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  • Summary: The DS version features wireless play for up to 4 players game sharing with only one cartridge and up to 8 players using a cartridge in each system. Lifelike artificial intelligence - opponents’ reactive decisions generate a naturalistic driving behaviour on an unprecedented level. Various unlockable tracks from the official European Ferrari Challenge series including Silverstone, Monza, Hockenheim, Mugello and many more, including the Ferrari test track at Fiorano. Features all the teams and cars of the series, including a mixture of Ferrari Challenge cars, such as the 355, the 360, the FXX, the 430 Challenge and GT cars, like the 575GT. Numerous game modes including Challenge, Arcade, Quick Race, Time Trial and Ferrari Collector Card Battle. Detailed environmental effects including dust, smoke, water sprays and splashes and reflective and shiny surfaces. [System 3] Expand
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  1. Graphically gorgeous and showcasing remarkable depth, Ferrari Challenge is truly a thinking man's racing game. It's regrettable that online play wasn't incorporated, but then there's always the sequel.
  2. This is a fun and accessible racing game, mostly suited for occasional play.
  3. 70
    Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli is a solid racing game with a few disappointing omissions that keep it from being great. The graphics are inspiring, the racing is enjoyable and the tutorial meta-game is addictive.
  4. 62
    Ferrari Challenge's greatest offense is being boring.
  5. The meager number of tracks and vehicles makes Ferrari Challenge dreadfully short. [Oct 2008, p.90]
  6. Is Ferrari Challenge a bad game? Absolutely not. But the lack of options, damage and cumbersome draw distance really hold this game back.
  7. With how difficult the game is to judge corners and the lack of realistic racing like the consoles, Ferrari Challenge is not a really great game; merely a decent one.

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