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  • Summary: Staying alive even when the Nintendo DS is off, Fish Tycoon is a fish-breeding simulation that lets players raise fish in real-time virtual aquariums and crossbreed them to their liking to create new breeds to sell in their store. Selling fish provides funding for supplies, medicine, special chemicals, technology research and store advertising to attract more customers. Players start with a small selection of fish that they must nurture and breed as they work to discover the correct genetic combination for the “7 Magic Fish.” Special DS-only features: 7 exclusive fish yield nearly twice as many fish types as the PC version (over 750!); all new 3D environments and several new tank decorations; Extensive use of the Touch Screen to breed fish, make purchases and decorate tanks; Simulated real-time experience yields potential surprises every time you turn the game on. Choose from 4 speed options to dictate how time passes in game. Take regular care of your fish or watch your hard work get flushed down the drain! Set your own prices for specific fish based on prior sales and present needs; Buy fish tanks, decorations, plants, fish eggs, fish food, and medicine to enhance the aesthetic of your tank; Research environment, food, and advertising techniques to discover how to keep your rare fish healthy, feed more fish per feeding and attract additional customers. [Majesco Games] Expand
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  1. A few pacing issues, visual blips, and minor quirks with the menu presentation aren't a complete killjoy considering the rest of the game is rock-solid.
  2. For the majority of gamers, however, Fish Tycoon would likely “float to the top” and get “flushed” after only a few hours of play.
  3. Fish Tycoon is a game that could easily be a great addition to the simulation video game genre, but it is flawed with overly complicated menus and a weak graphical coat of paint.
  4. Fish Tycoon on DS is like that "monster bass" you see from the shore by the weed bed, compared to the tiny baby bass it becomes once it jumps on your hook and you land it. Which means, yeah, I was expecting Fish Tycoon to be better on the DS. It's worse.
  5. Even at its budget price, it's hard to recommend Fish Tycoon to any party, hardcore or casual.
  6. 40
    Fish Tycoon isn’t bad, it’s just boring.
  7. Terrible graphics and extremely limited interaction. Even my girlfriend, who normal gets obsessive about these sorts of pet games, lasted a day before she gave up.

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  1. Rachell.
    Oct 20, 2007
    Great fun, but only for a certain group of people.
  2. RioTobias-Deacon
    May 7, 2008
    Its a good game and quite exciting when you make a new breed of fish but it can be quite irritating when it takes agesfor the fish to have babies. I am just impatient even when i put it on 2x the speed!! And everything costs alot too which is irritating but other than that its ok =) Expand