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  • Summary: EA returns to the field with another installment in its long-running soccer series.
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  2. Negative: 1 out of 5
  1. Jan 12, 2011
    FIFA 11 is a pretty cool soccer simulation on the Nintendo DS with a lot of content to explore and a huge amount of leagues, modes and teams.
  2. 70
    So while FIFA 11 is undoubtedly an enjoyable game overall, Exient needs to do some work on the AI before taking the pitch next year.
  3. Oct 26, 2010
    FIFA 11 on the Nintendo DS delivers poor graphics, mediocre AI and a series of problems that afflict the overall experience in different ways. However, the online multiplayer is still there and works well, the additional buttons via touch screen provide a good number of options during the matches and the controls via d-pad seem to be accurate enough.
  4. With FIFA 11, EA Sports shows FIFA is now a breathless saga on DS. We hope the 3DS will encourage Electronic Arts to offer something new in the future.
  5. Despite some ideas and a will to deliver a comprehensive game (the virtual coach, cards, touch screen based games), FIFA 11 DS remains a poor attempt at providing a respectable soccer game compared to its HD counterparts. It's ugly, there's no AI, and in the end, kids without high expectations might enjoy it, but it's probably my duty to inform you that your little brother will be better off playing a good ol' Nintendo World Cup on your dusty Game Boy.