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  1. The simulation and action components of in Horse Life work surprisingly well together, striking a perfect balance.
  2. 76
    Eidos Interactive's Pony Friends, which came to the DS earlier this year, still holds down the crown for the greatest depth and variety in creating your own virtual horse, and customizing its look and accessories. But while Horse Life doesn't win against it in that race, it crosses the finish line wait out in front when it comes to actual gameplay.
  3. A rather impressive little package. [Jan 2008, p.64]
  4. A good game for horse lovers of any age.
  5. If your little girl wants a pet-raising game, Nintendogs is still the best bet. If she likes horses and ponies better than dogs, I’d point her to Pony Friends. However, Horse Life is still an excellent addition to this genre, and well worth checking out if the resident pony lover is looking for something with a bit less pony interaction and a bit more actual game.
  6. Many gamers and young girls in particular, who dream of having their own horse or indeed actually do have one, will really enjoy the simulated feel of owning and taking care of their very own faithful companion, and Horse Life does this better than any others out there at the moment.
  7. Horse Life has basically taken Nintendogs and removed the best parts – the ones that required the most work to make.
  8. Horse nuts will enjoy it: anyone else will find it irritating. [Issue#17, p.92]
  9. If you have a child who's a fan of horses, I don't think that Horse Life will really satiate any curiosity for them, so I'd suggest avoiding this one.
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  1. AnonymousRandom
    Jan 3, 2008
    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.... The graphics are amazing and its SO realistic, I tottally recomend it!