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  • Summary: Deforestation, pollution, global warming and industrialization are just some of the many important themes in Eco Creatures: Save the Forest, a unique real-time strategy game and the only game of its kind that promotes awareness of environmental perils while tasking players with defending the Mana Woods against them. Players use the Touch Screen to control units of woodland creatures—named Ecolis, Ecoby and Ecomon—that will protect the naturally beautiful Mana Woods and recover the polluted land. All creature types have unique skills that must be strategically managed. With proper nurturing, they can evolve to learn new abilities that help a player complete the game’s more than 40 environmental missions. As players grow their woodland army, they must also plant new trees to prevent deforestation and revitalize the woodlands. In addition, Eco Creatures includes a creative Land Make feature that lets players build and play their own maps. This eco-friendly RTS also supports two-player play via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and up to four players via single card download play or ad-hoc multi-card play. [Majesco Games] Expand
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  1. Positive: 2 out of 13
  2. Negative: 2 out of 13
  1. The eco-friendly message and cute, cushy exterior make this game an easy-sell to parents wanting to hook their kids up with something a little more wholesome than your average beat'em up, but Eco-Creatures: Save the Forest packs enough substance to hold up under the scrutiny of those whose gaming tastes lean towards the more mature end of the spectrum.
  2. Although not quite as challenging as it could have been, there is still much fun to be had in this quaint little forestry world. [June 2008, p.55]
  3. Fun, but flawed, if you're looking for some strategy for younger DS players, you could do a lot worse than Ecolis.
  4. Ecolis isn't a bad game… it just isn't fun, and the awkward controls make it difficult to enjoy.
  5. 55
    The clunky controls, slowdown, and useless multiplayer pollute an otherwise clean title. Saving the forest is a worthy endeavor, but gamers are better off just saving the green in their wallets.
  6. With all the cute animals and characters I really enjoyed this game.
  7. A description of Eco-Creature’s controls could easily read like a manual on how not to design an RTS.

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