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  • Summary: As a young wedding designer, create the perfect wedding that satisfies the bride's taste and meets her expectations. Manage the weddings of six different brides, each with their own personality and specific tastes. Design the wedding invitation, choose the dress, veil, bouquet and more! Choose who will be in the ceremony and select the outfits that will please the bride. Live the big day! Ensure everything goes smoothly and your bride is happy! If not, you may face some unexpected events during the ceremony! Unlock new characters, clothing and accessories with each "perfect" wedding that you design! Exchange the unlockables with your friends via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. [Ubisoft] Expand
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  1. 25
    Imagine: Wedding Designer can only be defined as a game in the loosest of terms. There's no challenge involved, no skill necessary and no way to get back the time you waste playing.
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  1. SherriHopkins
    Jul 11, 2009
    Enjoyable game, but does need some changes! While playing, you can watch the bride's face (smile or frown) to determine whether or not she likes what you as her planner have chosen......Need to have clues from the bride as to the type/style of things, decor, music, etc., she would like. It's no real challenge to plan a wedding if the bride smiles or frowns at each choice! Let the player make decisions and see how it comes out at the end, whether the bride likes the ceremony, clothes, etc. or not! Also, choices of things like flowers, gowns, veils, etc., are VERY limited....need more choices! Expand
  2. pippawaite
    Apr 12, 2009
    This game is a total waste of time. there is no challange to the game and you can complete it in a day or two. it is alright to start with but after the second person it gets boring. maybe some people may like it but from my point of view and many others i is a horiffic game. Expand