Ducati Moto DS

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  • Summary: Go ahead and ride a Ducati across across five non-boring locations alone with other people. Five Championship Events including Time Attack, Race, Eliminator, Race Line, and Stunt Challenge.
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  1. Ducati Moto is definitely recommended for fans of bike racing of all levels. Even those with no interest in the genre should at least try their hand at this game, as it's really beginner-friendly. Your skills will increase as you play, and you can actually cultivate your own style through skill development and the upgrades that you purchase.
  2. AceGamez
    Ducati Moto DS is more of a triumph for the industry than the consumer, because while it's great to see third party developers trying something a little risky, Ducati Moto just isn't strong enough to ward off the competition.
  3. Clean, efficient and smooth to play, Ducati Moto just doesn't have the thrill or long-term appeal to make it a winner.
  4. Ducati Moto gives you a boring career mode, terrible controls and very little game play for your money.