  1. May 12, 2015
    Based of the Arcade game and anime which are both really good, Dinosaur King on the DS is a very faithful port of the original Arcade gameBased of the Arcade game and anime which are both really good, Dinosaur King on the DS is a very faithful port of the original Arcade game onto the DS, it has a unique storyline and nearly all the dinosaurs from the Arcade return into this DS game to cause mayhem!

    The gameplay is simple but a lot of fun, it's basically Rock, Paper and Scissors but with Elemental Dinosaurs! It can get repetitive at times, but there's a lot of things to spice up the game like...
    Awakened Dinosaurs which are more powerful versions of your starter and a hidden Awakened Dinosaur.
    Alpha and Super Alpha Dinosaurs
    A LOT of unique attacks
    Small but fantastic soundtrack

    The game's graphics are really good for DS standards, the hub world and maps are colourful, but bland when it comes to character as a lot of people in this game is very forgettable except the main villains and your friends.

    Overall a really good port of the arcade version! If anyone from SEGA is reading this, PLEASE PORT THIS TO THE 3DS!
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